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Adventure of Cleopatra's Pyramid, The (Adventure_of_Cleopatras_Pyramid.txt)

You start outside your tent. Go tent, drop radio (you will need that 
later), get flashlight, get canteen, S, W, get candybar, S, get scepter, 
N, E, get pouch, E, fill pouch, sand, N, E, N, E, drop candybar, get 
crowbar, E, E, N, look pyramid, go pyramid, light flashlight, D, E, E, E, 
*quicksave here* 
Explanation to the mummy-problem in the maze: 
When you go up from here, you enter the realm of the roaming mummy, which 
does 1 of 4 different things, randomly. 
Takes your whole inventory except the flashlight, and spreads the items 
across the maze. 
Says: "Go back where you came from!" 
Says: "Leave things alone! 
Or does nothing. 
If the mummy isn't in the entrance, look (i.e. wait) for it to arrive. 
Then wave scepter, and make one move at a time, to the next location. 
Then repeat, until you are out of the area. If you go to a location where 
the mummy is, you risk losing your inventory, which makes the game almost 
impossible to win, as you have to conserve battery power, food and water, 
and can't waste too many moves looking for the stuff the mummy 
Moving on from quicksaved position: 
U (if the mummy is here, and it takes your inventory, quickload the old 
position, and if it is not, look until mummy arrives, then wave scepter, 
et cetera, move by move). After quickload, look once, before U, and then 
the mummy shouldn't be there. 
Look (until mummy arrives/uma), wave scepter, E, look (uma), wave 
scepter, S, look (uma), wave scepter, S, look (uma), wave scepter, E, 
look (uma), wave scepter, E, look (uma), 
Sometimes you can just walk to the desired location, and you need to go 
at it trial-and-error, and save position when you make some progress. 
This goes for the rest of the game, in the maze. 
wave scepter,E,look platform,pour sand,N (the mummy does not go here), 
drop pouch (not needed anymore), drop canteen, E, E, E, S, W, N, E, E, S, 
W, N, N, unlight flashlight, look skeleton, get backpack, get medallion, 
put medallion, backpack, S, light flashlight, S, get manuscript, put 
manuscript, backpack, E, N, W, W, S, get plate, put plate, backpack, E, 
E, get pot, W, N, W, W, W, drop pot, get jar, drop jar, get pot, put pot, 
backpack, get batteries, drop batteries, get canteen (you should be 
around the 100-move mark by now, so you become thirsty), drink water, 
drop canteen, *good idea to quicksave here just in case*, S, look (uma), 
wave scepter, W, wave scepter, S, get jug, put jug, backpack, look (uma), 
wave scepter, *quicksave just in case*, W, look, wave scepter, N, W, wave 
scepter, N, N, wave scepter, W, D, (now you are out of reach of the 
mummy), drop scepter, drop crowbar, W, D, get necklace, U, W, W, get cat, 
U, E, get vase, W, S, *quicksave as you are going to encounter the 
roaming scorpion from here on*, unlight flashlight, drop flashlight, S, 
W, get revolver (from now on, shoot scorpion when you can see it, and you 
must hit it using a maximum of 5 shots, because you need one more bullet 
for later), W, W, S, W, S, W, go tent, drop cat, drop vase, drop 
necklace, get pot, drop pot, get jug, drop jug, get manuscript, drop 
manuscript, get plate, drop plate, *yes, this has to be done with nearly 
all the treasures, they must go into the backpack and out again*, S, E, 
get chalice, W, go tent, drop chalice, S, E, N, E, N, E, get candybar, E, 
E, N, get flashlight, go pyramid, light flashlight, D, E, E, E, *now you 
are probably at the 200-move mark, so you get hungry*, eat candybar, drop 
wrapper (no use for it, but look at it for a programmer's joke), 
*quicksave here*,  
Now for the second part of the nightmare maze, with the annoying mummy. 
Get crowbar, get scepter, U, wave scepter, E, S, S, *quicksave*. 
You need to go E, S, W, S, E, S, E, E, from here, with the aid of the 
scepter, and the trick of look and quicksave, a little at a time, until 
you get to the room with the hole in the wall. *quicksave*. 
Drop revolver, get medallion, put medallion, hole, get medallion, put 
medallion, backpack, S, W, wave scepter (repeat if mummy is in the room, 
for the mummy to leave, and then for the wall to collapse), *quicksave*. 
N, E, open coffins (with crowbar), look coffins, drop crowbar (no longer 
of use), D, E, E, get urn, look coffin (so it's Cleopatra's stupid mummy 
chasing you around...), put urn, backpack, W, W, U, get bracelet, put 
bracelet, backpack, get sculpture, put sculpture, backpack, get axe, put 
axe, backpack, *quicksave*. 
Now to get back. W, S, E, N, get revolver, *quicksave*. 
W, wave scepter, *quickload if you fail (etc. as per above method)*W, N, 
W, N, E, N, drop revolver, *quicksave*. 
W, N, N, W, D, W, W, W, U, S, unlight flashlight, S, W, W, W, S, W, S, W, 
go tent, get bracelet, drop bracelet, get axe, drop axe, get urn, drop 
urn, get sculpture, drop sculpture, get medallion, drop medallion. 
Now to get back again, and you are getting thirsty, and the batteries are 
wearing out. 
S, E, N, E, N, E, E, E, N, go pyramid, light flashlight, D, E, E, E, drop 
scepter, drop backpack (now the mummy cannot take any items), U, E, S, S, 
E, E, E, N, get batteries, look (until the flashlight goes out), change 
batteries, light flashlight, *quicksave in case mummy takes the revolver 
during next few moves*, S, W, W, get revolver, E, E, N, get canteen, E, 
E, E, S, W, N, E, E, S, W, N, N, unlight flashlight, E, E, E, S, E, 
*quicksave, in case cobra bites*, E, fill canteen, drink water, fill 
canteen, *if the cobra is here, shoot cobra, and it will go away,  
and the crocodile, if here, will go away by itself*, W, S, W, W, S, S, S, 
light flashlight, S, E, N, W, W, S, E, N, W, W, W, drop revolver (it's 
Indiana Jones' gun, BTW... sure hope it wasn't his skeleton out in the 
desert!), drop canteen, drop batteries, *quicksave*. 
You are now carrying nothing except the flashlight, and you need to get 
the final treasures from the maze. 
First, you must get the backpack and the scepter. 
S, W, W, W, N, N, W, D, get scepter, get backpack, *quicksave, now the 
old procedure again with the scepter and the mummy: look, wave scepter, 
or just walk by, saving when you have made some progress*, U, E, S, S, W, 
N, D, N, get replica, put replica, backpack, D, get amphora, put amphora, 
backpack, get goblet, put goblet, backpack, get bowl, put bowl, backpack, 
*quicksave*, U, S, W, get rug, put rug, backpack, E, U, S, E, N, N, W, D, 
W, W, W, U, S, unlight flashlight, S, W, W, W, S, W, S, W, go tent, take 
rug, drop rug, take replica, drop replica, take amphora, drop amphora, 
take bowl, drop bowl, get goblet, drop goblet, *quicksave*,  
And now for the remaining 7 items. S, E, N, E, N, E, E, E, N, go pyramid, 
light flashlight, D, E, E, E, *quicksave*, U, E, S, S, W, N, D, W, W, W, 
D, S, get scroll, put scroll, backpack, get canister, put canister, 
backpack, get slab, put slab, backback, get cup, put cup, backpack, E, 
get tablet, put tablet, backpack, *quicksave*, W, N, U, E, E, E, *you are 
now getting hungry and thirsty, so you need to go to the room with the 
beef and the canteen*, U, S, E, E, E, E, N, get beef, eat beef, get 
canteen, drink water, drop canteen, *quicksave*, S, W, W, S, W, S, E, S, 
E, get falcon, *quicksave*, drop jar, W, N, W, S, W, get dagger, 
*quicksave*, E, N, N, E, N, W, N, N, W, D, W, W, W, U, S, S, W, W, W, S, 
W, S, W, go tent, drop dagger, drop scepter, get cup, drop cup, get 
tablet, drop tablet, get slab, drop slab, drop falcon, get scroll, drop 
scroll, get canister, drop canister, get radio, press button. 
*** The End *** 
Treasures (25, all must be collected to win game): 
This old-school game has too much randomization, and unless there is a 
permanent way of stopping the mummy, it's close to unplayable. Too little 
margin for error. The mess in the maze ruins the game. Cleopatra's mummy 
is like the thief in Zork 1, or the parrot in Return to Eden, on 
steroids. I couldn't have beaten this one without the quicksave-function 
on the emulator.