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Cranmore Diamond Caper, The (Cranmore_Diamond_Caper.txt)

Written by Tony Rome
Walk Through by Millard (C64 Version)

(Start in a hotel room on the 10th floor), GET WATCH, EXAMINE TABLE, GET BANKROLL, S (east end of
corridor), W, IN (lift), PUSH 0, OUT (foyer), N, W, S, W (leatherwear shop), BUY GLOVES, GET GLOVES,
E, N, N, E (large emporium), BUY ROPE, GET ROPE, BUY KNIFE, GET KNIFE, W, N (stairway), U (chemist
shop - a tablet rolls into a corner), GET TABLET, D, S, W (police station), EXAMINE POSTER (note the
find a plastic card), DROP TRACKSUIT (don't try to take it with you), GET CARD, W (back to
foyer), DROP ROPE, N, W, W (post office), EXAMINE COUNTER (you spot a piece of sealing wax), GET
WAX, E, S, S (garage), MOVE TYRE (under it is a jemmy) GET JEMMY, N, N, E, S (foyer), DROP JEMMY.

N, N (Cranmore building reception area), EXAMINE COMMISSIONAIRE (should have a scar on his face),
ASK COMMISSIONAIRE ABOUT GUARD (he slips out at 7.50 to see a girl in accounts), IN (lift), UP, OUT
(southern end of a corridor -don't go east yet), WEAR GLOVES, WAIT (until exactly 7, 50 pm), E
(security room - don't try to get the key as it activates an alarm), MAKE IMPRESSION OF KEY
(using the wax), W, W, W (dark alley), U, N (locksmiths - he asks if he can help you), GIVE WAX TO
LOCKSMITH (he takes it and tells you to "Be at Rico's by 10.00 pm sharp"), S, S, S,
E, S (foyer), IN (lift), PUSH 7, OUT (corridor), E (east end of corridor), INSERT CARD (in slot -
the door opens but the card is stuck in the slot), N (presidential suite), GET TORCH (you hear a
noise... a Doberman is chained to a radiator), EXAMINE BOOKCASE, GET NOTEPAD (the Doberman is
growling), EXAMINE DESK (in a drawer are the numbers 29), LIFT CARPET (stuck to the floor is a piece
of paper with 053 written on it... the dog is barking frantically and the chain begins to break -
better not hang around), S, W, IN (lift), PUSH 0, OUT (lobby), READ NOTEPAD (it's the guard
roster), DROP NOTEPAD. 

N, W, N, N, W (into Rico's), WAIT (until 10.00 pm when the locksmith appears... he says
"I've got what you want"), PAY LOCKSMITH (he puts a key on the table and leaves), GET
KEY, EXAMINE KEY (it's a doorkey), E, S, S, E, S (foyer), GET ROPE, IN (lift), PUSH 13, OUT
(hotel roof), TIE ROPE TO GIRDER, D (ledge at the side of the hotel - the rope falls), S (hotel
room), OPEN CHEST (inside are various glazier's tools... at the bottom is a glass cutter), GET
CUTTER, S (east end of corridor), W, IN (lift), PUSH OUT (foyer), N, E, E, N, U (roof), DROP TORCH,
DROP CUTTER, D, S, W, S (foyer), IN (lift), PUSH 1, OUT, E, N (hotel room), USE TRANSMITTER (a voice
says "Signal when ready, Over and out"), S, W, IN (lift), PUSH 0, OUT (foyer), GET JEMMY,
GET KNIFE, N, E, E, N, U (roof of Cranmore building - don't cut the cable yet as it sets off an
alarm), W (to where the skylight is), OPEN SKYLIGHT (using the jemmy - don't go down yet
though), E, DROP JEMMY, GET CUTTER, W, WAIT (until 1.00 am), D (you jump down into a storeroom), W
(security room), PUT TABLET IN BOTTLE (whisky bottle), PUSH D (the alarm is deactivated).

E (back to storeroom), STAND ON CHAIR, U (back to roof), E, CUT CABLE (using the knife - this turns
off the electrified floor in the strongroom), DROP KNIFE, GET TORCH, W, WAIT (until 1.30), D, W
(security room - the guard has drunk the drugged whisky and is sleeping and you have until 2.10 when
the relief guard arrives), N (empty room), DIAL 05329 (the code is correct and the steel door
opens), E (strongroom), CUT GLASS (using the cutter), GET DIAMOND, W (must be carrying the key), E
(storeroom), STAND ON CHAIR, U (roof), E, SWITCH ON TORCH (it sends out a luminous beam... a
helicopter appears and a rope ladder drops... you climb aboard and celebrate with a magnum of

Score 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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