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Murder on the Waterfront (Murder_on_the_Waterfront.txt)

Murder on the Waterfront 
A Softaid Talkie Adventure 
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version) 
You are the ill-fated adventurer and must find Mary before her time is up  
and she ends up dead. 
Walk Through 
(Start outside Joe's bar), N (bar), TALK WAITER (asks if you want a drink),  
YES, (he asks you again), YES (and again), NO (note you should only buy two  
drinks), S, S, S (Tai Ping café), SIT TABLE, ORDER MEAL (the cook goes off  
to kitchen - you must now wait four moves until he returns), LOOK, LOOK,  
LOOK, LOOK (he returns with your meal and alongside it are some cakes), GET  
CAKE, BREAK CAKE (find note), GET NOTE, READ NOTE (says that Mary is on the  
ship), DROP CAKE, DROP NOTE, N, N (outside Joe's bar where you should see a  
taxi but if it isn't here just go east then west until it arrives), TALK  
TAXI DRIVER (he has heard that you want information), YES (it will cost you  
£25 - pay?), YES (you are told to watch the factory). 
N (back to Joe's bar), TALK WAITER (as you talk a girl should enter the bar  
- you are asked if you want to buy a drink), YES (do you want to buy Sonia a  
drink?), YES (she tells you to watch LeFerre the undertaker who's making big  
money - you are asked if you want to buy a drink), NO, S, E, GO DANCE HALL,  
DANCE WITH GIRL (she gives you a key), GET KEY, S, GO REGENT HOTEL (foyer),  
FACTORY, WATCH FACTORY (see two men go in carrying a case), W, S (back to  
foyer), S, S, S (lane beside factory), CLIMB DRAINPIPE (roof), OPEN  
SKYLIGHT, E (back to lane). 
N (should see a taxi but if it isn't here go west then east until it  
arrives), TALK TAXI DRIVER (more info?), YES (pay?), YES (he tells you to  
move the crates on the dock), (another £20?), YES, N, E, N (north end of  
docks), MOVE CRATES (see a pier), GO PIER, GET ROPE, S, S, W, S (back to  
lane), CLIMB DRAINPIPE (roof), TIE ROPE, CLIMB ROPE (into factory), GET  
CROWBAR (leave the box), CLIMB ROPE, E (back to alley), BREAK GRILL (using  
crowbar), GO GRILL (bare room with a picture on the wall), S, N, N, N (dark  
alley), MOVE BAR, OPEN SOLID (door), E (back room of the funeral parlour),  
OPEN COFFIN (using crowbar), LOOK IN COFFIN (full of heroin - the undertaker  
comes in, confesses and tells you what to do with the picture), W, S, S, S  
(lane), GO GRILL (bare room with picture), TURN PICTURE (a door opens), N  
(through door to a secret office), UNLOCK CABINET, OPEN CABINET, LOOK IN  
CABINET, GET BRASS (key), S, S (back to lane). 
N, N, E, N, GO PIER, GO BOAT, ROW BOAT (you are by a freighter), CLIMB CHAIN  
(ship's deck by porthole), PUSH BUTTON (an alarm starts ringing), W (ship's  
corridor), UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR (cabin), UNTIE MARY, N (Mary  
follows you), W, W, N (docks where the taxi is), GO TAXI. 
Very Lucky Pal! 
You've escaped with Mary and earned £50,000.

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