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Gerbil Riot of '67, The (Gerbil_Riot.txt)

                             G E R B I L   R I O T

                               Complete Solution

                                by Duncan Cross

First make sure you have the latest version (Release 2.)

Stuff in (brackets) is not essential.

Examine body.
Take syringe.
South. East.
(Go south and watch the film for a hint)
North. Take picture.
(Examine picture.)
South. East. East. North.
Take top. Open fridge. Get garlic.
North. Get blanket. Wear it.
South. South. West. North.
(Examine Johnson.) Push north wall.
North. Get all. South. South.
West. West. West. North.
(Examine Oswald.) Get fire bucket.
South. West. North.
Get the horn. South. South.
Show picture to Ralph. South.
Get acid. North. North. East. South.
Down. Throw bucket on fire. Down.
LoIn crates. Get zinc.
East. Eat garlic.
Examine shadows. Get glands.
East. East. East.
Pull rope. (Examine plug. Read it.)
East. Examine mud. East.
(Examine tree. Listen. Talk to tree. Hug tree. Get acorn. Eat it.)
West. West. South.
[If there is nobody here, you have release 1, you fool. You can still
complete the game, however. Those of you with release 2, Blow horn.]
(South. Take a leek/leak. Examine it. North.)
North. Whistle. South.
West. West. West. Up. Up. North. East. North.
Unlock cupboard with key. LoIn cupboard. Take copper.
Make battery. Tie wires to battery. South.
West. South. Down. Down. East. East. East. East.
Get rope. East. East. Throw rope.
(Climb rope.) Drink monkey glands. Climb rope.
In. (Talk to squirrel.) Give battery to squirrel.
Out. Down. West. West. West. West. West. West. Up. Up. North. West. North.
Spill ink on tissue. Give tissue to shrink.
Inject fudge. South. East. East. East. East. South.
Give sweetie to Harry. Take jacket. (Wear it.)
North. West. West. West. South. Down. Down. East. East. East. South. South.
East. Give jacket to Arnold.
East. North. Get matches. South. West. West. North. North. North. North.
Burn bush. East. East.
North. Examine pit. Examine hub. Push button.
Give top to Tony. South. South.
Show tattoo to crazy people. East.
Get wad. West. North. West. West. South. South.
West. West. West. Up. Up. North.
East. East. East. East. East.
Give wad to guard. East.

Congratulations! You've finished Gerbil Riot.

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