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Revenge of the Toothless Vampire (Revenge_Toothless_Vampire.txt)

Revenge of the Toothless Vampire 
Re-written by Dorothy Millard 
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version) 
You must help poor old Cedric, the toothless vampire, collect his false  
teeth and get out of Weirdsville. 
Walk Through 
(Start in a dingy waiting room), GET GAZETTE (dentist's), E (corridor where  
you meet an angry dentist), GIVE GAZETTE (he thanks you and lets you pass),  
E (disused surgery - leave the drill), GET KEY (silver), E, GET TICKET  
(disco), S (bottom of steps), UP (sparsely furnished room), GET GLOVES  
(rubber), DOWN, N, W, W, W, W (dentists' surgery), GET TEETH (false), E, S,  
E (overgrown garden), GET GARLIC (vampires can't carry garlic!), W, S, W, W  
(outside a small cafe with a bouncer on the door), IN (must be carrying the  
disco ticket - to an elegant cafe), N GET REPELLENT (lizard), S (leave the  
jam), E (bar - leave the wine), W, S (back outside), DROP TICKET. 
E, E (pelican crossing), WAIT (the lights change and you cross the road), S,  
E (by the side of a wide river), PULL LEVER (you get an electric shock),  
WEAR GLOVES, PULL LEVER (the drawbridge comes down), E, S, W, W (eerie  
crypt), S (top of steps), DOWN, S (dark cavern), GET BIBLE, GET CRUCIFIX  
(you can't), N, UP, N, W (by altar), GET CANDLE (candlestick - a secret  
panel moves aside and you walk through), DROP CANDLE (candlestick), N, W  
(top of steep cliff), GET ROCK, E, S (you are in thick fog), WAIT (the fog  
lifts and you can no go south). 
S, E (outside a strange castle where you meet a priest holding a giant  
crucifix), GIVE BIBLE (he thanks you and lets you pass), S (gloomy  
courtyard), S, W (quadrangle - leave the paint pot), S (library where you  
meet a giant lizard), SPRAY REPELLENT (it moves aside), S (secret chamber  
but there is nothing here!), N, E, N, E, E (by a large oak door guarded by a  
dancing skeleton), HIT SKELETON (it falls into a pile of bones), UNLOCK DOOR  
(using silver key), S. 
You have helped poor old Cedric to solve his adventure.

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