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Animal Magic (Animal_Magic_Richard_Sleep.txt)

or "Save the Baby"
Richard Sleep (Romick Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

While you were baby sitting an enormous eagle swooped down and snatched the baby. You must set out
on an adventure to return the infant to the nursery.

1. In the version I had some of the messages were missing.
2. Carrying the mirror prevents the wood wizard from turning you into a frog and stealing anything
you are carrying. Instead he sees his reflection in the mirror and turns himself into a frog. If you
should get caught by the wood wizard, drinking from the magic fountain will restore you to your
former self.
3. To return the baby to the nursery you must go through the maze of tunnels.

Walk Through
(Start in an overgrown garden), GO HOUSE (kitchen), EXAMINE SHELF (it's too high), E (study),
READ MAP (note OASIS 12N 5E), READ JOURNAL (an article claiming that salt helps prevent
dehydration), GET STOOL, W (back to kitchen), DROP STOOL, CLIMB STOOL, GET CHEESE, N (overgrown
garden), GO PATH (top of mountain), GO POTHOLE, OPEN GATE, GO GATE (damp cave), GIVE CHEESE (the
mouse eats it and becomes quite tame), GET MOUSE, GO GATE, GET LADDER, CLIMB LADDER (top of
mountain), W, W (river bed - a bull elephant is here), DROP MOUSE (the elephant sees the mouse and
runs off terrified), DROP LADDER.

W, S (sandy beach), GET SALT, N, E, S, S (overgrown garden), GET GNOME, EXAMINE GNOME, GO HOUSE, E,
sheet of ice prevents movement west), THROW SALT, W (frozen forest), EXAMINE DWARF, GIVE AXE (he
thanks you and gives you a spade), S (eerie clearing - the wood wizard's gaze meets the mirror
and he turns himself into a frog before hopping away croaking - note if you don't have the
mirror he turns you into a frog and you can change back by drinking the magic water at the
fountain), GET CRYSTAL, EXAMINE CRYSTAL (you see a vision of a dwarf being turned into a statue by
the wizard), DROP CRYSTAL, N, N (enchanted fountain - spray from the magic fountain falls on the
gnome who is restored to his former shape as a dwarf - he thanks you by giving you his fishing

S (frozen forest), CLIMB TREE, GET GLOW (worms), D, E, E, N, N, W, N (overgrown garden), DROP
TACKLE, DIG, GET WORMS (earth), DROP SPADE, DROP GLOW (worms), N (the wood wizard is here again),
DROP MIRROR, N (river bed), W, S (sandy beach), GET SALT, N, E, GET LADDER, N (desert), EAT SALT (to
prevent dehydration), N, N, READ MESSAGE, N, N (a snake is here), GIVE WORMS (the snake eats them
and becomes inactive), N, N, N, N, N, N, N, N (this snake won't bother you), E, E, E, E, E
(oasis), CLIMB TREE (banana - need the ladder), GET BANANAS, D, GET SHOES (snow), MOUNT CAMEL (you
arrive back at the river bed).

S, S, GO HOUSE (kitchen), GET PEANUTS, N (overgrown garden), DROP LADDER, DROP SHOES, GET SPADE,
DIG, GET WORMS (earth), DROP SPADE, GET TACKLE, N, N, W, S (beach), W (into ocean), GET FISH (need
tackle and worm), E, E (clearing), GIVE FISH (to the wild cats who eat it and start purring), S
(impenetrable jungle), GIVE PEANUTS (to the parrot who swoops down and eats them crying "Seeds
are magic"), GIVE BANANAS (the monkey eats them and sits on your shoulder), N, E (back to
overgrown garden), DROP TACKLE, DROP WORMS, GET LADDER, GET GLOW (worms), GO PATH, W (mountain
forest - the monkey shins up the tree and returns with a key), DROP MONKEY, E, GO POTHOLE, GO GATE
(damp cave), UNLOCK DOOR (using the key), DROP KEY, OPEN DOOR, ENTER DOOR (the door leads into a
maze which in turn leads into a maze of twisting tunnels - don't enter yet), GO GATE, CLIMB

GO PATH (back to overgrown garden), DROP LADDER, GET SHOES, N, GET MIRROR, S, GO HOUSE, S (nursery),
GET BOTTLE, E (bedroom), ENTER WARDROBE, W, W, W (snow drift), READ MESSAGE ("I left my shoes
at the oasis"), W (must be carrying the snow shoes - to a grassless hill where a lion here is
limping around in pain), EXAMINE LION (apprehensive), EXAMINE PAW (there's a thorn stuck in
it), GET THORN, LOOK (see some blue seeds), GET SEEDS, E, E DROP SHOES.

N (fountain), GET WATER (in the bottle), S, S (clearing), GET CRYSTAL, RUB CRYSTAL (you are
transported to the foot of the tower), DROP BOTTLE, DROP SEEDS, RUB CRYSTAL (back to eerie
clearing), DROP CRYSTAL, N, E, E, N, W (nursery), GET RATTLE, GET PRAM, N, N (overgrown garden), GO
PATH (top of mountain), DROP PRAM, DROP RATTLE, GO PATH (back to overgrown garden), GET SPADE, N,
magic water - they explode into a thick growth of ivy), SWIM MOAT, S, GO HOUSE (kitchen), GET STOOL,
N, N, N, W (green field), MILK COW (need the stool and bottle), INVENTORY (you now have a bottle of
milk), DROP STOOL, E, S.

S, GET LADDER, N, SWIM MOAT (foot of tower), DROP LADDER, CLIMB IVY (top of tower - a crying baby is
here), GET BABY, D (if you try to swim the moat with the baby the eagle will swoop down and carry
the baby off again), GIVE MILK (the baby stops crying), DROP BOTTLE, GET LADDER, GO WINDOW (must be
carrying the ladder and you will need the glow worms in order to see in the maze of tunnels), D
(snake pit - note you must have stopped the baby crying or the snake will wake preventing passage),
GO PASSAGE, E (into maze), N, E, D, U, E, N, U, U, N, E (narrow crevice), GO DOOR (you unlocked
earlier to damp cave), GO GATE, DROP LADDER, CLIMB LADDER (top of mountain where you dropped the
pram and rattle earlier), GET PRAM, GET RATTLE, GO PATH, GO HOUSE, S (nursery)

You've freed the baby and WON

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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