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Altair 4 (Altair_4.txt)

K. Suddick (Acme Software Ltd.)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

You have made an emergency landing on Altair 4. The ship is damaged and needs repair before take
off. You must also collect treasure and leave it in the cargo hold.

Walk Through
(Start in the cargo hold), STARBOARD (your cabin), OPEN CLOSET, WEAR SPACESUIT, WEAR HELMET, PORT,
PORT (store), GET LAMP, STARBOARD, FORWARD (bridge - leave the sleeping animal which is in fact the
Wookie, for now), GO HOLD, D (through the trapdoor to airlock), PUSH YELLOW (button - the trapdoor
closes), PUSH RED (button - the air is drawn out of the airlock), PUSH BLUE (button - the other door
opens), OUT (you are standing on top of a mound), D (under ship), OPEN PANEL (access), IN (to EVA
hangar), GET PHASER, GET PACK (rocket), OUT, CLOSE PANEL, S (outside airlock).

N (crater), N, N, GET GRID (aluminium), N (you fall into a hole and it's dark), LIGHT LAMP (you
are in a tunnel), LOOK (see a hologram of the laughing stormtrooper), GET HOLOGRAM, S, S (outside
airlock), DROP HOLOGRAM (we'll take it into the hold later), W, W, W (lip of volcano), D
(ledge), DROP GRID (it floats on the surface of the mud), D (you are standing on the grid), GET
CRYSTALS, U (ledge), S (tunnel - leave the wood), S (face of cliff), SWITCH LAMP OFF, U (top of
cliff), GET PRISM, D, D (foot of cliff - the ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal is here and will
prevent you returning back up the cliff), S (purple sand - leave the red fish, it is in fact a red
herring and if you're carrying it when you pick up the babel fish later the red herring will
eat it).

S, S, S (crossroads - note sometimes you get stuck in the black sand, if this occurs just keep
trying to go south and eventually you will finish up at the crossroads), GET FISH (yellow - it leaps
out of your hand, squirms into your boot, jumps up inside your suit and into your helmet where it
plunges into your ear - it's the Babel fish and you will now be able to read the signs), E
(rocket silo), DROP PACK (rocket), GET INGOT (cobalt), W, S, S (plaza), W (mirror maze - note
movement is here is right, left, forward and back), FORWARD, FORWARD, RIGHT, GET RING (mithril,
LEFT, FORWARD, FORWARD, RIGHT, FORWARD (shopping arcade), D (pharmacy), GET FLASK (do not open it
yet), U, LEFT, FORWARD, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT (back to plaza).

S (outside Tardis), OPEN DOOR, S (Tardis), GET K9, GET SCREWDRIVER (leave the scarf), N, N, N, N, N
(purple sand), E, E, N, E, N, N (foot of cliff), FREE K9 (he trundles forward and blasts the beast
in a cloud of sparks and yellow smoke), DROP K9, U, U (top of cliff), N (crater), W, S (outside
airlock), GET HOLOGRAM, IN, PUSH BLUE (button - the outer door closes), PUSH GREEN (button - air is
pumped in), PUSH YELLOW (button - the trapdoor opens), U (hold), FORWARD (bridge), OPEN FLASK (a
faint brown vapour floats under the Wookie's nose who wakes and begins repairing the damaged
controls), BACK (to hold), GO ENGINE ROOM, REFUEL (you feed the crystals into the hole and the fuel
DROP PRISM, DROP INGOT (all 4 points each), SCORE (47%), D (airlock), PUSH YELLOW (button), PUSH RED
(button), PUSH BLUE (button), OUT.

W, W, W, D, LIGHT LAMP, S, S, SWITCH LAMP OFF, D (foot of cliff), S, S, W, W (pink sand - note
don't go east or west into the quicksand!), S, W, S (crossroads), E (rocket silo), GET PACK
(rocket), LIGHT PACK (you are on a narrow platform on top of the rocket gantry), GET CUBE, D, DROP
PACK (burnt out), W (crossroads), S, S (plaza), E (lobby of a tall building), N (lift), DOWN, LIGHT
LAMP, OUT (basement), GET KEYBOARD (computer), IN (lift), SWITCH LAMP OFF, UP SLOWLY (lobby), UP
SLOWLY, OUT (north/south corridor on floor 1), N (a force field prevents you), IN (lift), UP SLOWLY,
OUT (short corridor on floor 2 - rubble blocks the corridor), U (ventilation duct), W (top of
shaft), D (north/south tunnel), GET SPICE (bag), S (cupboard), GET ROPE, W (kitchen), FILL FLASK
(with water from the tap), DROP CUBE, POUR WATER (into the cube... a mechanical arm grabs your
helmet and refills your air tanks - note don't do this when you're not wearing the
helmet!), DROP FLASK.

W (freezer where you see a figure bound and gagged), FREE PUPPETEER (to show his gratitude he gives
you an electronic book and tells you not to press the blue button), GET BOOK, E, N, PUSH RED (button
- the lights come on - note if you had pressed the blue button it is impossible to go west), BURN
WEB (the phaser easily ignites the web which burns ferociously leaving only ashes), W (spider room),
GET LENS, E, S, E, D, U, E, D, IN (lift), UP SLOWLY, OUT (north/south corridor on floor 3), N
(computer room - note there is malfunction as the keyboard is missing), FIX KEYBOARD (the system is
now working normally), TYPE DESTINATION (a deep voice booms out "The answer to your request
is..............." - note the place as it is random), GET KEYBOARD (note you need the
screwdriver to do this), S.

IN (lift), UP SLOWLY, OUT (dead end corridor on floor 4), GET FOOD (tasty), IN (lift), UP SLOWLY,
OUT (astrodome on floor 5), N (you are still in the astrodome but there is a second lift here), PUSH
BUTTON, IN (lift), DOWN, LIGHT LAMP, OUT (you are in a tunnel), S, S (catwalk - don't go down
the ladder as it is too weak to take your weight), TIE ROPE, DOWN (down the ladder?), NO (you use
the rope and find yourself in a rock cavern), GET COINS (gold), U, GET CHAIR, N, N, N, N (entrance
tunnel), DROP PHASER, GET WARP (converter), U (edge of quarry), E (crossroads), DROP WARP
(converter), W, D, GET PHASER, U, E, S, S (plaza - a dwarf is here looking for something - his
chair!), SHOOT DWARF (he disintegrates and drops a jade pendant), DROP PHASER, DROP CHAIR, GET
PENDANT, N, N (crossroads), GET WARP (converter), N, E, E, N, E, N, N (foot of cliff), U, U, N, W, S
(outside airlock), IN, PUSH BLUE (button), PUSH GREEN (button), PUSH YELLOW (button), U (hold), DROP

GO ENGINE ROOM, FIX CONVERTER (using the screwdriver... the engines are now fully operational
FIX KEYBOARD (the screen reads "Enter Destination"), TYPE............... (the word given
to you in the computer room - the navigation screen now reads "Hull integrity Check OK and
Engine Status OK"), TYPE FLY.

Your score is 100%