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Hollow, The (Hollow.txt)

                          THE HOLLOW /Gilsoft/

This game is written by Tom Davies. It is strictly deterministic, without
random elements, so it is possible to give exact step by step solution.


RUBY (you can now pass the spiders, but they carry away the ruby), W, W, DROP
GLASS (to make it red), GET RED GLASS, E, E, E, E, GET RUBY, W, W, DROP RED
GLASS (now you fool the spiders), W, W, S, S, GET FLIES (the box is needed for
doing this), E, N, E, S, W, GET SALT, E, S, GET LAMP, S, E, DROP SALT (goodbye
worms), W, W, EXAMINE CROSS (you will find a flint), GET FLINT, LIGHT LAMP
(the flint is needed for doing this), DROP FLINT, S, E, GET EMERALD, W, N,
DROP LIGHTED LAMP, E, E, D, W, S, W, S, E, EXAMINE FLOWERS (you will find a
scented pollen), GET SCENTED POLLEN, W, DROP SCENTED POLLEN (goodbye bees), E,
GET PLANK, W, N, E, E, EXAMINE CAVE (you will find a crystal lens), DROP RUBY,
GET CRYSTAL LENS, S, E (the plank is needed for going accross), EXAMINE
MESSAGE (a hint; you need the crystal lens to understand the message), DROP
CRYSTAL LENS, N, EXAMINE ROOTS (you will find a key of gold), GET KEY, E, DROP
FLIES (goodbye lizard), DROP BOX, W, S, W, N, GET RUBY, W, N, GET SAPPHIRES,
S, E, S, E, DROP PLANK, N, E, S, W, S, W, EXAMINE SKULL (you will find a
diamond), GET DIAMOND, OPEN DOOR (the key is needed for doing this), D, D, S,
W, S, S, GET ROCK, S, GET SWORD (no chance, you have not the strength), S,
DROP ROCK (the rock will split the door), D, GET BRACELET (of strength), WEAR
BRACELET (you are now strong enough), S, GET SWORD (no chance, you have not
the wisdom), E, PUSH STONE (the strength is needed for doing this), E, E, GET
BOOK (of wisdom), S, GET SWORD (freedom, finally).


- Type INSTRUCTIONS at the begining for a basic information and a list of
  useful commands.
- Typing HELP sometimes may give useful clues.
- This is an extremely peaceful adventure: it is impossible to die in this
  game. Also, it is very unlikely that you would do something which may
  prevent later wining the game.
- Be carefully when manipulating with objects: only first word is recognized.
  When you need to pick up a scented pollen, GET SCENTED will work, but GET
  POLLEN will not.
- You need not to pick up treasures (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond) to
  finish a game; they only have an influence to the score.


This is a game with a nice atmosphere, and with a lot of illustrations
(although the pictures are mainly simple). The game has a simple verb-noun
parser (Quill), with a very limited vocabulary. In fact, you mainly need not
(and you can not) to do anything in this game, except GET, DROP and EXAMINE
objects. Very probably, the author has problems with limited memory, as there
is a lot of illustrations in the game. Anyway, the overall atmosphere is quite
satisfactory, but note that the game is very dark and depresive.


Game solution by Zeljko Juric

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