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Jade Stone, The (Jade_Stone.txt)

 Talk to Sajo, n, take manuscript, read manuscript, s, nw, examine bed, take 
sword, se, w, sit in chair, take needle, rip petticoat, e, sw, examine food, 
take cakes, e, examine table, take knife, ne, u, smile at soldier, question 
prisoner, u, e, e, s, sell cakes, n, w, buy thread, e, e, repair shawl, put 
sword in bag, drop needle, put manuscript in bag, w, n, buy rope, s, catch dog, 
ne, pray, take talisman, sw, w, s, give coin to tramp, w, put tinderbox in bag, 
e, n, e, nw, buy meat,put meat in bag, se, se, d, examine rocks, take brooch 
with knife, u, s, e, give brooch to hermit, wear ring, w, w, w, bandage hand, 
take logs, w, sw, take incense, put incense in bag, ne, w, w, wait, wait, wait, 
wait, no, e, e, s, examine straw, take scythe, put scythe in bag, n, e, se, e, 
s, play with children, pour powder on pool. END

 Sw, n, gently rock baby, say to farmer "s", s, s, take stick, say to farmer 
"move rubble", open trapdoor, d, take armour, wear armour, u, n, nw, take salt, 
read book, put salt in bag, drop book, se, w, buy drink for traveller, e, e, e, 
drop logs, slowly east, play flute, w, s, e, put chalice on slab, say potenco el 
jadon, take stone, drop talisman, w, w, up, put money in bag, take incense from 
bag, take tinderbox from bag, take scythe from bag, cut brambles, light stick, 
s, d, light incense, drop incense, e, n, examine putrons, take horn, s, s, blow 
horn, drop horn, s, ne, up, take meat from bag, throw meat, take wire, hook 
wire, d, d, take sword from bag, kill putron, take keys with wire, drop wire, 
drop sword, u, sw, s, e, examine desk, examine desk, take page, w, s, take 
blanket, examine room, unlock panel, e, take salt from bag, pour salt, examine 
page, say malbone esto venki, e, u, throw scythe, extinguish fire with blanket, 
throw jade stone at orb. END

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