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Jolly Duplicator (Jolly_Duplicator_Michael_Monaghan.txt)

Written by Michael Monaghan (Cobra Computer Software 1987)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

You play the role of Bones, a young pirate who is the captain of the "Jolly Duplicator." 
The ship's copying system is on the blink so you must find the MK2 tape copier, which buried
somewhere on Rom Island.

Walk Through
(Start on the main deck of the Jolly Duplicator), DROP ANCHOR (so the ship doesn't drift away),
U (crow's nest - see a small ship on the horizon), D, E (high-tech copying room - see a copy of
sugar user), GET USER, READ USER (notice an envelope taped inside the back cover), OPEN ENVELOPE
(find a fiver), GET FIVER, D (hold), GET BALL (cannon), U, W (back to main deck), LOAD CANNON (with
the cannon ball - note you must have visited the crow's nest and seen the other ship first),
FIRE CANNON (you hit the other ship - note if you must destroy it before it sinks your ship), D
(small row boat), W (row to the beach).

N (rom forest), GET CAMERA, EXAMINE CAMERA (small with a built-in flash and can be operated by
pressing a lever), N, W (last ZX81 outpost), GET JELLY BABIES, E, N, N (dense jungle where a jungle
bunny offers to swap his rope for the jelly babies), NO, N (eastern edge of forest where a snake
eats the jelly babies instead of you - leave the bottle of rum), N, E, N (gates of Sinclive), GET
AQUA LUNGS, S, W, W (desert - leave the red brick), N, E (old Sinclair graveyard), GET IDOL, SMASH
IDOL (inside was a piece of rice paper), READ PAPER (see a list of objects which are needed in the
cave), W, W (rom forest - ignore axe), N, N (tavern), BUY DRINK (now have some change), TIP BARMAN
(for a clue).

S, S, W, W, N, E (round green door), D (cellar), EXAMINE CHEST (see two magazines and a plank of
wood), GET PLANK, U, W, S, S, E S, E, S, W, W, S, S (beach), WEAR AQUA LUNGS, W (swimming), W
(reached a sunken wreck), D (hold), GET KEY, U, E, E (back to beach), N, E, E, S (clearing where you
meet CJ carrying a knife), PRESS LEVER (on the camera - the flash frightens CJ who drops the knife
and runs off), GET KNIFE, N, W, W, N, E, E, N (meet Jester), GET AEROSOL (Jester takes the knife for
the aerosol and uses it to commit suicide), S, W, W, S, E, E, E, E, S (to where the man is lying
beside a pay phone), EXAMINE MAN (he's drunk but carries a lantern), GET LANTERN (he hands you
a card and says if you ring the number for him he will give you the lantern), READ CARD, RING 51487
(you insert a coin and dial the number... man takes the receiver and gives you the lantern), EXAMINE

N, N, N, E (cliff), D, READ SIGN (welcome to Egnima Cave, home of the guardian), E (dark cave where
a huge cyclops appears), SPRAY AEROSOL (at what?), AT CYCLOPS (it falls into the chasm), LOOK (see a
deadly chasm), USE PLANK (now in a large cavern), UNLOCK CHEST (reveals the MK2 tape copier), GET
MK2, E (waterfall), E (rom forest), E, S, S, S, S, E (edge of quantum lake), S, S, S (beach), ENTER
BOAT, E (back on board the Jolly Duplicator).

Well done.
You have successfully retrieved the MK2 tape copier.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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