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Funhouse (Funhouse_Pacific.txt)

Pacific Software
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

A lifetime seems to have passed since the craft smashed into the old abandoned amusement park.  They
then invaded the town to hold all human life captive, but you escaped with one aim, to find and
destroy their power source.

1. At the start of this game, you MAY already be captured in a pit of rats. If this is the case,
simply quit and start again.
2. Swap must be spelt SWOP.

Walk Through
(Start outside gate which bars your way into the funhouse), CLIMB GATE, (Herman gives you a torch
and leaves), E (it's dark), ON TORCH (see caravan), ENTER CARAVAN, EXAMINE CHAIR (find a
ticket), GET TICKET, LEAVE, N (kennel - leave the bone), W (hotdog stand - leave the mouldy bap), W,
W (cage), S (coconut shy), GET COCONUT, N, W (ghost train), W, W (a dwarf-like creature says
"Drop it here"), DROP TICKET (you are pushed through the door which slams shut), W, N, N
(scaffold), EXAMINE BLADE (sharp), THROW COCONUT, (blade smashes it), LOOK, GET RED KEY, S, E, N
(see Herman tied to the wall), UNTIE HERMAN (he thanks you and leaves - this is necessary so he
later leaves you some food and will help when you telephone), N.

N (mausoleum), SEARCH MAUSOLEUM (see an inscription), READ INSCRIPTION ("Nosferatu"),
SPEAK NOSFERATU (door opens and you are drawn inside by an overpowering force - you are asked to
turn off your torch, but don't), N (by casket), EXAMINE CASKET (see a skeleton), S, SHINE
TORCH, (vampire turns to dust), GET TOP OF MASK, OFF TORCH (you are bitten and sleep), KICK LID (you
smash your way out of the coffin), E (outside mausoleum), E (by cupboard full of bottled specimens),
OPEN CUPBOARD (see passage), ENTER PASSAGE, N, E, E, N (toilets), GET GLOVES (rubber), WEAR GLOVES,
S, E, S, S, WAIT (until Herman appears and leaves some food), GET FOOD (note if Ristlig steals it
you will have no option but to restore your position and try again), W, W (entrance to crooked house
where a vicious dog guards the doorway), EXAMINE DOG (hungry - but not for the bone), THROW FOOD,
(the dog runs off with it).

N (into small room), GET CHEESEWIRE, SEARCH ROOM (see a fireplace, a large empty bookcase, a table
and a chair), MOVE BOOKCASE (there is an open door behind it leading north), N (the door slams shut
behind you), LOOK (you are at the backdoor of the crooked house), E, E (large galleon ship), CLIMB
LADDER (to deck), N (cabin), EXAMINE BUNK (see a Gromut clutching a note - be careful not to wake
him), USE CHEESEWIRE (you murder him), DROP CHEESEWIRE, GET NOTE, READ NOTE (you read that The Brain
gives life and is well protected), DROP NOTE, S, D, S, S, S, W (to where a brass ring is attached to
a wooden door), PULL RING (see an open trapdoor), D (into a narrow damp underground passage), E, S,
E (passage ends) EXAMINE RATS (dead), SEARCH CORNER (see a nest), SEARCH NEST (see a flute), GET
FLUTE, W, N, W, U (ladder).

E, S (by big wheel), GET FENCE, N, E, E, E, S (by the side of a water filled crater), DROP FENCE (it
spans the crater - we will cross later), N, W, N (wooden remains of the demolished helter skelter),
EXAMINE WOOD (see an opening behind the wood), MOVE WOOD (see an exit east), E (wreckage of
spacecraft), E (inside where you see a ragged teddy), GET TEDDY, SQUEEZE TEDDY (all the stuffing
falls out of him), LOOK, GET COIN, DROP TEDDY, W, W, S, E, S, S, W, W, W, W (clearing where you see
a bottle of liquid), GET BOTTLE, EXAMINE BOTTLE (label reads antidote), OPEN BOTTLE, DRINK ANTIDOTE
(you are now immune to spider bites), DROP BOTTLE, E, E, E, E, N (back to side of crater where you
dropped the fence), CROSS FENCE, S, S, GET CALENDER (in the next few moves Herman appears begging
you to exchange the calendar for a dictionary), SWOP CALENDAR, READ DICTIONARY (helpful words,
although a little late to be much help!), DROP DICTIONARY.

N, N, E, N (fortune teller's hut where you see a crystal ball), GET BALL, SMASH BALL, LOOK (see
a gold key), GET GOLD KEY, E (behind curtain where you see a dead Gromut), SEARCH GROMUT (find a
frequency modulation unit), GET UNIT, W, S, W, N, N, N (oil drums), DROP FLUTE, GET PACKET
(cigarette), EXAMINE PACKET (has writing on it), READ WRITING (1760), DROP PACKET, GET FLUTE, N, N,
CLIMB GATE, E (track), S, S (Talsnig the Gromut captures you and locks you in a storeroom), DIAL 125
(on the telephone - Herman hears your call and opens an eastern door), E, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, E
(entrance), E, READ SIGN ("The Big Dipper), E (turnstile), INSERT COIN (now in small truck -
"Say the word and have some luck"), BIG DIPPER (the wheels seize and you are catapulted
into the air... you grab hold of a large wooden beam), D (platform), SEARCH PLATFORM (tied to the
northern end is a canvas sign), UNTIE SIGN (see a narrow plank bridging a gap to another platform),
CROSS PLANK, LOOK (see metal box), UNLOCK BOX (how?), USE RED KEY (a spider bites you, good job you
drank the antidote earlier), DROP RED KEY, GET UMBRELLA, S, GET LADDER, CLIMB LADDER (back to

N, N (Talsnig grabs you and locks you in the storeroom again), DIAL 125 (Herman lets you out), E, S,
S, S, S, CROSS FENCE (side of water filled crater), W, S, W, W, N, N, W (by open trapdoor), D
(underground passage), W, W (to where black tar is pouring down from the roof preventing you from
going south), OPEN UMBRELLA, S (small chamber), U (small hut), GET BLUE KEY, D, N, E, E, UP, DROP
UMBRELLA, E, E, E, E, S, CROSS FENCE, S, E (by open manhole), D, W, N (meet a vicious rat), PLAY
FLUTE (now see a sleeping rat), DROP FLUTE, W, N (blue cupboard), USE BLUE KEY, DROP BLUE KEY, LOOK
(see a pair of wellies), GET WELLIES, WEAR WELLIES, S, E, S (bend in tunnel), E, U (manhole), W, N,
CROSS FENCE, N, W, W, W, N, N, W (escapologist's hut where you see a large glass tank), SMASH
TANK (water pours out of the tank and makes contact with the live wires, good job you had your
wellies on), LOOK, GET HALF MASK.

E, N, W, W, W, N (shooting gallery), GET GUN (pop gun complete with cork), S, E, E, E, S, S, S, E
(by electrified fence where Herman warns you to "Beware of the light"), CLIMB FENCE (your
gloves and wellies protect you), N (as you enter you are blinded by a bright light), OFF TORCH, N,
N, N (mirrors make it difficult to see the exits), E, E (see a ferocious kangaroo to the south),
SHOOT KANGAROO (a mirror shatters and a mouse runs for its life), LOOK, GET MIRROR (piece), S (steel
door), EXAMINE DOOR (there are no handles or hinges), EXAMINE GRILL (an audio receiver), WEAR MASK
(protects you from the light) USE UNIT, W (brain control room where Beltsnog the Gromut is preparing
to fire a laser beam), USE MIRROR (it reflects the beam back at him and he runs off), W (The Brain),
INSERT GOLD KEY, TURN GOLD KEY (well done, you have deactivated the computer... The Brain pulsates
erratically then bursts like a balloon, covering you in slime ... the aliens have died and the
Gromuts have fled... you are free).

SCORE 100%


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive: