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Sangraal (Sangraal-hints.txt)

The Quest for Sangraal - hints

Q: How do I get the mandrake without going mad, or how do I get through madness? 
A: There's a way out of madness. There are two ways in, the other one of which may be more
Q: So is there a certain sign I should be looking for? 
A: If you know both ways into madness, it should be obvious how to leave, or at least what to try. 

Q: What am I supposed to do with the woman formed of salt? 
A: You will eventually be told about this. 

Q: What do I do about the pearl? I know it's flawed, but what do I do about that? 
A: There's a certain timing that works with it. Have you done Klingsor's area? (it is
located at the far side of the desert)
Q: The pearl of wisdom ...disintegrates as soon as I move it.
A: Notice the aphorisms you hear in the temple? Do some of them seem flawed? Flawed wisdom means a
flawed pearl.

Q: Despite my mapping attempts, I have yet to succeed at the rotating maze. I even tried to map it
by turning the 
paper...but I still can't seem to make sense of it. 
A: The rotating maze just gains you treasures and points. Nothing else depends on it (except access
to the endgame, of 
course). You can safely leave the rotating maze alone until you have nothing else left 
to do. 

Q: How do I show lust in the city (the seventh deadly sin)?  What is with the floor in the Byzantine
room in the city?
A: Drop or throw the ball in the first Byzantine room. Follow and retrieve the ball. Repeat as

Q: How do I get through the wall of fire?
A: The one with the changing patterns on it? Someone will tell you how to do it.

Q: Is the widows and orphans society like the warden in Crobe?  Should I give them my treasures?
A: In the sense that you give them treasures to get full points for them, yes. In the sense that you
can never get treasures 
back from them, yes. You can't give them non-treasures.
Also, be warned that you can't assume that treasures are useless. It's probably safest to
pile the treasures up somewhere and 
only give them to the Widows and Orphans if you think you qualify as Second to None and want to make
Q: Should I give them my treasures?
A: Eventually, yes. In the short term, I wouldn't if I were you. Sangraal was officially
written to be suitable for beginners - 
and by comparison with Acheton, Fyleet, Quondam, Xeno, ... it's an easy game. I suspect
treasures were supposed to be 
useless as this would make life easier for beginners. However, there is in fact at least one useful
treasure in the game. (Not 
counting the sword, which the widows and orphans won't accept anyway.)

Q: Is there any logical way to get around the maze on the island?
A: Certainly; it can be mapped. Pay attention to the initial description of the island. 
Though mapping it is a pain. There are two treasures in it. If you can find those, and the exit,
you've done everything you 
need to do. Work out which way the island is rotating, and how much it rotates per turn. Then try to
think of a way of 
dealing with that as you build up your map. I think I moved a marker along the top row of my map to
tell myself how 
much out of phase the labels were with reality.

Q: Temple of Numbers: I got an idea from SPAG #21 that I'll use the eleventh commandment tablet
here, but I don't know 
how. When I enter, instead of shouting numbers at me, the people shout question marks; I don't
know if that's a bug or 
A: The question marks are not relevant. Being in the temple of numbers gives you a bit of language
ability (somehow...): 
use it.
A: I think the question marks are a bug. They're damage in the original Sangraal source code.
Oops. However, they're only 
supposed to be meaningless random numbers.
A: Just reading the tablet should do the trick.

Q: Fog on the Mountain: I can't go anywhere without falling into a chasm and dying.
A: Sure you can. But you have to figure out where the chasms are. Sight won't help you. 
A: What would YOU do if lost in fog on a mountain? 
A: You need something to listen to. If you were standing on a mountain path facing a canyon (without
fog) in real life, 
what might you try just for fun?

Q: How to get the lamb: I got Noah all the other animals I saw, but the lamb stumps me. I can repeat
lamb noises and 
sheep noises but, to be precise, "Nothing seems to happen."
A: Have you tried repeating the noise the lamb's mother would make?
A: What noise would that lamb's mother make?

Q: Can you also give me a hint about the woman with the parcels and the demon and hags?
A: She's hanging out near Witches' Bridge. Therefore, she's probably a witch. Ignore
her until you find an item that would 
be useful to witches. The demon I managed to solve through a process of elimination: I had an item I
hadn't used, and a 
puzzle I hadn't solved. The hags are a pretty cool puzzle, but you probably don't have the
item you need for it yet.  Both 
these puzzles are "dead ends": they don't impede further progress in the game. As for
the rest: it sounds like you haven't 
been inside the nobleman's house yet, and that's what's impeding your progress.
Q: Can I kill the demon, should I read up on my greek mythology about the hags? I am also looking
for help with the 
anagram into the hut.
A: This one's fairly easy once you realize it includes "the password is".

Q: I have 600 points and I can't figure out what to do next to become second to none. I've
done something at each location.  
My only three ideas are to do something else with the lake of fire (I've thrown 2 objects in
and gotten results other than 
"Ok, it disappears from sight"), to do something with the gallows itself, or to do
something at the tomb with no 
inscription. I'm carrying Wren, the wig, the paper, the pearl, and the cockerel. I'm
A: You're very close. I think 620 or 630 is the most you can get pre-endgame.
You need to get rid of the pearl at some stage. Do you have a golden calf? Have you rescued
Q: I gave the golden calf away, but I did have it. I did rescue Eurydice, this time around. I still
don't know what to do with 
the pearl.
A: If you still have the pearl, you haven't finished the fog area yet. You have two remaining
problems: the pearl and the 

Q: Was there something else to do with the child?  I just gave it away, but it seemed like there
should be more.
A: Giving it to the orphanage is the solution.

Q: I am also really confused about the animals around Noah's ark. Do I need something special
for them, I do I just need to 
ask them right?
A: Each animal is a puzzle. They're not one large collective puzzle, really: it's quite
possible to do some without being able 
to do the others yet.
Q: Quoth the raven, what should I do about him. I can't seem to use any Poe-isms on him. Is
there another solution?
A: The original Phoenix player program only looked at the first five characters of each word you
typed, so the game 
couldn't tell if you'd typed "nevermore" or "never". Hence, Sangraal
wants you to say "never more". People playing on 
Phoenix would have been able to work this out because they'd have been used to the player
program, but it's unreasonable 
to expect anyone else to get it.

Q: Can you give me a hint about the place with all the numbers?
A: Read the tablet there.
Q: I didn't see a tablet, I will look again.
A: The eleventh commandment is the tablet.

Q: The empty tomb and the tombstone that says "One"?
A: Where else have you seen things made of stone, with things written on them?

Q: Where I could find a broom? I have wailed at the wall, been through the curtain...
A: Maybe I misremember, but... what did you find behind the curtain?

Q: I have been inside the nobleman's house (I didn't think of knocking before!), but all i
got was a pie! What Now?
A: A sequence of events occurs inside the house which allows you access to a new area of the game.
If you didn't get there, 
it's 'restore' time.

Q: Wandered aimlessly for a while, got lost and restored! Hey, while I am thinking of it, is there a
way to reach the village 
before the giant destroys it with an avalanche?
A: Yes. Map the paths and their lengths.

Q: And should I be trying the puzzles in the caves yet (the odd transfixing woman and the truth and
lies maze)?
A: The truth and lies maze, yes. It nets you a few treasures. John Donne's babe wants
something, and it's not really you. If 
you've survived going insane, you know what it is.

Q: I am so lost in the hell section that it is not funny! I have got the grease and the tortoise,
rescued the spirits but is there 
a third (Eurydice? sp.?)
A: Yes. This is where the Greek mythology comes in. Orpheus and Eurydice were lovers, but Eurydice
got killed. Orpheus 
went to the underworld and managed to win Hades over with his music. He was allowed to bring
Eurydice back to the 
world of the living provided he didn't look back (hmm, a common theme), but at pretty much the
last minute he did and 
Eurydice was lost to him.

Q: I also am confused about the exit puzzle, I don't know how it works, I have tried at random,
but I don't understand the 
true/false style questions!
A: In formal logic, a statement of the form "IF A THEN B" is always true if A is false.

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