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Fairly Difficult Mission (Fairly_Difficult_Mission.txt)

			Fairly Difficult Mission (Zodiac Software)

A solution follows to Zodiac's five part adventure, parts 3 and 5 play through without any sort
player input so you only neeed to know how to get through parts 1,2 and 4.............
Here's the solution.
You start in your bedroom EXAM RUBBISH, (you find a stamped addressed envelope) GET 
ENVELOPE, OPEN WARDROBE, (you discover some stilleto-heeled shoes and a teddy bear) 
GET ALL, GO WARDROBE, GET PAPER, GO OUT, LOAD GAME, (you are met by `Zytrwzx', 
who takes you to the waiting room of King Derek of Fantasmia) EXAM MAGAZINES, (you find a 
copy of `Look Out' magazine) GET MAGAZINE, WAIT, (for a number of turns, until you are 
asked in to see Derek, who will give you and adventure to review, complete it by typing) GET 
KEY, UNLOCK CHEST, (Derek now asks for your opinion so..) SAY TO DEREK "AWFUL", 
(Derek sends you on a mission to defeat the evil witch Ruth, and you find yourself stuck in a maze) 
WAIT, (until an elf called `Mike' appears and) GIVE ENVELOPE, (Mike gives you a papmphlet 
in return) EXAM PAMPHLET, (it explains the way out of the maze, so follow it's instructions by 
going) N, U, E, SE, (you are met by the oracle `Gervase' who gives you a bald headed wig then 
dies), EXAM GERVASE, (you find a medallion which you automatically take and wear), NE, and 
GO PORTAL to finish part one .........
You begin in an exit tunnel N, (your path is blocked by a guard and his henchmen) GIVE PAPER, 
(the guard lets you through) NW, EXAM COWS, (they are blocking your way north and are flesh 
eating) E, E, E, NE, N, (you meet a band of teddy bears who give you a jam sandwich in exchange 
for the teddy bear you picked up in part one) NE, NW, (you are now in cliche-land) CLIMB 
TREE, GET BANANAS, D, N, (an old woman drops a jar of honey) GET HONEY, NE, (a bear 
blocks your way) GIVE HONEY, (the bear goes) NE, DIG, (a bone is discovered) GET BONE, 
SW, N, GIVE BONE, (to rabid dog) W, GIVE BANANAS, (to gorrilla) GET MONEY, E, S, SE, 
E, SW, S, W, SW, W, W, SW, (you are now outside a literature stall) BUY BOOK, (it's a rune 
book) NE, E, E, E, NE, N, NE, SE, DROP BOOKS, (the tower door magically opens) GO 
TOWER, U, U, U, U, U, U, (you meet XZRN the aprrentice magician, who leaves a scroll, an LP, 
and a fire extinguisher behind, before vanising) GET ALL, D, D, D, D, D, D, S, NW, N, EXAM 
WELL, (you see a handle) TURN HANDLE, (Norris the fat joke telling gnome appears and 
proceeds to follow you around) S, SW, S, W, SW, W, W, (the flesh eating cows will now eat 
Norris and stop blocking your way north) N, SWIM, (to the island), GO CAVE, (you meet an 
annoyed dragon guarding a treasue chest) PUSH KNOB, (on the fire extinguisher - you can now 
access the treasue chest) OPEN CHEST, (you find a mirror) GET MIRROR, E, SWIM, S, S, DIG, 
GET KEY, N, E, E, E, NE, N, NE, and NE again to complete part 2 .............
You start on a winding track SAY TO MAN "HELLO", (for a quick clue) NE, N, W, (you are now

outside some toilets guarded by a large green creature) GIVE SANDWICH, (the creature leaves) 
ENTER GENTLEMANS, EXAM URINAL, (you find a soggy fag) GET FAG, SE, NE, (the game 
temporarily `breaks') N, N, N, W, (you see a tramp) GIVE FAG, (the tramp gives you a bottle of 
water in return, then dies) E, S, ENTER NEWSAGENT, SAY TO FRED "HELLO", (he'll give 
you some anectdotal information about Ruth) NW, WAIT, (repeatedly until the message `There 
was a bloodcurdling screm from somewhere .....' has appeared on screen three or four times) 
ENTER NEWSAGENT, (Fred should now be dead), EXAM FRED, (you find a library ticket) 
GET TICKET, NW, S, S, SW, S, SW, (you should find a dead old man) EXAM MAN, (you find a 
long, dirty overcoat) GET OVERCOAT, WEAR OVERCOAT, NE, N, NE, N, N, E, WEAR WIG, 
(you now look fairly like Fred the newsagent and can use his library card) ENTER LIBRARY, 
(some deadly lasers block your way east, but at this stage in the game you actually need to die, so 
go) E, (you die and enter the afterworld, where `Phil' hands you a sword) N, NE, (you are now 
outside a shack guarded by an orc) GIVE MAGAZINE, (the magazine sends the Orc to sleep) and 
ENTER SHACK to complete the game ................. 

Typed (and solved) by Ian ( Originally displayed within the `Spectrum 
Adventurer' web pages at:- 

Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive: