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Don't Panic - Panic Now (Dont_Panic_Panic_Now.txt)

by A. David Sanders, Michael Eacrett and Howard Church (Dented Designs)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum 48K Version)

Somewhere, in the backwater of space, lies a blue-green planet whose inhabitants are so utterly
primitive that they still think the C5 is a pretty neat idea...

1. Once inside the ship, you are safe from destruction.
2. Type 'TURNS' to check on your progress.

Walk Through
(Start as Arfur Bent who is lying in bed with a splitting headache), GET BOTTLE, EXAMINE BOTTLE,
DROP BOTTLE, S, D (hallway), GET ROD (fishing), E (sitting room), SWITCH ON TV (your planet is
scheduled for demolishing, the process will take around 100 of your earth turns), W, S (kitchen), N,
W (garden where the bulldozers are about to flatten your house - note don't try lying down in
front of the bulldozers as a protest), S, S, E, E, E (village green), S, E, IN (bank), GET CREDIT
CARD, OUT, W, W, IN (gardening shop), GET SPADE, OUT, E, N, N, E, IN (Ass & Broom pub where your
best friend Ford Escort tells you to get a burble fish), OUT, W, S, W, W, W, N, N (your garden), DIG
(you unearth a lot of worms), DROP SPADE, GET WORMS, S, S, S (river bank), FISH (using rod and worms
- you catch a burble fish), DROP ROD, DROP WORMS, GET BURBLE, N, E, E, E, N, E, IN (back to pub
where Ford says that it's time to gp to the spaceship), GET BAG, EXAMINE BAG (out falls crisp
packets, an electronic book and a torch), GET TORCH (leave the rest), DROP BAG, OUT, W, S (village
green where the spaceship is).

WAIT (Ford  opens the ship's door and you enter), LIGHT TORCH (you re in a maze of corridors),
N (lost in corridors on the Vulgan ship), E, S, S (sleeping quarters), GET KEY (leave the gun as it
only blows up in your face), N, N, W, N (by solid metal door), UNLOCK DOOR (you step through to suit
dispenser), INSERT CREDIT CARD (you get two spacesuits, one of which Ford takes), GET SUIT, EXAMINE
SUIT, WEAR SUIT, S, E, E (large chamber - ignore what Ford says), PRESS BUTTON (must be wearing the
spacesuit - the airlock opens and you are ejected into space), OPEN EYES (you are lying on a golden
beach), S, S, S, S, SE (you emerge on Geldof's Heart spaceship where you will meet Marlon the
Paralytic Android), W (you follow the robot up the long corridor), W (bridge... well done you have
completed part 1, the password for part 2 is BRYAN HATES TIMMY).

(Start on the bridge of the spaceship), N (beside Edcase the computer), OPEN CUPBOARD, GET TAPE,
EXAMINE TAPE ("Clumsy Cockup's Traction Biker" by Masterchronic), S, S (toilet), E,
N, N (Marillion's cabin), W, W (drink's dispenser), S, E, N, N, W (back to bridge -
suddenly there is a violent explosion), EXAMINE CONSOLE (there is a lever to activate the Infinite
Unplayability Drive), PUSH LEVER (to the up position - note if you pull the lever you will activate
the self destruct mechanism... you are now in orbit around the lost planet of Migrain Headache),
LAND SHIP (airlock opens), 

OUT, N (barren surface), E, W, S (rock wall), PULL ROPE (the trapdoor opens and you fall through to
meet an old man in a small vehicle), ENTER VEHICLE (Smarty Fartblast takes you back to his
laboratory in the C5... he tells you that you must find the deep sulk computer and deactivate it...
you are teleported to Boots computing section), N, E, GET INTO C5, W, S, E, E (street), S (beach),
GET OUT (of the C5), ENTER HUT, GET SURFBOARD, OUT, S (to island using surfboard), OPEN CHEST (find
a pound coin), GET COIN, N (back to beach), N, DROP SURFBOARD, E (see a water pistol in a toy ship
window) IN (toy shop), BUY PISTOL (with the coin), OUT, W, S (beach), GET INTO C5, W (golf course),
W (hazard), JUMP OVER CREVASSE (the C5 is no more use so you abandon it), W (outside public
toilets), IN, FILL WATER PISTOL, OUT, S, W (robotics factory building), SHOOT DALEK with the water
pistol and it short circuits... you enter to reception), E, E, IN (Deep Sulk's computing room),
TYPE LOAD, PRESS ENTER, N (to Deep Sulk's peripherals room where the tape deck is), INSERT TAPE
(Deep Sulk crashes... you have completed part 2... the password for Part 3 which is WE WANT A

(Start in the lounge), GET BROCHURE, READ BROCHURE (the terrapins take you to horrid's shopping
centre at the edge of time on Planet Migrain Headache), E (along the corridor), E, E, E, E (ignore
the coin), E (inside lift), READ SIGN, PRESS 2 (to the second floor), S (corridor), GET WALLET,
EXAMINE WALLET (find a charge card and mega-credit notes... you throw the wallet away), GET CREDIT
NOTES, EXAMINE CREDIT NOTES, E (Burton's clothes store), BUY DINING SUIT, WEAR SUIT (leave the
fur coat), W, N, W, W (electrical shop), BUY BATTERY RECHARGER, E, E, E (in lift), PRESS 3, N (pet
shop), BUY BOWL OF GOLDFISH (ignore mice), S, W, W, S, IN (restaurant - must be wearing the dining
suit to enter... you meet all your friends from the spaceship here will now follow you), N, E, E, E
(in lift), PRESS 1, W, W, W, W, W (through the entrance doors), S, S, IN (fortune teller), GIVE BOWL
(of goldfish and she gives you a fuse and a battery), GET FUSE, GET BATTERY, CHARGE BATTERY, OUT, 

N, N, E, E, E, E, E, E (in lift), PRESS 4 (the control box is jammed), BREAK GLASS (a hammer falls
out), GET HAMMER, HIT BOX (the lift zooms up to the top floor - note the lift is now broken and
there is no way back down... you are in the futuristic spaceship car park), W, S (Ford opens the
door... you enter a spacepod), PULL LEVER (the spacepod takes off and you are heading straight for a
massive white-hot sun), EXAMINE CONSOLE (see a panel and a red button marked teleport), EXAMINE
PANEL (there is a burnt out space where a fuse used to be), INSERT FUSE, PRESS BUTTON (the
teleporter whisks everyone off into space in different directions... you end up in the cryogenic
chamber on a Vulgar Belching Spaceship), N (bridge where you discover that the ship is on a
collision course for a little blue/green planet, the captain and crew are frozen and no-one is
driving), S, E, S, W (storeroom where you see a time travelling gadget), GET GADGET, EXAMINE GADGET
(has a button on top) PRESS BUTTON (nothing happens), INSERT BATTERY, PUSH BUTTON (you are
transported back to the bathroom of your house... and so Arfur's epic adventure comes to a
successful end).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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