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Adventure 100 (Adventure_100.txt)

Hyperion Software
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

1. Several locations are one-way.
2. Red Herrings:  Rope in bell tower, spear, and dwarf cooking sausages.
3. If you open the coffin in the cold damp cave you will be strangled.

Walk Through
(Start by trading post at the edge of the jungle - leave the coin until later), E (low valley), E, E
(waterfall), E, E (boathouse), S (missionary outpost), GET MACHETE, N, W, W, W, W, W (back to
trading post), DROP MACHETE, N, S, S (thick part of jungle), USE MACHETE (creates an exit south),
DROP MACHETE, S (clearing), S, S (high mountains), E (damp cave - hear someone following you), N
(don't open the coffin or you will be strangled), E (to where the place is full of flies), GET
INSECT KILLER, S, S, W, N, W (back outside), S, S (deep gorge), E, S (wooden hut), S (garden), E
(garden shed), GET BOTTLE, N, N (dusty road), E.

E (abbey), GET SNAKEBITE SERUM, S (bell tower - ignore rope which is a red herring), W (cannibal
village - ignore pot for now), N, N, N (see notice saying beware of snakes), E (sandy place with
snakes slithering towards you), GET KEY, W, N (one of the snakes has bitten you), USE SERUM (feel
better - now see paths north, south and east), E (coconut plantation), N (friendly native village),
GET FOOD, W, N (mountain road), W, W (colony of soldier ants are coming closer), USE INSECT KILLER
(they're dead but more are on the way), N, N, E (bank of river), FILL BOTTLE, W, W (back to
trading post), DROP SERUM, GET COIN.

S (jungle), S, S, S, S, S, S (deep gorge), E (narrow passage way), S, E (by rusty gate), N, E, E, S,
E, S (meet a tribe of hungry pygmies demanding food), GIVE FOOD, LOOK, GET TORCH, N, N, N, N (spooky
place with bats flying around), GET AXE, S, W, S, S, W (back to cannibal village), LIGHT TORCH (at
the fire), N, E, E, N, E (shaky bridge), E (bridge collapses behind you), S (castle gate), USE KEY,
DROP KEY, LOOK, E (furnace room where you become thirsty), DRINK WATER, DROP BOTTLE, S (kitchen), W,
W (wine cellar), S, E (wizard's tower), E (by wooden door with a sign saying none shall enter),
USE AXE, E (wizard's secret store), GET SLEEPING SPELL, N (secret passage), W, N (back to
furnace room), E, N (back gate which slams shut behind you).

N, W  (toll bridge where the gate keeper is demanding money), GIVE COIN, LOOK (can now go west), W,
N, E (doorway guarded by three large dogs who are attacking), USE SPELL (dogs sleep), E (small room
with a large strong cupboard in one corner), USE AXE, DROP AXE, GET SWORD, N, W, W, N, E (in front
of a fire breathing dragon), USE SWORD (dragon is dead), E, N (dragon's cave where a young
dragon guards a cave to the north), USE SWORD (dragon is dead), N, W (treasure cave), GET TREASURE,
E, S, S, W, S, W, N, W, W, N (missionary outpost), N, W, W, W, W, W (back to trading post).

You have conquered many perils, brave adventurer.
You can now proudly say to your friends "I've done it!"

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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