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Sea of Zirun (Sea_of_Zurin.txt)

Written by Dave Walls
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

During a peaceful swim in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean you are caught in a whirlpool and find
yourself in a mysterious underwater kingdom.  You must return to your own world by obtaining certain

Walk Through
(Start in the murky depths of the sea), N (meet a dragon turtle - ignore it), N (see seaweed of many
colours), GET SEAWEED, EAT SEAWEED (you feed much better), S, S, S, S, E, S, GET HARPOON, SE (top of
barrier reef), D (hole to wide clearing), SW (cave), SWIM LEDGE, GET CASE (water-tight), NE, E
(sunken galleon), GET DOUBLOONS (leave the cutlass, also leave the bone as you will die if you get
it - don't hang around because of the moray eel), W, U (top of barrier reef), NW, N, W, N, N, E
(by cave entrance), SWIM CAVE, N, N, W (meet a baby octopus), CATCH OCTOPUS, OPEN CASE (find a
scroll with weird runes on it), DROP CASE, GET SCROLL, EAT OCTOPUS (note you must eat the octopus
before reading the scroll), READ SCROLL (be careful not to drop the scroll before reading it - read
backwards "Say No More"), NO MORE (feel power surge through you - scroll disappears), E,
NE, SE, E, S (large bamboo cage), GET TANK, WEAR TANK (oxygen supply now OK), N, E.

NE (see Aztec temple), GO TEMPLE (inside), CLIMB ROPE (storeroom), GET JACINTH (leave the statue of
the bat as you will die if you get it), D, S, SW, W, W, NW, NE (cave), N (cavern where you see a
sausage roll), EAT ROLL (you are levitated towards the hole), NE, N, NW (lakeshore), N (longboat), E
(cabin), GET MEDALLION, WEAR MEDALLION,z E, S, SW, SW, NW, W, N (small chamber), GET BOOK, S, E, SE,
GO HOLE (cavern), S, SW, W, N, N (meet mermaid), W, SWIM CAVE, N (meet Triton), SHOOT TRITON (dies),
GO PASSAGE (undersea kingdom carved from pink coral), W, W, N, NW.

N (palace gates), GO PALACE, W, N, E (room that appears to hold nothing), EXAMINE WALLS (repeat if
necessary until you discover a secret door), GO DOOR (secret room), GET CLOAK (of enchantment), WEAR
CLOAK, S, W, S, S (laboratory where a sea-elf is experimenting with two powders), SAY HELLO (he asks
if you would like his advice), YES (says you way out is through the throne room... he gives you a
charm), N, E, N, N, N (throne room), EXAMINE STATUE (Poseidon), EXAMINE CHEST, OPEN CHEST (contains
blood), GET WAND, EXAMINE PICTURE (illustrates a place above the water), GO PICTURE.

You collected all the correct items and stepped into the picture.
You find yourself in Hawthorn Road, just outside Gilsoft.
SCORE 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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