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Lord of the Rings: Game One, The (Lord_of_the_Rings_spectrum_hints.txt)

Spectrum - Lord of the Rings Game One (Melbourne House)

Beginners Game
- To finish the Beginner's game with minimal moves: DERRY. EAST. (repeat three times). DERRY.
EAST. (repeat twice).
- To finish the Beginner's game with seven moves: HEY. EAST. EAST. EAST. WEAR RING. EAST. TAKE

Part One
- To avoid the Black Riders, the general rule if they arrive is HTUOS RO HTRON OG YLNO.
- It's best to kill the Black Riders if playing a multi-player game, by typing KILL RIDER and
changing character after each blow.  The only restriction seems to be at the Brandywine Bridge where
Merry is incapable of harming them.
- To kill the Black Riders, send Sam ahead to kill them all then you don't need the gems.
- To get through the Tower Hills, start at the lake and go W, W, S to get to the forest on the
northern side of the hills, which has exits, N, SE and SW. From there go SW/S/E/NE/SW to get out and
be able to explore the lands westwards.  Go W and S to find the monk who will tell you what to do
- To receive a Golden Medallion, go N, W, N, W, S from the monk to find the green knight, who needs
to be attacked till he disappears (eating food between attacks to keep your energy up, and sending
away any other members of your party or locking them up in the Bag-End to stop them getting hurt). 
Take the broken medallion he leaves behind and return to the monk, then go N, E, SE to the tower.
Kill the Red Lady, ignoring her promises or SEMIT EERHT YDAL DER OT ON YAS. Return to the monk, and
he will let you through the stone wall to the south.  You will now come across another door.  You
must KNOCK and WAIT for Radagast to appear.  He will give you a scroll which has the magic words on
it that will release the powers of the pale green jewels, which will enable you to pass the Black
Riders (of course, you could just avoid them).
- To follow Farmer Maggot's advice and get Frodo et al onto the ferry, you must first bring it
to the correct side of the river by turning the handle 5 times at the landing-stage on the western
side of the Brandywine river.  Once by yourself and twice by each of your companions.  You can then
board the ferry by GET ABOARD FERRY.
- To get two jewels: EKAL EHT NI MIWS DLUOHS YRREM.
- To get through the tunnel: HCTAM A THGIL, then ELDNAC EHT THGIL
- To get through the old forest, go E from the dark tunnel to a mossy place in the old forest.  Go E
to a wide glade and E again to a grassy place.  Go SE to a bare hilltop then S to a bank on the
Brandywine River.
- To get the gems out of Old Man Willow, go NE to Tom Bombadil's house.  SAY TO TOM
NE. The jewels kill the riders by saying KILL RIDER.
- To get the scroll: Tom 'follow me', N, W, W, N, NW, SW, W, W, S, SW, S, E, NE, SW, W, W,
N, W, S.
- And what to do with a plant pot: ENOTSFLE EKAT DNA TNALP EVOMER.
- To get past the Barrow-wight: ELBISIVNI EMOCEB DNA RNIG RAEW or LEWEJ WORHT.
- To get into Bree without attracting the attention of the Black Riders, KNOCK ON GATE and give the
gatekeeper behind the hatch Frodo's travelling name of Underhill as per Tolkien's original
- To destroy the Black Riders at Bree, go north into the bar or into the Prancing Pony and then send
Sam and Pippin out to kill them
- Don't let Frodo, Sam or Pippin carry more than one jewel when they leave Bree, or
they'll be in trouble when they try to say the words on the scroll to kill the Black Riders
- To get safely along the highway after the bird has spoken with Strider, wait twice at the gate of
Bree, go east.  Now wait twice again, go east, north and twice east once more.  Then wait five
- To persuade Strider to follow you at the end of game one, when you reach the bridge with the
picture, he will stop.  Tell him to GO EAST.  At first he refuses but eventually he will agree.
- To speed up completion of part one, get Merry to kill the six riders on the East Road and the
three in Bree and then Frodo and company can walk all the way along the East Road unharmed, not
forgetting to pick Aragorn up on the way. 
- To kill the Black Riders at the bridge near Weathertop at the end of part one, collect the elf
gems.  Used one at a time, they can destroy Nazgul if you SAY "ELBERETH".  Killing the
black riders generally can be achieved with BE MERRY and SAY "KILL RIDERS", noting that
there are three lots of three riders.
- To cross the bridge after you have killed the black riders, become Frodo.

- BUG: There's an obvious bug in the first location, if you try to SEARCH DESK. See the
response you get to that!
- BUG: If you light a match, you can smoke it.
- BUG: Typing KILL ME when the program begins results in Sam hitting Pippin, Merry hitting Frodo
three times, then "the program begins to cough" and asks you to load something in.
- BUG: CLIMB TREE, a natural action when in a forest, causes the game to crash.

Part Two
- Find Glorfindel's stallion (S, W, W from the beginning of part two).  Go south from here to
get back to the highway and ride the stallion east.
- Cross the ford to Rivendell by riding the white stallion across.  Once there, Bilbo will take you
to his room and insist on having the Ring.  Keep saying no and eventually he will give up and give
you a sword and a fine coat of mithril mail you should wear.
- Beside Moria's west gate there is the outline of a door.  EXAMINE the DOOR outline and WAIT
until an inscription appears, or go back one move and return.  When it does, SAY DOOR
"FRIEND".  If the monster appears from the lake input KILL TENTACLE WITH SWORD and go EAST
through the door.  Moria is in four main sections.  Heading from west to east the first is a maze
with passages and rooms, the second is made up of two big halls and a guard room joined by passages.
 The third section is another labyrinth like the first.  Finally there's the grand cavern where
orcs and other horrors hang out, separated by a fissure and chasm crossed by the bridge of
Khazard-dum.  There's also a minor fifth area that joins the east gate to the bridge.  Once
into the first zone, drop a match, light match and light the candle with the match.
- To get through the maze in the Mines of Moria head into the rooms by going UP, EAST, EAST, EAST,
DOWN, DOWN, WEST, WEST, WEST, DOWN - you should then find yourself in a corridor.  Alternatively,
try UP, EAST, EAST, EAST, DOWN, DOWN, WEST, DOWN, SOUTH, DOWN or even the third option Up, Ex3, D,
U, D, S, D. to get to the corridor with a stone door with the heads of animals upon it.  Smash the
door (BREAK SLAB WITH SWORD) or PUSH HORSE (or maybe EAGLE?) to open the slab.
- EITHER go EAST, EAST, EAST, UP and EAST through the door into the square room where the book is. 
EXAMINE and READ the things you find here.
- OR go east twice, N, S, E and U.  This should bring you to the Hall of Mazarbul.  Through it go S,
S, W and examine the statue of Durin.
- The orc horde is in this area.  The way to defeat them is first of all to tell Boromir, who's
practically indestructible, to "E. Kill horde with long sword.".  Repeat this instruction
three times then get him to drop the sword.  Now get each other character in turn to give his weapon
to Boromir and, three times, tell him to "E. Kill horde with (name or type of weapon).". 
After each triple attack get Boromir to eat twice to restore his fighting power.  Before he eats
tell him to return the current weapon to its owner.  When he's fed, the next character gives
his weapon and on it goes until the horde is wiped out.  The later warband can be dealt with by
telling Frodo to Kill Warband with Sword.
- WAIT until you are attacked by Orcs which you can bash, then go EAST.
- OR WAIT and Gandalf will chat to you.  Go EAST. LIGHT CANDLE WITH MATCH. DOWN. DOWN. 
- SOUTH. DOWN. SOUTH to the square room.  Make sure your party is with you; if not, backtrack to
collect them.  Now, SOUTH, DOWN, and proceed EAST about ten times, over the bridge where something
thrilling happens and when you're told to flee continue EAST to get out of Moria and emerge in
a dale.  This is a basic route, there is more to do if you want to.
- When you get to the border of Lothlorien, you will meet an Elf who enters on the eastern bank of
the Nimrodel river.  WAIT and then continue East through the forest until you come to a river, ask
the elf for help and then follow him.  If the elf is just too taciturn to help, it may be necessary
to drop some inessentials at the river bank first.  To cross the river, SAY TO ELF
"HELP.", go NE and SAY TO ELF "BLINDFOLD US".  You must also say
"STOP" to Gimli when he gets aggressive.
- SAY TO ELF "HELP" and SAY TO GIMLI "GO NW" (since they don't get on). 
When he has gone, you must go NE, over the rope, and WAIT. WEST. WAIT again.  When the doors have
opened, head EAST to the tree, then UP and SAY TO GALDRIEL "HELP".

- The password for the Redhorn gate is the magic word "UNDERHILL"
- Attach planks with rope to make a bridge
- To pass a skeleton, throw a gem.