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Green Door, The (Green_Door.txt)


You see an oak tree. EXAMINE TREE, READ NOTICE, follow the direction given. Pay 
attention to the verb given in BOLD. When you are whisked back to the oak tree, 
SHOUT WORD (it may be TAPS or RAPS, or KNOCKS or RING). Go S when that way 
opens. You hear the witch's song:" to meet me O, to greet me O, where bad folks 
go, say to me O". SAY HELLO, and you are whisked inside. You are turned into a 
bear. You are told to get a daffodil, a bat's bat, a pepper mill and Witch 
Fixit's hat.

You are transported to a clearing and find yourself by a pool with a hog and 
green soap. EXAMINE HOG, GET SOAP, WASH HOG, E. You are given a hammer, OPEN 
DOOR, N. Avoid umbrella, it will electrocute you. E, S. You see an oyster bed. 
DIVE. After the oyster hits you on the nose, HIT OYSTER, GET PEARL, U, SEARCH 
match. N, LIGHT CANDLE, you see a beam, TIE ROPE, TIE ROPE, RING BELL. You are 
transported to the belfry. You see Batty drop a ball. D, U, TAKE BALL, GIVE 
BALL. (It is important that you take the ball and give the ball when Batty is 
hovering around).You get a bat in return. D, OPEN CUPBOARD, EXAMINE DOOR (both 
are locked). SLEEP. You are transported outside the door. Ignore the coffin and 
wreath. If you try to take the daffodil, you will die. U, N, TAKE KNIFE, (do not 
sleep) S, D, W, FOLLOW CURATE.

You find yourself in the vestry. Whatever you do, he leaves, but the cupboard is 
open. EXAMINE CUPBOARD. You see "to enter say mat, my password say cat, to get 
out, go east, now get gone you beast." Go E. As you are transported, a witch 
steals your knife. When you find yourself outside Witch Fixit's house, TAKE 
DAFFODIL, S, E. Witch Fixit arrives and asks for a present. GIVE PEARL. You are 
given the hat. E, S, SAY MAT. You are entertained by the Green Witch's song, but 
there is something missing, so you are transported back to Witch Fixit's 
cottage. This time when you go S, a witch throws a knife at you. PEEL POTATOES. 
When she offers you the mill, TAKE MILL, E, S, SAY MAT. You hear her sing again, 
but this time you have all the necessary items. SAY CAT, and you have finished.

Terri Sheehan

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