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Ocean Dancer (Ocean_Dancer.txt)

The Ocean Dancer – King Software

Here is the solution for this Spectrum game.  I'm not sure whether it's possible to 
complete this game without cheating though! (see note at end of solution).


Look under; blow dust; swim; up; take clothes; wear clothes; take pot; take meal; eat 
meal; examine ship; take book; read book; drop book; east; go ashore; take rope; take 
axe; east; tie rope; pull rope; take sword; west; west; kill griffin; use pot; east; south; 
walk around; take mead; drink mead; take tinder box; south; board ship; east; examine 
object; throw axe; east; go ashore; north; take arrow; take bow; south; west; kill 
wifflegoat; skin wifflegoat; light wood; cook wifflegoat; eat wifflegoat; drop sword; drop 
bow; east; north; north; down; east; enter cave; take spear; throw spear; sleep; fly; ask 
unicorn; board ship; east; go ashore; take mirror; take raft; board ship; east; batten 
hatches; go ashore; north; raise mirror; drop mirror; south; board ship; east; go ashore; 
south; take lantern; north; east; take key (see Note); east; examine door; read plaque; 
unlock door; open door; go in; up; north; open door; drop key; go in; examine scroll; read 
incantation; south; south; down; west; west; west; board ship; east; east; light lantern; 
east; north-east; go ashore; drop tinderbox; take paddle; north-east; north-east; west; 
north; north; west; south-west; examine object; north-east; east; south; south; south; 
south-west; board ship; up on; row east; row east; row east; row east; go ashore; find 
shelter; crawl.


On the island where you are attacked by the sea weed you need to find a grey key to 
unlock the door to the house because the scroll and incantation, which you must read, are 
inside of the house.  This is a quilled game so the key is not "created" at the start of
game which means you must examine a location or object to find it.  The key should in 
fact be in location 48 – the dirt track.  I have the clue sheet which originally came with 
the game which says you must examine the dirt track and I have also listed the game 
under The Quill and it seems that you simply need to use LOOK at location 48 to find the 
key.  However, I have tried all combinations of examining and looking at the dirt track, 
all to no avail.  The only way I found, therefore, to complete this game was to use The 
Quill to change the game and place the key at location 48 so that it is there and available 
to take when you reach that location.

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