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Treasury of Zan, The (Treasury_of_Zan.txt)

The Treasury of Zan
by R & R Software

A Walkthrough

With thanks to Sky-Non, QN, Joshua Roy, Dick Murchy, Richard Roy, and Amby
(Richard Roy and Dick Murchy wrote the game, Joshua is the son of Richard)

This game must be in the C: partition. (Or if using DOSBox, or similar, then whichever partition the
game is in must be mounted as the C: partition. See DOSBox documentation for details.)

Some parser shortcuts
EX = examine
G = again
L = look
Q = quit

The left taillight is a non-obvious object that is not mentioned in any previous description in the

Important. Pay attention to any SAY instruction, as due to the manner in which this walkthrough is
written the comma after SAY is not shown but must still be typed. (So an instruction of SAY DO THIS
should be typed as SAY, DO THIS.)

Stand, w, examine car, open door, in, examine car, lower visor, open compartment, look in
compartment, get all, read paper, look under dashboard, pull lever, out, examine trunk, put
screwdriver in hole, turn screwdriver, open trunk, look in trunk, get all, look in can, close trunk,
examine hood, open hood, look under hood, examine battery, attach wire to battery, open box, close
hood, look under car, put all but key in pockets, get all, open left taillight, put funnel in
opening, pour liquid in funnel, in, close door, put key in ignition, turn key, n, n, n, n.

Open door, out, n, read sign, in, examine faucet, turn faucet on, get all, put all in pockets,
examine plaque, drink water, out, hitchhike.

N, n, n, n, sw, examine mallet, wait, g (keep waiting until the man shows up), get all, ne, s, s,
se, break door with mallet, e, n, open chest, look in chest, get all, examine cylinder, press
button, s, examine panel, put fuse in socket, n, press button, s, e, n, enter mirror, n, n, e, e
(there is an object here, but sometimes the game does not mention it), get all, s, in, look under
bench, get all, out, n, w, w, n, n, enter mirror, e, n, drop all, get barbells, lift barbells, drop
all, get all but barbells, s, s, get cup, sift sand with cup, look in cup (repeat the sifting and
looking until something appears), get tiny, put tiny in pot, sift sand with cup, look in cup (repeat
the sifting and looking until something appears), e, e, examine shelves, get lantern, put all but
wrench in pockets, w, w, w, s, look under rack, get all, n, w, w, sw, examine pole, unscrew bolt
with wrench, drop all, get box, shake box, drop box, get all but box and bolt and wrench, look in
grate, straighten hanger, get gum, put gum in mouth, g, chew gum, g, g, get gum, stick gum on
hanger, get coin with hanger, get coin.

N, n, n, n, n, e, get all, examine marshmallow, w, w, reach in crack, examine object, put cork in
gun, get all, put all in pockets, e, sw, drop all but mallet, hit x with mallet, get all, put small
in pot, ne, n, e, l, nw, get all, s, put rough in pot, examine rope, e, tie rope to pot, u, s, (the
following examinations are a form of waiting until the man shows up) examine arm, examine target,
examine water, examine plank (by now the man should have shown up, if not then keep waiting), d,
examine plate, get screwdriver, unscrew screw with screwdriver.

(The bat may be a random occurrence, keep the gun and follow the Underground sequence until the bat
turns up then:)
Shoot bat, examine bat, get cork and key (drop gun if required).
(Then carry on with the Underground sequence.)

Get all but mallet, s, light lantern, s, s, s, look under boulder, examine cwud, s, e, n, get all,
s, s, s, put slot on machine, get coin, put coin in slot, turn handle, get bottle, examine bottle,
read bottle, n, e, in, examine juke box, press a1, press a2, press b1, press b2, look behind juke
box, examine receptacle, put plug in lower, press a1, press a2, press b1, press b2, climb over bar,
look under bar, open bottle with opener, move caps, examine door, set 1st to 0, set 2nd to 7, set
3rd to 3, set 4th to 1, open door, d, get all, put huge in pot, n, get all, nw, examine meal, get
meal, d, se, u, climb over bar, out, e, drop bottle and screwdriver, get shoehorn, (if the bat has
still not appeared then wait until it does).

NW, (this appears to be random so keep moving in one direction until a new room is reached, should
it be the previous location go NW and try again), examine markings, examine vat, examine foobleck,
dip shoes in foobleck, wear shoes, u, examine cupboard, unlock cupboard with key, open cupboard,
look in cupboard, put cork in vial, get all, d, se, (again keep moving until the old location is
reached), get bottle and screwdriver, put all in pockets.

W, s, drop all but lantern, d, search garbage, get all, u, examine teapot, get gum, stick gum on
teapot, se, se, se, turn off lantern, ne, ne, fill teapot with water, w, se, turn on lantern, e, rub
teapot, wish for gold, nw, w, turn off lantern, ne, sw, sw, nw, turn on lantern, nw, nw, get all but
cornerstone, get shiny, put shiny in pot, nw, w, examine table, examine blueprint, e, n, n, n, n, n,
turn off lantern, get cork and marshmallow, examine vial, pour red on marshmallow, s, turn on
lantern, s, s, nw, turn off lantern, examine seedling, pour beer on seedling, look in bottle, u,
turn on lantern, u.

Turn off lantern, l, sw, s, s, s, se, e, e, e, s, s, examine clock, examine cases, examine sketch,
get gum, stick gum on door, smash bottle with pot, drop all but pot and meal and lantern, (if the
canary is not yet stuck then keep waiting), get big and bright, put big and bright in pot, n, e,
examine gizmo, get all, (if it wasn't for this walkthrough now would be a good time to play
with the protrusions), w, n, w, w, w, nw, n, n, n, n, e, get shaker, get screwdriver, l, l, e, u,

Get all, s, turn on lantern, s, s, s, w, read motto, sw, press button, say mother may I (there
should be a comma after "say"), s, u, examine chain, lower chain, d, enter swing, swing,
drop pot, swing, hit large with mallet, out, get all, g, n, ne, get all, examine picture, crawl
under desk, smell pepper, drop mallet and shaker.

(Unless there is a means to determine what will happen beforehand there are two ways to do this: the
long, explanatory way; or the short, already know what will happen, way. Choose one or the other.)

(The Long Way)
Pry little with screwdriver, undo, cover hole with picture, pry little with screwdriver, undo, drop
cheese, pry little with screwdriver.

(The Short Way)
Cover hole with picture, drop cheese, pry little with screwdriver.

Get little and smooth, put little and smooth in pot, out, e, get cwud, s, sw, say drawkcab (which is
"backward" backwards, and there should be a comma after "say"), examine pulpit,
examine altar, examine chalice, put cwud on altar, put gizmo in depression, flip flaggerstein, pull
plobvoid, rub rackinjax, spin spoint, turn thingumajig, wiggle whatzit, in, n, examine wererat, say
frazerats (the man in the suit has more than one use, and there should be a comma after
"say"), s, w, examine rollercoaster, in.


Typed up by Alastair for the Classic Adventures Solution Archive at