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Brook the Barbarian (Brook_The_Barbarian.txt)

Written by Richard Silfverberg (1986)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

You are, by an accident, forced to take on the role of Brook - The Barbarian.  You are transported
to a place known as "The Land Beyond Time" where you must seek a way back to your own

Walk Through
(Start in your living room), EXAMINE COMPUTER, PLAY COMPUTER, W (kitchen), EXAMINE CLOSET (find an
old broom), GET BROOM, EXAMINE BROOM (has a strange carving on it), READ CARVING (made in Sweden),
BREAK CUPBOARD (using the broom - you find some food), GET FOOD, EXAMINE FOOD (you are feeling
hungry), EAT FOOD, E, E (library), EXAMINE BOOKS (you drop one), GET BOOK, READ BOOK (you fall
asleep... when you awake you are in a small, damp and smelly old hut), EXAMINE PLATE (you see the
face of Brook), DIG (you dig a tunnel in the soft ground and crawl out to just outside the hut where
you see two men sleeping by the fire and an old man tied to a pole), KILL MEN (you tear them apart),
UNTIE MAN (he falls into your arms and tells you to seek the magician and tell him your problem...
he falls to the ground dead), EXAMINE MAN (find a small leather bag containing six gold coins), GET

E, S, W (winding path), S (dusty road), S (outside deserted cottage), IN, EXAMINE DUST (find a
sword), GET SWORD, EXAMINE SWORD ("Xardom-Bree" is written on the hilt), MOVE CARPET
(reveal a stairway leading down to a cellar), D (damp cellar), GET DAGGER, EXAMINE DAGGER
(valuable), U, OUT, N, W, S (blue pond), SWIM DOWN (bottom of pond), IN (underwater cave), N, W
(chapel), EXAMINE ALTAR, PRAY (you are given a gift of holy water for showing respect), GET HOLY
WATER, EXAMINE HOLY WATER, E (huge cave), SIT THRONE (you are stuck and a voice tells you that he
will keep you there forever unless you answer a riddle), SAY HOLE (you may leave and are given a
ring), GET RING, EXAMINE RING (inscribed "to F.D."), S, E (bottom of pond), SWIM UP, N, W
(a guard blocks your passage), BRIBE GUARD (with a gold piece), U (halfway up hill  where you see a
small opening leading into the hillside), GET STONES.

IN (cave entrance), S (meet a man who is afraid and says you shouldn't have come here as he
will have to challenge you to  dual to the death... he turns into another Brook), THROW DAGGER (he
changes back to the old man and gives you an orchid as a reward), EXAMINE ORCHID (beautiful and
rare), N, OUT, D, E, S (back to pond), SWIM DOWN, IN (cave), W (meet a green sea-monster), EXAMINE
MONSTER (extremely ugly), GIVE ORCHID (gives you a valerian and says to give it to a pretty girl),
GET VALERIAN, EXAMINE VALERIAN (a pretty flower), E, N, W (chapel), PRAY ("you again... take
this silver amulet and leave me alone"), GET AMULET, EXAMINE AMULET (there's a picture of
a snake on it), E, S, E, SWIM UP, N, W, U, U (top of hill outside hut), EXAMINE SYMBOLS, IN (meet
the magician), EXAMINE MAGICIAN, EXAMINE POT, DRINK POT (a small red tail grows out of your back),
EXAMINE TAIL, CUT TAIL, TELL PROBLEM (he can't help you but perhaps the witch Dor can... he
could transport you), SAY YES (you are transported to a large grassy plain), 

E (in front of the red tower), OPEN DOOR (locked), KNOCK DOOR (it opens), IN (hallway), U (meet Dor
who says she can cure you and bring you home again if you will pay her price), SAY YES (you must
stay the night and make love to her), SAY NO (she turns into a bat and flies towards you), THROW
BOTTLE (the holy water turns it into a glowing orb), GET ORB (note don't drop this), EXAMINE
ORB, D, D, OUT, W (grassy plain), S, S, W, N, S, N, S (clearing surrounded by a circle of black
pillars with a tall white monolith in the middle), EXAMINE MONOLITH (see three buttons, red, brown
and black), PRESS BROWN BUTTON (it is stuck - note red and black buttons are deadly), BREAK BROWN
BUTTON, PUSH BROWN BUTTON (the monolith shakes and a hole opens), IN (to a dark crypt containing a
hissing serpent - must be carrying the orb for light), GET KEY (the serpent sees your amulet and
doesn't touch you), EXAMINE RUNES (note the word "Brzan"), OUT, E, E, E, N, E (in
front of red tower).

E, E (beside a tall yellow wall), S (locked gate), READ SIGN ("Only for Elves - Intruders will
be Shot"), UNLOCK GATE, E, E (into a beautiful summer garden where you see a dwarf walking down
the path), EXAMINE DWARF (looking for something), GIVE RING (it's his wedding ring... he gives
you a blanket as a reward), GET BLANKET, EXAMINE BLANKET (very soft), E, E (end of path where there
is a locked gate), EXAMINE GATE, SAY BRZAN (the gate opens and you enter... you are standing at the
end of a desert), E, E, E (oasis where an elf-nomad accuses you of stealing his water), KILL ELF (he
is unconscious), EXAMINE ELF (find a cape), GET CAPE, EXAMINE CAPE, W, W, W, W (back through the
gates), W, W (by wall).

WEAR CAPE, S, S (to outside greenhouse where an elf-girl is sitting weeping - must be wearing cape),
EXAMINE GIRL, GIVE VALERIAN (suddenly you are surrounded by elves who carry you into the greenhouse
and before you know it you are married to the elf-girl Doreleth... you are then taken to a small
hut), IN (inside the wedding hut), EXAMINE DORELETH, FUCK DORELETH (she doesn't like the rough
ground), LAY BLANKET, FUCK DORELETH (you sleep.... when you wake in the morning you don't know
where you are... you are in a large a dusty library), GET PAPER, READ PAPER ("... and they
lived happily all after"), W, S (your bedroom where you see Doreleth in your bed waiting for
you... you've changed, you're not green anymore and you realise that you are no longer

You have completed Abrooka

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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