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Grand Larceny (grand_larceny.txt)

Grand Larceny - by Neil Brennan - Commodore 64/128

Walkthrough by Dion Guy

Go right until just before the dead end, where there is a rubbish can.  EXAM RUBBISH, GET NECKTIE,
WEAR NECKTIE.  Backtrack left to the hotel door.  Wearing the necktie makes you posh enough to be
allowed in!  GO HOTEL.

Move right slightly to the closed door.  OPEN DOOR.  Keep going right to another closed door.  OPEN
DOOR (you didn't see that coming, did you?).  Continue going right and you will come to the

Now go left, past where you came in, to - guess what - another closed door!  OPEN DOOR.  Go left a
bit more to the elevator doors.  GO UP four times and you will be on the fourth floor.

Walk right until you come to a bunch of flowers on the floor (just under a light fitting).  GET
FLOWERS.  Go a bit further right until you come to a fire breathing dragon... no wait, it's
actually just another closed door.  OPEN DOOR.

Continue right until you get to the secretary (with the very thin face) seated at her desk.  GIVE
FLOWERS.  She then takes you to the manager's office (the room next to her).

CRACK SAFE (that was easy).  OPEN SAFE.  This reveals a set of plans that you automatically pick up.
 Go left back to the elevator - there are two closed doors in your way, just OPEN DOOR each time.

Once at the elevator, GO UP to get to the sixth floor (it doesn't seem to stop at the fifth
floor!).  Go right until you see a black cupboard.  EXAM CUPBOARD.  This will give you tranquilliser
capsule that happens to fit the gun you brought with you.

A little further right and yep... another closed door.  OPEN DOOR.  You can then saunter right up to
the square shouldered bodyguard, who remains motionless up until the moment that you SHOOT BODYGUARD
to get past him.

Keep going right and (sigh) OPEN DOOR.  Enter the laundry room and GO WINDOW (that you can't
see, but is described if you LOOK).  This leads you to the penthouse bathroom.  Walk left (through
some doors that - gasp - are already open!) until you eventually come to a closed door.

OPEN DOOR (for the last time - yay!) and then walk left a bit to the black door.  You now need to
CLIMB STAIRS, but note that you can only do this if the time has reached 11:00.  You are now on the
roof and have to walk quite a long way right until you get to the helicopter.  GO HELICOPTER to
complete your mission!


Press 9 at the start of the game to set it to the fastest speed, unless you enjoy moving in slow

The game will end if you don't get to the helicopter by 12:00.