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Planet of Death (Planet_of_Death.txt)

                         PLANET OF DEATH /by Artic/

This game may be solved using different ways. Here will be given two complete
step by step solutions. These solutions are not the shortest solutions, but
these are the most logical solutions.

                                Solution 1:

D, S, E, GET BOARD, N, USE BOARD (to cross the ravine), GET GUN, USE BOARD, N,
W, E, N, N, S, E, W, GET ICE, LOOK (not necessary, but it will give you a
hint), USE ICE (to slip down the slope), E, GET GLOVES, WEAR GLOVES (this is a
protection against a infection from the green man, but due to a bug in the game
this is not necessary), W, GET MAN (to release the mirror), DROP MAN, KILL MAN
(else a chance exist that the man wake up and kill you), WITH GUN, GET MIRROR,
E, OPEN DOOR, GET KEY, W, W, S, SMASH FIELD (it has weakened it; a gun is
needed for this), SMASH FIELD (the field will now be weak enough), DANCE (to
pass through the weakened field; you must have the mirror, else you will fall
and be captured), KILL SECURITY MAN (else you risk to be killed later), UNLOCK
DOOR, WITH KEY, PUSH 3, PUSH 2, PUSH 1 (the lift will activate; the order of
pushing is very important, else a fuse will blown), E, E, GET MOTOR (needed to
start the ship), W, ENTER SHIP, PUSH AUX (the ship will flow into the lift),
PUSH 4 (the end).

                                Solution 2:

cross the ravine), GET GUN, USE BOARD, N, W, W, USE ROPE (to climb down the
pit), E, GET GLOVES, ...

Now continue like in Solution 1.


- To save the game, type QUIT (unusually), then YES.
- You may skip all sentences in the solution which cause the message HOW? For
  example, instead of KILL MAN then WITH GUN, you can type only WITH GUN or USE
  GUN. However, I include such sentences in the solution to make the solution
  more logical.
- Look drawing in damp limestone cave for a hint about using rope.
- Try HELP in the maze: a hint is "Points of compass" - really, the exit from
  the maze is NSEW...
- To find a gold coin, get boots from a strange house, wear boots, go to the
  lake, and enter lake.
- To escape from the prison cell, look up, break bars and go up. Alternatively,
  you can use coin to bribe security guard which will open the door, but this
  may be done only once (because you will lose a coin)!
- If you blow a fuse, you can use bar (from the prison cell) to repair fuse.
- Wearing the slimy gloves are planed as a protection against the slimness of
  a green man, but due to a bug in the game, this is not necessary to solve the
- Type help on computer in the computer room for a hint where is a space ship.
- You can use block of ice from the ice cave to break stalactites in a
  limestone cave, and to get a stalactite; however, I don't see any usage of
  it. Also, I believe that stones have not any usage in the game.


This game (also known as Adventure A) is very limited, but don't forget that
this is a game for 16K Spectrum. However, this game was very famous, it was
firstly released for ZX81, and even a site exist decicated to this game. Try:

The parser is two-word parser, that's why I have problems for solving the game.
For example, when I tried 'CUT ROPE' I got the message 'HOW?'. Later I tried
'CUT ROPE WITH FLINT', but without effect. You need to give 'WITH FLINT' as
separate sentence, or simply to type 'USE FLINT' instead. Unfortunately,
nothing about this is printed on the cassette cover (I have the original one).


Game solution by Zeljko Juric

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