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For Gold or Glory (For_Gold_or_Glory.txt)

Gold Or Glory

Start In Your Room, W, D, W, Speak To Tessa, E, S, Speak To Tim, Examine 
Translator, Ask Translator What Grivbotna Means, N, N, Examine Food, Examine  
Milk, Get Napkin, Get Sample Of Food, E*4, N, Give Sample To Doctor, S, W*3, S, 
Buy Drink, Follow Coach, W, Follow Coach, S, W*3, S, S, Exam Javelin, Get 
Javelin, Throw It, Look, N*3, W, W, Ask Consul About Chap, Bring Chap To Consul, 
Inventory, Examine Match, E, U, E (back to your room). 

From your room, W, D, E*3, N, Ask For Results Of Food, Ask For Results Of Food, 
S, W*4, Get Glass, Smell Milk, E, S, Give Match To Translator, N, E*3, N, Give 
Milk To Doctor, S, W, W, S*3, Watch Girls, N, N, E, E, N, N, Ask For Analysis Of 
Milk, S, S, W, N, Go Library, Ask For Herb Books, Look, Get Manual, Read Manual, 
Go Out, W, W, U, E, - Back to your room, if you have not already been taken 
there due to tiredness, since reading the Manual. 

The last day, in your room, Look, Get Gun, W, Chase Attacker, Throw Gun - When 
you next see attacker, Examine Attacker, Speak To Attacker, Look, Examine  
Corpse, N, W, S, S, Watch Girls, N, N, E, E, S, W, Go Building, Examine Idol, 
Put Fingers In Idols Mouth, Down, Hide, (Make 10 moves), Look, Speak To Man, 
Answer the RIDDLE the man asks you: here you are on your own, as it is a bit of 
a secret!, Get Leaves, Exam Them, Look, Search, Examine Poster, Smash Wall, N, 
E, N, Tell Police About Drugs, S, W, S*3, Give Antidote To Girls, Watch Girls. 

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