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James Bond 007 in: Goldfinger (James_Bond_Goldfinger.txt)

WALKTHROUGH for James Bond: Goldfinger

Chase Scene
(S-Curve) Open armrest. W. (Hairpin) Push white button. N. N. (North Pass) Push
gray button. E. (Sharp Curve) Push black button.

Steep Road and Lookout
Open door. Get out. N. W. S. (Lookout) Look at guardrail carefully. Pull cable.
D. D. E.

Back Alley to the Roof
Look in window. E. U. W. (Western End of Roof) Look in skylight. E. S. (Goldfinger's
Roof) Open trap door. Look in trap door. D.

Take ingot. Open desk. Take plans. Look at plans carefully. Put plans in desk. Close
desk. Look at plaque carefully. Take ball. Put ball in hole. Take ball. Put ball on
on plaque. E.

Narrow Corridor
Take lighter. Light lighter. Look. open bunker door. Turn off lighter. Put lighter
in pocket. E.

Close bunker door. Look at picture frame carefully. Type MY GOLDEN GIRLS. Take letter.
Read letter. Put letter in safe. Close safe. Type OPEN DOOR. N.

Stone Steps to Kentucky
Close steel door. U. (Top of Stairs) Open manhole cover. U. E. S. (Steep Road) Get in.
S. S. S. S. (Airport) Open door. Get out. Wear badge. S.

Gold Gate to Barn
Do you have an ingot? N. E. (Side Yard) Open Door. E.

Get in. Get out. Flip Pussy. Block kick. Flip Pussy. Kiss Pussy. Pussy, tell me about
Goldfinger. Pussy, tell me about grand slam. W. W. W.

Corner to the Control Room
Look in window. Wait until Goldfinger finishes his speech and leaves. E. N. N. N.
(Tunnel) Open door.

Control Room and Barn
Duck. Flip black switch. U. (Barn) Get in.

Inside Helicopter
Kick Goldfinger. Flip Goldfinger. Open device. Look at device carefully. Take badge.
Put badge in device.

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