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Anchorhead (anchorhead_solution.txt)

An interactive gothic by Michael S. Gentry
Release 5 / Serial number 990206 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7

The Complete Step-by-Step Walkthru with score-notification by Aeron Pax.

Note: Some variables change from game to game...
- Torn Journal (the combination to the safe).
- Strange metal flute (correct attunation).
- Blueprint & Mirror rack (the correct measurement).

DAY 1:
Se. Push can against wall. Climb can. Up. West. Push play.
East. Look up Verlac (2p). West. Unlock Door. West. West.
West. NW. West. Read book. Show keys to Michael (2p). East. SE. East. South. South. East. South. SW.
NW. Unlock door. North.

Close door. Lock door. Up. North. Undress. Drop all. West.
Bathe. East. Lie in bed. Sleep.

DAY 2:
Look. Get wallet. Open it. Get card. Leave bed. Dress.
Get all. Wear coat. South. Down. West. Open cupboard.
Pull lining (2p). Read journal.
[Note the combination to the safe.]
North. Get flashlight. Open Cabinet. Get matches. Turn on flashlight. NW. Get broom. Unlock door.
Down. South. Search crates. Get box. Read clippings. [You should know learn the following names of
the Verlac family: Mordecai, Elijah, Heinrich & Wilhelm.] Drop cardboard box. Wipe web. Drop
broom. Get key (1p). Put key on keyring. North. Up. SE. East. East. Look at paintings. Look at
scene. South. Get album. Look up Wilhelm in album. Look up Eustacia in album. Look up Croseus in
album. West. Up. East. North. Get volume. Read it. Look at bookshelf. Get Poe (1p). Examine safe. [
Now "turn the dial to x", three times, where x equals the appropriate combination found in
the torn journal. This opens the safe - (2p).] Look in safe. Get puzzle box and flute. South. South.
Open jewelry box. Get silver locket. Push bed. Look in hole. Get pages (2p). Read pages. [You learn
the name William.]
Leave bedNorth. West. Down. North. West. Unlock door. North. NW. Unlock crypt. Down. Examine coffin.
Look up William on nameplate. Open William's coffin. Get skull. Up. SE. South. Close door. Lock
door. East. South. Unlock door. South. SE. NE. North. West. Get newspaper. Read it. South. South.
Look up Edward in record. Look up Mordecai in record. Look up Elijah in record. Look up Heinrich in
record. Look up Wilhelm in record. NW. SW. Look up Edward in record. Look up Mordecai in Record.
Look up Elijah in record. Look up Heinrich in record. [You seem to be uncovering a pattern here;]
Look up Wilhelm in record. NW. North. North. North. North. West. NW. West. North. Ring bell. Show
card to librarian. Ask librarian for book (2p). Open Historical. Get slip of paper. Read it. Read
Historical (1p). Drop it. South. East. SE. East. North. Get Lantern. South. Look under table. Get
flask. South. NW. Read wall. West. South. Look in display case. Ask proprietor about amulet (5p).
Give puzzle box to him (2p).
Get puzzle box. North. East. SW. South. South. East. East. Give flask to bum (2p). Ask bum about
himself. Ask bum about brother. Ask bum about Anna. Ask bum about crypt. Tell bum about skull. Show
skull to bum. Give amulet to bum (5p).

Put copper key on keyring. SE. Get tin. NW. West. South. SW. NW. North. [Michael is missing.] Close
door. Up. East. North. East. Get letter opener. Look at screen. Remove ring. Look at it. Wear it.
Type 0628 on laptop (2p). Look at screen. West. South. Pull cord. Up. Push newspaper under door. Put
letter opener in keyhole. Get newspaper. Get brass key (1p). Put brass key on keyring. Unlock door.
North. Search straw. Get gold locket. South. Down. West. North. West. Get towel. East. Undress. Drop
all. Lie in bed. Sleep.

DAY 3:
Leave bed. Dress. Wear coat. Get all. South. East. North. East. Look at fireplace. Turn sphere. SW.
West. Look in hole. East. Look in hole. NW. Look in hole (2p). SW. SE. Put lens in telescope [the
disk in the puzzle box]. Look in telescope (5p). [You've learned then name: Ialdabaoloth.] SE.
East. Down. West. Down. North. West. NW. Down. East. Search wine rack.
[By examining the five bottles, you find 5 different letters.]
Turn c. Turn w. Turn h. Turn e. Turn m (2p). [A secret passage to the north.]
North. North. North. NE. Down. Say ialdabaoloth. North.
[Now you must attune the flute until you hear the right-hand column's vibrations grow stronger,
resonating in harmony with the note of the flute. The flute's attunation changes with each time
you restart the game, so follow this procedure: Play flute. Cover hole 1. Play flute. Remove finger
from flute. Cover hole 2. Play flute. etc.. Continue with this, covering one hole at a time until
you have found two different settings on the flute which ressonates in harmony with the column -
Remember them for later!
Ie. if the columns resonate with the flute when you have covered hole 3 and hole 5 - You should
cover both hole 3 and 5 on the flute, before playing to summon the portal to The Womb of Nehilim,
but don't do this ...yet.]
South. Up. SW. NW. East. Down. West. Down. South. SE. NE. South. South. Look at woods. West. SW.
West. Get drawing paper. Get Hook. South. Lift plywood cover. Down. Search bones. Get Teddy. Up.
North. East. South. Down. Hide under bones. Wait (2p). Up. Up. North. East. NE. East. North. East.
SE. Break padlock with hook (1p). Down. Look at shape. Search shape. Put steel key on keyring. Look
at furnace. Open hatch. West. [If you lantern is burning, now is a good time to "extinguish
lantern".] Put all in pocket. Jump onto riser. North. Get cloth. East. Read huge tome. [At the
question "Will you read on?" - Answer "no".] East. Up. Up. Get rope. Down. West.
West. South. Drop robe in shaft. Tie rope to railing. Down. Drop rope (2p). Light flashlight. [If
the flashlight fails to work - Drop it, light a match and light the lantern.]
Get robe. NW. North. North. Open tin. Put oil on hatch. Open hatch. Up. East. West. NW. East. Unlock
drawer. Open drawer (2p). Get all from drawer. Read letter. Put bronze key on keyring. West. West.
West. North. West. North. [Remember that newspaper-article - If the kidnapped boy (Jeffrey Greer)
was abducted from #11 Mill Town Road, this is the door you should knock on.]
Knock on door 11. Give teddy to woman (2p). Look in overalls. Get long steel key (1p). Put it on
keyring. West. South. South. Search thicket. Unlock hatch. Get lantern. [from your coat's
pocket] North. [The flashlight doesn't work.]
Light match. Light lantern. Put towel on valve. Turn wheel (1p). North. North. Open hatch. Wait.
Wait. North. Tie chain to me. Look at controls. Pull lever (2p). Untie chain. North. Read notes. Get
caliper. Get memo. Get Blueprint. Read it.
[The blueprint hold two numbers: "0.0113" and a variable, that changes each time you
restart the game. Now you need to find the mirror from the mirror rack that measures the same as the
variable-number, this is done by: Get mirror 1. Put it in caliper. (If the number is wrong, drop it,
and continue this procedure with all 4 mirrors - One of them has the same measure as the blueprint
variable. Hold on to this mirror but drop all the others). Let's assume from this point onwards
that the correct mirror is mirror #4.]
Get mirror 4. Put it in caliper. [We have a match!] Open tin. Rub oil on mirror 4. South. Down. Jump
off equipment. South. South. South. South. NE. East. [Now you spot Michael by the lighthouse.] East.
NE. East. Up. Down. [Ouch!]

Break door. Break door. Get glass. Look at window pane. Put glass in crack. Cut jacket with glass
(2p). Open closet. Wear coat. Get all from closet. South. South. Unlock west door. Open it. West.
Look in tear. Get torn square (2p). Read it. Get needle. East. South. [A madman approaches..] South.
Get lantern [from your coat's pocket]. Light match. Light lantern. North. North. Get magazine.
Give magazine to madman. Get large key. Put it in keyring. Unlock gate. North. North (2p). [the
madman escapes] North. Remove coat. Wear robe. East. Wait (x5) [until a small, shiny object falls
out of the bum's clothes.] Look. Put all in pocket. Get amulet (2p). North. Give gold locket to
creature. Hit creature with hook (2p). North. West. North. East. NE. drop robe. Wear coat. Unlock
door. Open it. East. Up. Look at device. Get real mirror. Wait. Wait. Give mirror 4 to Michael.
[The Island of Flesh.] Wait (x9) [until the people start fleeing from the island.] (5p). Pick cuffs
with needle. Free boy (5p). West. SW. SW. West. West. North. Wait. South. East. South. East. South.
South. Touch obelisk. Show ring to Michael (5p). Show amulet to Michael (5p). [Remember the last
time you were in the Burial Mound - Now attune the flute like you did back then, ie. "cover
hole 3". "cover hole 5" and..] Play flute (15).

Go north. Get test. Look at little window.
--You have won... for now--
In this game you scored 100 out of possible 100 points!