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Ghost Town (Ghost_Town.txt)

Part One

Okay, pardner, it's time for a little trip to a gen-u-ine ghost town! But 
don't worry, them's *friendly* ghosts. So, mount up and let's get going!
the Jail and the Barbershop. Start things off by going into the Barbershop, 
where you'll find a Stetson hat. Shake the hat and drop it. Get the key that 
fell out, then leave (you don't need the hat for anything). Drop the key in 
the street. 

     Go West along the street and you will come to the Saloon and the Dry-
Goods Store. First go to the Saloon and get the bell, then go to the Dry-
goods Store and pick up the matches, and shovel. Back in the street, go West 
once again, which brings you to the Telegraph Office and the Hotel. 

     Go into the Hotel, then East into the empty room. Drop the bell and 
return to the street. Now enter the Telegraph Office, and move the safe. 
Connect the two loose wires so that the telegraph key now works. You'll be 
needing it later. Leave the Telegraph office, then go West until you come to 
the fork in the road. 

     From the fork go South to the edge of the ravine. Burn the sagebrush, 
then enter the ravine. Here you will find charcoal (from the burnt brush) 
and the entrance to a mine. Go into the mine. Although it's dark and you 
can't see it, there is a silver bullet here. Get the bullet, then go down. 
You can move in the dark safely so long as you always move in the right 

     Now get the candle and light it. Ah, you can see again! Go South, and 
dig roof. You have found your second treasure, a gold nugget. Get that, and 
go back North and Up out of the mine. Remember to pick up the charcoal 
before leaving the ravine! 

     Now go to the fork in the road, and drop off the shovel and the 
charcoal. From there, go East back into town until you come to the stable. 
Enter the stable, and then the stall. Get the horseshoe, then make your way 
back out to the street. 

     Now head along East to the Dry-Goods store. Drop the candle outside, 
treasures inside, then go out and East again to the Jail. Pick up the key, 
then use horseshoe. It's magnetic and will open the door to the Jail. Enter 
the jail, and unlock the inner door with the key. Drop the key, and go 
through the door into the cell. Pick up the hammer, then leave the Jail, 
making sure you also take the derringer with you. Drop the derringer in the 

                      GHOST TOWN             Part Two

      It's time to play blacksmith, so go all the way West to the stable, 
and then enter the stall. This time, mount the horse, and you will
 into the manure pile outside the stall. Get up (phew!) out of the manure 
pile, and re-enter the stall. There will now be a hole in the wall leading 
to a store room. Go through the hole and get the keg of nail3s. Back in the 
stall, empty the keg and drop it. Now get the nails, and shoe the horse. 
Drop the hammer and mount the horse. 

     Say giddyap (the magic word!), and the horse will take off. Eventually, 
you will be thrown, and that's the last you'll ever see of Old Paint. Brush 
yourself off, and enter the teepee in the hidden canyon. Pick up the two 
treasures there, then go back outside. 

     There doesn't seem to be any way out, but have no fear! Beat the tom-
tom, and the ghost of Geronimo will appear. Say How, and ZAP! guess where 
you are? Right, you're back in the manure pile again (hehehe). Get out of 
that, then head along to the Dry-Goods store and drop off the treasures 
(don't forget to drop the spurs, too!). 

     Somewhere along the line here you may have heard mysterious ghostly 
sounds and or voices. The sound of the bell indicates that a ghostly piano 
player is now visible in the Saloon, and the voice gives you a clue as to 
what to do about him. If you are near the Saloon when you hear the bell, go 
inside, and applaud the ghost. 

     He (it?) will stand up, take a S bow, and vanish. The piano, however, 
will remain behind, as a solid object. If you open the piano, a map will 
fall out. This map tells you to "dig roof", but since you've already done 
that, you don't need the map, so you can just leave it there. 

     Once you've dropped off the Indian treasures and (possibly) applauded 
the ghost, return West to the fork in the road. Get the shovel and charcoal, 
then go North to the field. Dig here, and you will find some yellow powder 
(it's sulphur). Get the powder, then go to the manure pile in the stall. 

     Holding your nose, dig around in the manure, and you will uncover some 
white crystals. Get those, then head into the stall. Mix the stuff you're 
carrying around, and you will make some gunpowder. Fill the keg with that, 
then get the keg and go to the Telegraph Office. 

     Drop the keg in the office. Under no circumstances should you touch the 
telegraph key, or BOOOOM! (time to restore the game!). By this time, it's 
probably getting dark outside. Don't worry, you'll be able to make it to the 
hotel before sunset. 

     Just leave the Telegraph Office, enter the Hotel, and go East to the 
room where you dropped the bell. Ring the bell, and, like magic, a bed 
appears! Drop the bell, get into bed, and have a good night's sleep. 

                      GHOST TOWN            Part Three

When morning arrives, get up, then move the bed, revealing a roll of tape. 
Get the tape and leave the room. On your way out, go to the counter and get 
the cashbox. Now return to the Saloon, tape the mirror, and break it, thus 
revealing a hidden office. Drop the tape, go through the hole into the 
office, and get the Go board. 

     Now it's time for another trip to the Dry-Goods Store. Drop off the 
cashbox and the Go board. Now, pass Go, and collect $200 (tricky, huh?). 
After that, leave the store and head West to the fork, then South to the 
ravine. This time, jump across the ravine. 

     You are now in the mountains. Go West along the trail to the line 
shack. Enter the shack, and tap the telegraph key. Boom! The gunpowder in 
the keg just went off! Now, look at the floor and you'll notice a loose 
plank. Get the plank, drop it, then go down the hole into the root cellar. 
Collect the pelts, then go back up and make your way across the ravine and 
into town. As you pass where the Telegraph Office used to be, you'll see a 
smoking open safe. Look inside, and pick up the gold dust. 

     Continue East and pick up the derringer, then keep going East until you 
come to Boot Hill. Shoot the rattlesnake with the derringer (it's a water 
pistol!), then dig a grave and (gulp!) go into it. Here you find a coin and 
a purple worm. If you want to indulge in some gratuitous violence, you can 
kill the worm. In any case, drop the shovel and get the coin. 

     Now climb back out, and make another trip to the Dry-Goods store. Drop 
all the treasures, then go back out into the street. Get the candle, then 
wait for sunset. Once it's dark, go into the Saloon. A ghostly square dance 
is in progress (that's what the fiddle strings are all about). Still in the 
dark, do a little dancing, and you will win a prize. 

     Now you can light the candle. The dancers will vanish, and you can now 
make your final trip to the Dry-Goods store. Drop the cup you just won, and 
say "Score". All right! You did it, you collected all thirteen ghost 
treasures! After all that, why not take a vacation? I know this little 
deserted island that would be just perfect..... 

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