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Eridan Rescue (Eridan_Rescue.txt)

ERIDAN RESCUE - how to do it 

The second of the two free adventures 
with BAPS, and the  more  serious  of 
the  two. Go into the central room of 
your ship and into  the  west  photon 
drive  room. Get the support and then 
go to the teleport  room.  Press  the 
button  and  go south to get the arm, 
then north, east and  south  for  the 
radsuit.  Wear it, then activate your 
comlink. Go into the reactor room and 
open  the hatch, then remove and drop 
your radsuit. Go into the east photon 
drive  room  and  get  the protective 
facemask. Wear it, then teleport back 
to  the  planet.  Go east, then south 
until you can go west along the  edge 
of  the  forest.  At  the end of this 
path  go  south  and  west  into  the 
temple. Lift the tapestry and go into 
the secret room where you should pull 
the    lever    to   turn   off   the 
flamethrower. Now you can  safely  go 
south  and  on  into the temple. Read 
the note to find out  what  you  must 
do,  drop  it  and  go to the statue. 
Fasten the arm to the statue, then go 
out  through  the  southern  exit. Go 
east as far as  you  can  then  north 
twice  (don't  go  west  to the sweet 
smell, as this  is  fatal).  Go  west 
then  move the leaves. Get the corpse 
and examine it, then go back into the 
temple.  Put  the gem in the statue's 
eyesocket  and  you  end  up  in  the 
second   secret   chamber.  Take  the 
crewmember and activate your comlink, 
and  the adventure is over, with your 
mission completed.