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Awakening, The (awakening.txt)

In the Mud
> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)
> x rain. x mud. u.
> x branch. take branch. take limb.
> x marker. read marker.
> x oaks. x markers. x moss. x ivy.
> x church. x windows. x steeple.
> e.
West Side of the Church
> x trail. x grass.
> n —or— ne.
North Side of the Church
> x trees. x ivy.
> e —or— se.
East Side of the Church
> x gravel. take gravel. x debris.
> s —or— sw.
Front of the Church
Get the dog to chase you around the church, wrapping its chain as it goes.
> x dog. x chain.
> hit dog. nw. ne. se. sw.
The dog's stuck at on the east side.
> x oak. x sidewalk.
> n. (+20)
Church Porch
> x railing. take railing.
> x section. (That sounds like a ladder.)
> x ladder. (Yup. It's a ladder.)
> n.
> x windows. x debris.
> x trap. put ladder under trap.
Let's see what else is on this level first before going up.
> n.
> x portrait. x eyes. (Too far away.)
> x pews. x glass. take board. (No; nailed in place.)
> n.
> x podium. x black book. read book. (Another reference to eyes.)
> take book. n.
Small Office
> x desk. take journal. x it. read it. (It's blank.)
> x robe. take it.
> x bookshelf. move it. take red book. x it. read it.
The grimoire describes two rituals. One puts a soul into a container. The other uses the stored soul
for storing sin. That is, your sins become the other person's sins; your sins are stored in the
stored soul, not in your soul.
> xyzzy.
> x ashes. x glass. x stopper.
> take stopper. take ashes.
> search journal. (This is your hint that there's indentations to work with.)
> put ashes on journal. read journal. (+5; "I cannot continue to corrupt her.")
> s. s. s.
> take ladder. n.
> put ladder under portrait. u.
Near Painting
> x eyes. look through eyes. (See a space with purple curtain.)
> d.
> take ladder. s.
> put ladder under trap. u. (+5)
Steeple Chamber
> x rope. x door. (It has a handle.) open door. (locked)
> pull rope. climb rope.
> x bell. x beams. x branch. s.
Top of Oak Tree
> x forest. x town. d. (No, too far.)
> n. d.
Steeple Chamber
> tie rope to handle.
> take ladder. (Not enough leverage.)
> d.
> take ladder. s. s.
Front of the Church
> put ladder against oak —or— put ladder under oak.
> u. n.
> push bell. (+10; door and bell go out the window.)
> s. d.
Front of the Church
> x bell. (The rope and door aren't there with it.)
> take ladder. n. n.
> put ladder under trap. u. n. (+5)
Inner Chamber
> x man. x sofa. x lantern. x bottles.
> x table. x curtain.
> ask man about man. (He's Silas, your servant and teacher?)
> ask Silas about me. ask Silas about her.
> ask Silas about villagers. ask Silas about decision.
> ask Silas about bottles. ask Silas about soul.
> ask Silas about church.
> take bottles. (Blue is warm; green feels cold and sickly.)
> take lantern.
> n. (+5. You see a blue eyed creature in a mirror.)
> x mirror. open mirror. x holes. look through holes.
> break green bottle. (+10)
Silas's soul goes to Hell, and his body becomes a corpse. The church starts to burn (from the
lantern if present, or a lightning strike if it isn't). You escape with your bottle.
*** You have won ***

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 50, in several turns.
The score is made up as follows:
• 10 for getting past the guard dog
• 5 for entering the steeple
• 5 for entering the sealed room
• 5 for reading the journal
• 10 for opening the door
• 5 for discovering the truth
• 10 for extracting your revenge