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Programmer's Revenge (Programmers_Revenge.txt)

´╗┐Programmer's Revenge 


 The N exit to Fort Knox is a bug 
 To get the urn type GET ASHES 
 To pass the mirror you need the amulet from the pyramid. 
 To pass one troll, wear a badge, the other needs gassing. 


 The objective is fairly simple, find all the treasures, store them in the 
trophy room, and then complete the final puzzle. 
 You start off in the living room of a house and should go N, W, to the trophy 
room where you'll find a formidable broadsword. 
Take it. Next go up the stairs and up again into the attic. Take the knapsack 
and the whisky - but don't drink it - and for once 
note that the knapsack is not a means of carrying more items - you can manage a 
maximum of 6 - but not a parachute. 
 Move down and N into the toilet and break the panel with the sword and then go 
W, take the wire and go D into the priest's 
hole. Take the talisman you will find there and retrace your steps to the trophy 
room and leave the talisman as your first treasure 
for three points. 
 Next go to the hall, drop the sword, knapsack and whisky then go E to the 
kitchen. Open the pantry door with the wire and 
move S to take the steak and the cake. You can discard the wire. 
 You are now ready to explore the garden and orchard: Move S and then SW to the 
house picture and from there S, N, NE, 
NW, W, S, S, NE, NW and E to get through the garden and vegetable garden and 
arrive at the path. 
 Go E to the greenhouse where you'll find a hungry triffid - throw the steak to 
it. You can now move E and take the orchid. 
Next move W repeatedly until you reach the apple orchard and SHAKE TREE, after 
which you should LOOK to discover the 
apple and take it. 
 Go SW and shake this tree and LOOK to obtain the lemon: After this if you want 
a bit of fun, go E and SE and shake this 
tree. Then go E and S but don't shake the coconut tree unless you SAVE first - 
but instead take the key. 
 Moving SE from the coconut tree brings you to the scum-covered pond. The 
solution is to throw the cake - which is made of 
soap - into the pond in order to dissolve the scum and reveal the crown when you 
LOOK. Take the crown and return to the 
apple tree. 
 Now move N, N, NW, E, SW, SW, N, N, W, S to get back to the house picture and 
then go NE, N into the pantry. Go to 
the trophy room and deposit the orchid and crown - five and four points 
respectively - then enter the hall and take the whisky in 
preparation for the next part of the adventure. 
 On leaving the house via the front door, move N, E and S to the signpost 
picture and then SW to the croquet lawn. 
 Before doing anything else, you must make preparation for undertaking a 
successful act of petty larceny. Proceed east to the 
courthouse, NE and open the door to the prison cell. Now go back to the croquet 
 Go south and take the pole, then south again into the ugly building and throw 
the pepper at the duchess. Look, then take the 
doll before moving N and W where you should ignore the warning and take the 
 Since you opened the cell door you can now return without trouble to the 
signpost picture and from there twice NW to the 
driveway. Go to the Trophy Room and leave the tarts there for 10 points and the 
doll for 8. Go to the hall and drop the key 
before tackling the next section - the school and cricket pitch areas. 
 Move three times north to the crossroads and then E, NE into the school 
playground, after which you should go N, N into the 
classroom. There's a sum on the blackboard - and the answer is 43. If you now 
proceed S, W, N into the headmaster's study, 
and say 43, the safe will open, enabling you to look and then take the money. 
 Now go S, W, S and NE to reach the football field, then N and SE to play 
cricket. The apple turns out to be a cricket ball, so 
throw it and you can then make a move E to locate the urn. The required input 
here is TAKE ASHES. If you go NE, SE and 
S, you are back at the signpost and from here you should travel NW, NW and N to 
the crossroads ready for the next bit of 
 From the crossroads move N and SE into the valley where you'll find a horn 
which you'll have to blow later on to reach the 
endgame of this adventure. Now go SE, NE, SW and N to the canyon and you can 
cross the tightrope safely as long as you 
are carrying the pole. 
 Three moves E get you across and then you should go NE and S and take the stone 
on the mountain ledge. Now go north and 
throw the stone at the cairn: Look and a medallion will be revealed. Take it. 
Now move SW and make your way back across 
the canyon, after which SW, NE, W, SW, S, S, S will bring you back to the hall. 
Leave the pole and the horn here and take 
the money, urn and medallion to the Trophy Room for a total of 23 points. Return 
to the hall. 
 Take the stick and proceed N as far as the crossroads, then go W, N, and W to 
the bridge picture, then W again. Here you 
should SHAKE STICK to turn it into an umbrella and then you can cross the bridge 
safely. Keep going west to the T Junction. 
 From here, you need to go S, SW, E, and NW where you'll see a spade - which you 
can safely ignore - and on E, NE to the 
jetty. You must be empty handed here, so drop the umbrella which should be all 
you are carrying. 
 Move E into the boat and keep on going E until you reach the island. 
 Take the monkey and go back west to the jetty where you should drop it and 
return to the island. Now take the dog and 
repeat the process - but take the monkey and drop the dog. Return to the island 
with the monkey, take the bananas, drop the 
monkey and back you go to the jetty where you should drop the bananas. One last 
trip to the island and collect the monkey, 
then take him back to the jetty. Then pick up the dog, bananas and umbrella to 
complete the sequence. 
 Travel S to the sandy area, ignoring the fool's gold, and return to the T 
Junction by moving E (ignore the spade), S, SW, SW, 
NW, N. Now you should go NE and E, E across the bridge and stop. Drop the 
umbrella here before you get to the picture 
because if you carry it any further it will blow away. Now you can go E, SW, E, 
E to the crossroads and then go back to the 
house to drop the dog (11 points), monkey (12) and bananas (13) before returning 
to the hall. 
 Pick up the lemon (a hand grenade) and leave the hall. Now go N, N, N, NE, SW 
and N to the canyon before proceeding 
(carefully) NW, S, SE and SW into the sandpit. Next, go SE and drop the lemon 
down the drain, then go E and S into the tiny 
cave where you'll see a chest of contraband. Take it and move N and W and then 
drop the contraband here. 
 Now head E, E and S and double-check that you are carrying nothing before 
moving SE into the rockpool. Move S, S, and E 
up the bank, then SE, W, W, SW, and E to the folly. Go up twice and take the 
chain from the cupola. 
 From here you should return to the clearing and then continue W to the sensible 
building and S into the maze of round rooms. 
Follow the course W, E, N, N, SW, E, W, NW, SW, and SE to locate the stereo - 
which you should take and then go D the 
pole into the sensible building. 
 Now you must go N and NE and then continue W until you are up to your neck in 
the sewage pipe. Here you'll find the lemon 
and the contraband awaiting you. Take them and return E as far as the ladder, 
then climb up into the waterworks. 
 Move up again and take the putty before going D again, then SE, E and U into 
the control room. Push the lever to be found 
there, go back D and make your way E through the door to the generator room, 
which is now open, and take the uranium. 
 Next travel W, W, S, E up the steps and turn tap three times so that the troll 
in the gas chamber can get his comeuppance. 
Now go W and then keep going S until you reach the trapdoor. Throw the lemon 
here and it will open. This sequence was to 
kill time so that you don't get killed by entering the gas room too early. 
 So now go N, N and E and take the pipe and return once more W and S until you 
reach the trapdoor. Go up here, and you're 
back in the house. 
 Drop the uranium (11), contraband (10), chain (11), stereo (20) and pipe (9) 
before returning to the hall and drop the putty. 
 Now head back to the bridge. When you get to the umbrella after the picture 
don't forget to take it again before crossing the 
bridge and going to the T Junction. Now go N until Fort Knox is reached. 
 From the courtyard you must go S, S, E, SW to the iridium room and take the 
visitor's badge so that you can proceed S past 
the troll to the strongroom. Take the gold and you can then go D and W and back 
to the house via the trapdoor and the priest's 
hole. Drop the gold (20 points) in the trophy room and then go to the hall. 
Discard the badge and umbrella and take the 
knapsack instead. 
 Now it's time for an aerial excursion. Head N to the crossroads and then go to 
the canyon. From here go NW to the 
Stupefying Drop, check that you are wearing the knapsack and JUMP. 
 You'll parachute down to the desert, and the route through the maze is S, NE, 
W, NW, S, NE, enabling you to continue S to 
the pyramid picture. You need to make a note of the inscription UBZNEPFOET XUB 
 Now go N and then keep going E until you are in the pyramid and find the amulet 
- this is both a tool and a treasure. Go W to 
the edge of the desert and then N, W, SW, SE, and S. From here you climb up the 
cliff, W and then U twice to the top and 
return to the driveway. 
 From the driveway move E, S, SE and E to the copse, then S, S, W and S into the 
pavilion. South through the mirror takes 
you into the first time zone - and it's the amulet which enables you to use the 
time gate. 
 Now go E and NW to the signpost picture and NW, W, S, S, S into the house , 
then W and take the globe from the Trophy 
Room. Now make your way to the hall and SAY MGWRMPH (remember the tramp?) to the 
programmer. You can now take 
the watch and retrace your steps to the pavilion by moving N, N, N, E, SE, SE, 
 If you move S now you'll find yourself in the second time zone. Move E, NW, W 
into the olive grove and then N, NE, E and 
TAKE OLIVE. Now you can go U, N, SE, N to Mount Olympus and take the 
pomegranete, then go W and drop the olive as 
it's no longer needed. 
 Move W, S, SW to the clearing and take the golden fleece before going NE, W, 
SE, SE, W to return to the pavilion. You can 
now go S into the third time zone and proceed E, NW, W, onto the glacier, then 
S, SE and SW to take the tusk. From here, 
U, N, SE, SE, W finds you back at the pavilion. 
 Go S, S into the fifth time zone, and E, N, W, W into the swamp, then S, W, S, 
E, N into the cave. Now go N four more 
times through the different zones until you emerge in the clearing. 
 Travelling W, W, W, SW, NW, NW, S will bring you back to the house. Go to the 
Trophy Room and drop the globe (12), 


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