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Nine Princes in Amber (Nine_Princes_in_Amber_Telarium.txt)

Telarium Corporation (1985) 
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version).

Based on the books "Nine Princes in Amber" and "The Guns of Avalon" by Roger
Zelazny it was written by a group of about 20 people.  You wake up with amnesia in a contemporary
California hospital.  You must find your way to Amber, regain your memory and vie for the throne by
gaining the confidence of the right people while outsmarting the treacherous ones.

1. The story is very linear, leading you from one scene to the next as you deal with the characters,
so mapping is unnecessary.
2. Almost all puzzles are solved by talking to people, and the parser understands a surprising array
of unusual verbs, such as coax, wheedle, placate and others rarely found in an adventure's
3. Halfway through the story you must solve a visual (but not arcade-style) mini-game that consists
of choosing various coloured tiles to form a pattern.  It's an off-beat logical puzzle set in
an unorthodox adventure.
4. Depending on how you interact with other people, there are 40 different endings, some good and
some bad - but only one (which this walk through reveals) is the optimal solution.

Walk Through
(Start in hospital room where a man is approaching you with a hypo), HIT MAN (he slumps to the floor
unconscious... you get out of bed), BREAK CAST (on your legs), EXCHANGE CLOTHES (with the man), READ
CHART (to find out who you are and where you live), LEAVE HOSPITAL, GO TO PLEASANTVILLE (you arrive
at the door of an imposing mansion).

KNOCK ON DOOR (you ask to see Evelyn... the maid shows you in to a book lined room...), SAY HELLO
(to Evelyn), FLATTER HER, SUPPORT HER (Do you wish to throw in with the winning side?), YES (she
says she can't guarantee your safety), AGREE (she says you can stay then leaves the room), READ
BOOKS, SEARCH DESK (you find an antique tarot deck... the phone starts ringing), ANSWER PHONE (a
voice asks for Evelyn), NO (...this is her brother... Who am I speaking to?), CORWIN (he says he is
in trouble and asks for your protection), YES (he says he will arrive in one hour), EXAMINE CARDS,
PUT CARDS (you replace them in the desk... your sister enters then your brother arrives), SMILE (he
tells you about six ugly creatures and asks for help), AGREE (a group of ugly people enter with
obvious violent intentions), THROW STATUE (the attackers are killed by assorted furniture and the
dogs... Random asks if you are stringing Flora along), SHRUG (Shall we go for a walk?), YES (Random
gets in Flora's car), GET IN CAR (he tells you the situation in Amber is critical and Eric
should be killed before his coronation), AGREE (he asks what you plan), KILL ERIC (Bleys is planning
an attack on Amber), KILL ERIC (he talks of Eric's roadblocks... he asks your permission), YES
(you hear a hunting horn).

WAIT (Julian arrives on horseback), GET OUT OF CAR, PULL JULIAN FROM HORSE (you catch him off
guard),TAKE JULIAN HOSTAGE, THREATEN JULIAN, ASK JULIAN (he says he will not hunt you down if you
spare him), AGREE, FOLLOW RANDOM (night falls... Random thinks the road looks like a trap), LEAVE
ROAD, APPROACH CLEARING (you see Deidre bound to a stake), RESCUE DEIRDRE (Eric's on our trail
- Suggestions?), GO TO AMBER (Deirdre says you have no chance), GO TO AMBER (Deirdre leaves and you
continue), WAIT (you meet Eric), ALLY ERIC (he asks you to give your word to work alongside him),
AGREE, FOLLOW ERIC (to Amber - Random accuses you of "Licking Eric's boots"), CONFESS
(Why are you telling me this?), ASK FOR HELP (he sends you to Deirdre in Rebma to walk the pattern
to restore your memory), TAKE HAND (you step through to Deirdre).

FOLLOW DEIRDRE (it is a good idea to save the game at this point as the game now follows),  WALK
PATTERN (there is no way to tell you exactly what to do as it is randomly generated for each game. 
However, the trick is to start two different coloured paths to connect with the five squares, while
using two other paths to get rid of pieces you can't use.  It is a good idea to keep the latter
pair headed in different directions).

IMAGINE AMBER (you are transported there and find yourself in the library of the royal palace),
EXAMINE CLOTHES, EXAMINE CRYSTAL CASE (locked), PICK LOCK WITH ROSE (it opens and your remove the
trumps), LEAVE (as you start to leave Julian enters), ALLY JULIAN (he leaves... someone it trying to
contact you via your trump), ACCEPT (the contact - it's your brother Bleys... he asks "Are
you for Eric?"), NO (he suggests an alliance), AGREE (What are your thoughts on winning
Amber?), KILL ERIC (he asks you to trump him through), TAKE HAND (he is at your side), DISCUSS PLAN
(Eric enters), KILL ERIC (Bleys raises his sword against you), SURRENDER (he says you've
changed and offers to name you next in line),NO, OPEN DOOR (you are led to the dungeon), OPEN DOOR,
(Bleys looks for the key), FLEE.

CONTACT DEIRDRE (she gives you her hand and you are transported to her chamber... she asks what
happened in Amber?), TELL THE TRUTH (she advises you to hide in shadow then leaves), CONTACT BRAND,
YES (you glimpse him chained to a wall), YES (after a few days your wounds heal), GO TO BRAND (you
journey to the shadow of your desire... a serpent blocks your path), STAB SERPENT IN EYE, ENTER
TOWER, STAB GUARD (you go to your brother who is chained to the wall), SLASH CHAINS (they break and
Brand slumps to the floor), TAKE BRAND, WALK SHADOW, FOLLOW (you make camp and sleep... you are
awakened by a voice - it's your brother Benedict).

SAY HELLO (he asks referring to Brand "What's with him?"), LIE (you say he is
recovering from an encounter... you and your brother carry Brand to a tent... Benedict leaves), WAIT
(Brand wakes and thanks you), ASK BRAND (he says he is leaving), STAY (you feel someone contacting
you), ACCEPT (it's your sister Fiona "You found Brand?"), YES (she knows who
imprisoned Brand), ALLY WITH FIONA ('s not hard to guess who is behind it?), YES (she
breaks contact... Benedict enters and asks you to accompany him), YES (you ride off together to
Amber... you are at a council meeting at the palace), TELL ABOUT BRAND, EXPLAIN ABOUT BRAND, ACCUSE
BLEYS (defeated he stomps from the room), GO UP BATTLE (you take charge as you lead your family to
the battlefield... after the battle you return to Amber and take over).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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