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Mystery Island (Mystery_Island.txt)

Mystery Island (Mountain Valley Software)
by Dark Fiber 27-mar-99

look tree, read writing, w, go ship, get cutlass, get rope, break door,
go cabin, look table, mofve bed, look table, go bed, look matress,
move matress, sleep, get emerald, cut matress, get paper, read paper,
drop paper, s, get bowl, get key, get dish, e, n, n, look cliff,
read writing, say sesame, go tunnel, drop dish, drop bown, drop emerald,
go river, get shovel, get ruby, go waterfall, get pistol, read sign,
w, drop ruby, go tunnel, s, s, look pistol, shoot crab, cut crab,
drop cutlass, get meat, n, w, go hut, drop meat, unlock cupboard,
get key, look cupboard, look cupboard, e, e, s, s, dig, drop shovel,
get pearl, move boulder get raft, look sand, n, w, look rocks,
move rocks, get planks, e, n, n, go tunnel, drop pearl, go tunnel,
s, w, drop raft, go hut, get nails, get pump, e, e, drop pump,
e, n, go tunnel, go lighthouse, drop nails, drop planks, e, go tunnel,
s, w, get raft, get pump, pump raft, drop pump, e, s, s, get shovel, n,
n, e, dig, drop shovel, get diamond, e, n, go tunnel, drop diamond,
go tunnel, s, w, get shovel, go river, go clearing, dig, move rock,
get lamp, get spraycan, look rock, read writing, rub lamp, drop shovel,
get rope, e, n, go tunnel, drop lamp, go lighthouse, spray ring,
turn ring, drop spraycan, d, move chest, get hammer, u, get nails,
get planks, fix stairs, drop hammer, go stairs, move safe, look safe,
turn dial, spray dial, get sapphire, d, drop spraycan, e, drop sapphier,
go tunnel, s, w, go hut, get key, e, e, n, go tunnel, go lighthouse,
d, unlock chest, drop key, look chest, get necklace, u, drop rope,
drop pistol, u, turn dial [see clues], get bar, d, e.

get all the treasures and deposit them into the cave behind the waterfall.
you can carry 5 items so take 2 trips to store all 10 treasures.

the clues to the safe :>

first clue, written on the rotting tree trunk it says [2-1=3]
the second clue is in the sand [4=1], the third clue on the rock
in the clearing [5+1=2]

do some substition math

1 =              4 = 1 -> 4
2 = 5 + 1 -> 5 + 4 = 9 -> 9
3 = 2 - 1 -> 9 - 4 = 5 -> 5

the combo for the safe is 4-9-5

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