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Lord of the Rings: Game One, The (Lord_of_the_Rings_hints.txt)

´╗┐LORD OF THE RINGS: GAME ONE (Melbourne House)


    * Don't follow Strider - make him follow you.
    * Have Merry taking a swim at the lake for a valuable reward.
    * A lit candle can help you with the willow.
    * To prevent Gimli from killing the taciturn elf, take away his weapon!
    * Don't wear the ring for too long as it steals your strength.
    * And don't tackle the barge without food supplies.

extracted from The Great C64 Cheats Compendium, Version: 16-Jul-98

    * Ask for some elvish help to cross the river in Lothlorien.
    * To get the scroll: Tom 'follow me', N, W, W, N, NW, SW, W, W, S, SW, S, 
E, NE, SW, W, W, N, W, S. To pass a skeleton, throw a gem.
    * Try typing "HEY DUM DERRY DOL" in Merry's house, Tom's house and other 
    * Try "ELBERETH" when meeting black riders.
Hints from Fredrik Ekman (

    * You can simply kill the Black Riders. To do this, let one or more 
hobbits go out on the road (make sure none of them has the ring). Then, every 
time the riders enter the room, KILL RIDER WITH SWORD (provided, of course, 
that the hobbit in question has a sword). The riders will just move on, but 
will of course return later. Repeat this until all riders are dead. Do NOT 
use the command LOOK before you have killed all three. If you do, there is a 
risk that the program will hang itself.

    * Here is an alternative way to solve the first part: Leave one hobbit 
(Merry, for example) behind in Bree. Have him enter the pub where the three 
riders are sitting. Then, take the rest of the party to the Last Bridge (with 
Because the character in your control is now with the riders, they will not 
be teleported to the final location, but since Frodo (with the ring) is 
there, the game is finished. (This may seem pointless, but it allows you to 
solve the game without having to find all those jewels.)

    * Another interesting "feature": When you are chased by the Black Riders 
in the beginning of the second part, all you need to do to escape them if you 
are not mounted, is to turn back west, the way you came. They will then, ehm, 
overshoot you or something. Of course, this does not solve the problem of 
getting past the ford, but at least it avoids you being killed.  (NP notes: 
In the first part, you can also confuse the Riders by running towards them.)

    * You do not have to go through Moria. If you let all the characters go 
past the dangerous area of the pass one at the time (by telling them to go E, 
SE or something like that, don't remember the exact directions), no-one will 
get killed.

    * If you do choose the passage through Moria, let Gandalf go one step 
ahead of all the others when making the final run for freedom (SAY TO GANDALF 
"E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E" or something like that). The usual message about his 
death will then show up, but when you get out, he will be there waiting.

    * Alternatively, you can kill the Balrog. Just KILL BALROG when he comes 
charging. If everyone gets a hit on him, he should be dead within the first 

    * I checked up the exact solution for getting past Caradhras, by the way. 
After having survived the blizzard, you must go east twice, then save (in 
case some of the idiots in the Fellowship should choose not to obey your 
instructions) and then say to each individual character "E, E, SE". You may 
want to be careful about the order you tell people since Sam, for instance, 
will always follow Frodo.

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