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Serf's Tale, The (Serfs_Tale_hints.txt)


To get the dragon's scale: You can't because it's a red herring.

To open the clam: Prise with trident.
The seedling: Water it twice.
To deal with the snake: Use the bird.
To deal with the dragon: Kill dragon with bare hands.

Hints by Colin Brodie

Firstly you will need to find the coin which is in the loft in the building. 
Then you will have to go to the hill top and travel South-East until you get 
your keys and part of your map.
Using the map, you can trace a route through the moor back to the waystation 
where you will be given a flask, a sandwich, and of course, a lamp.
Unlock the grate with the keys and find the cage with which you catch the bird. 
Now get the black rod and go to the hall of the Mountain King. Open the cage to 
take care of the snake and make a crystal bridge with the rod when on the East 
side of the fissure.
Below are listed the treasures and how to get most of them:-

1) The Golden Nugget - South of the East end of Hall of Mists - take nugget to 
the Y2 room and use the disc to transport yourself back to the building.
2) The Silver Bar - North of Hall of Mountain King. 
3) The Precious Jewelery - South of Hall of Mountian King.
4) The Diamond - West of the Crystal Bridge.
5) The Treasure Chest - In the maze of passages which are all alike. From the 
location where you find the diamond go South, South-East, North, South. I cannot 
yet open the chest and have not found the significance of the carved star, but 
the chest, unopened, counts as a treasure. To leave the maze go North, South-
West, South-West, South-West.
6) The Porcelain Figure & the Velvet Pillow - The pillow is East of the Cheese 
room and the Porcelain figure is North-West of the Cheese room.
7) The Golden Eggs - West from top of beanstalk. To grow beanstalk, water plant 
in pit twice, and climb beanstalk.
8) Trident - North of Golden Eggs there is rusty door. Oil door, open door, then 
go North.
9) the Glistening Pearl - In the oyster. Open it with the trident, go down twice 
and get the pearl.
10) The Emerald  - Say PLOVER in the Y2 room. 
11) The Platinum Pyramid - East from Emerald location. 
12) Golden Conch - Go North and down from River location. To get to River 
location go East from Ledge which is North from Oriental room.
13) Golden Chain - Over the Bridge (wooden one) and in the cave, climb chain, 
unlock chain.
14) Spices - Over wooden Bridge, East of Volcano, next to brass bound oak door. 
15) Persian Rug - Dragon is sitting on it, but I don't know how to deal with it. 
Go South twice from River location. 
16) Dragon Scale? - I think this is a treasure, but it's stuck in the mud in the 
River location. To get to river location see Treasure (12) 


To cross bridge, throw sandwiches when asked for payment by Troll.
In room with runes on wall, stand on disc, say XYZZY to get to building.
You can carry the disc, but I see no relevance in this. 
In Y2 room, stand on disc, say PLUGH, then say GLUPH to get back to Y2 room.
If lamp flickers go to maze of passages, all different. From West end of Hall go 
South, South, South, South-West, South, South, insert coin, place lamp, go 
North, South-East, North. Down to get out of maze.
When a dwarf throws an axe at you, take it and throw it at him. When he's hit, 
take axe for next dwarf encounter. 
If you examine the rod, spelunker today, the oak door, and the plaque you get 
the following codes:-
ROD = * 1 N 
PLAQUE = * 4 SE 
DOOR = * 3 W 
I have no idea what these are for (directions maybe?) 
Also in Spelunker Today, it hints at getting gloves before going to the bridge. 
The oak door can be opened, I think, but the handle is too hot to touch but I 
have not found the gloves, so I'm stuck. 
After every few treasure stored cast evas mar with grimoire (ram save).
The first treasure to get, I think, is the treasure chest, so you don't get 
hassled by the pirate.
Once you have the nugget in the building, take it to the rocky cave, below the 
grate, for a letter. The letter only applies to the software pirates amongst 
East of the Y2 room, you can dig to reveal a tunnel. Go down and West, dig again 
and an exit North-West appears. Drop all except lamp and clothes, go North-West 
and you are in a rotting tunnel. I don't know what this is for. lf, when you go 
down and West, you go South-West and dig, you can go Down to the canyon with 
boulders (a short cut I assume).

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