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Space Ranger (space_ranger-sol.txt)

Space Ranger
Adventure game by R.M. Doull
Published in Bits & Bytes, Aug 1985
For the Commodore VIC-20 (UN)

You are a space ranger who has been captured by rebels intending to invade Earth. You must escape
from your prison cell on the moon, find their secret plans, and return to Earth.

examine mirror (has hinges), lift mirror (key behind mirror), get key, use key, drop key, get stool,
n, e, get spacesuit, w, n, hit guard (he's dead), examine guard (has pistol), get pistol, drop
stool, n, u, e, e, n, get wine, s, w, s, w, give wine (plumber falls down drunk), examine plumber
(has spanner), get spanner, get bottle, e, n, w, n, examine robot (he's rusty), e, fill bottle
(from oildrum), w, oil robot (he moves), w, get airtank, e, s, e, s, examine bed (found crowbar),
get crowbar, s, use crowbar (found secret plans), drop crowbar, get plans, n, n, e, s, u, examine
airlock (bolt jammed), use spanner, s, w, shoot officer (he's dead), w.

Solved by R.M. Smedley, March 2019.