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Stone Table, The (Stone_table__the_walkthrough_c64.txt)

The Stone Table
Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the c64

E, E, GET FLUTE, W, W, N, N, LOOK (you see an eagle), CALL EAGLE (the eagle carries you to a cave),
(it's the bronze token), S, E, ASK MAGE (search carefully), EXAMINE TABLE (on it's sides
are the words aliithril, ciithril, emithril and ynithril), S, CALL RAVEN (the raven swoops down on
your shoulder), N, N, W, SAY KEY (the raven dislodges the key),  GET PLANK (you see stone steps
leading downwards), E, S, E, E, N, N, N, GET EMITHRIL, EXAMINE EMITHRIL (the platinum token), S,
DROP PLANK, CROSS PLANK, S, SAY EMITHRIL (you are transported to the hilltop), N, W, GET KEY, DOWN,
PULL TAPESTRY, UNLOCK DOOR (with key), OPEN DOOR, N (the wraithfire only kills you the second time
you enter the room), W, N, KILL DEMON (the demon runs away), W, CROSS BRIDGE (you enter the pool and
the demon dies), SWIM WATER (you are swimming in the pool), DIVE WATER (you see ciithril), GET
CIITHRIL (the water drains away), EXAMINE CIITHRIL (the silver token), N, SAY CIITHRIL (you are
transported to the hilltop), N, W, DOWN, PULL SWORD (you need to have at least three token), GET
SWORD, UP, E, S, W, DROP SWORD, ASK MAGE (the mage takes the sword and the words ORLNIR and FALMIR
appear on the table), E, S, S, ORLNIR (you must have the three other tokens. a secret door opens), S
(leave the dragon alone), E, GET RUNESTONE (the secret door closes), S, THROW RUNESTONE (the
changeling dissolves), GET YNITHRIL, EXAMINE YNITHRIL (the golden token), E, SAY YNITHRIL (you are
transported to the hilltop), ORLNIR (the table opens), DOWN, E, GIVE TOKENS.

-If you type ASK WIZARD he gives you a dagger, but you don't need it to solve the game. 
-Don't enter the location of the birch copse. The woodcutter will tie you up to a tree and
later on in the dark forest you will encounter him with a random possibility to be killed. 
-To release yourself after being tied to the tree you can CUT ROPE with the dagger or wait 4 turns
until a squirrel releases you. 
-With the magic word FLANIR you can close the stone table when you have entered it, but this is not