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House of Death (House_of_Death.txt)

´╗┐House of Death - by Geoff M. Phillips (Tansoft, 1983)


Bug fix by Dave

Walkthrough by Juan Duc

E, Take leaves, E (if you don't end up in front of the house keep going E 
until you do), Ring bell, N, W, S, Take mask, N, N, W, Get scuba, E, N, N, 
Enter shed, Open box, Get garlic, W, S, E, E, E, Take bun, Take cake, Eat 
bun, Eat cake, W, S, S, E, S, S, S, Enter tank, Take tadpole, U, N, N, N, W, 
W, Drop scuba, Drop mask, Drop garlic, Drop leaves, U, U, N, Take matress, S, 
D, D, E, E, S, Drop mattress, N, W, N, E, Press button, Look, Take frog, W, 
N, E, Give frog, W, S, S, W, U, U, W, S, U, N, Enter mirror, E, Take key, W, 
S, S, E, Enter window, Get Renoir, Look, S, W, N, N, W, S, D, N, E, E, E, E,. 
Move carpet, Look, Unscrew bolts, W, W, N, D, D, S, Drop portrait, N, E, E, 
S, Take chandelier, N, W, W, S, Drop chandelier, N, U, U, E, E, N, Take 
weights, Examine bike, Read mileometer (write down the numbers it gives you), 
S, W, N, D, Push north, Drop weights, Take leaves, Take scuba, Take garlic, 
Take mask, U, Enter hole, Push east, Unlock door, Look, E, Drop scuba, Take 
bracelet, N, N, W, S, Take sceptre, N, N, E, E, 
(Here is where the original game release seems to have a fatal bug. You can't 
go either West or East from Dracula's crypt, so you are stuck. However, 
thanks to Dave from CASA and his bug fix, it is now possible to continue 
playing it and finish it)
E, Enter chute, Pour liquid, Open safe (enter the number you got from the 
mileometer), Look, Take crystal, Score (100%)

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