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Tablets of Hippocrates (Tablets_of_Hippocrates.txt)

´╗┐TABLETS OF HIPPOCRATES - by Simon Fawkes (Fawkes Computing, 1984)

C16/Plus4 and Mattel/Radofin Aquarius (these later versions are somewhat 
different than the 1983 version of the game talked about in Fawkes 
Computing's "solution sheet" for the game.) 

Walkthrough by Juan Duc

Read notice, Read back of notice, N, E, Take logs, Take rope, Make raft, Take 
raft, S, S, W, Use raft, Drop raft, Take key, N, S, E, E, Use key, Enter 
cottage, Down, Take bottle, Take scythe, Up, Out, W, W, S, S, W, Fill bottle, 
E, N, N, N, Use bottle, N, E, Use scythe, N, N, Drop scythe, Drop key, N, W, 
S, E, E, Take match, W, N, E, Take lamp, E, N, E, N, N, Light lamp, Strike 
match, List (lamp is lit now), Drop match, Enter pot-hole, E, S, Use bottle, 
Drop bottle, S, Take second tablet, N, N, W, Out, Drop second tablet, Take 
scythe, Take key, N, W, Abracadabra, N, N, N, Use scythe, Drop scythe, N, 
Move floor, Down, Take first tablet, Up, S, S, W, Enter passage, N, N, N, E, 
N, N, Drop key, Take second tablet, S, W, S, S


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