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Harboro (Harboro.txt)

Written by Dorothy Millard
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

You are Special Inspector Francis who has been sent to Harboro, a small market town in England,
where a murder has been committed and the suspect arrested.  However, they are unable to convict him
because of lack of evidence.  Your job is to find the murder weapon.

Walk Through
(Start in police interview room), N (into the cells), EXAMINE CELLS (the suspect is behind bars), S,
S, W, S, S, E, E, N, E (hardware store), E, STEAL PLANK (okay but don't get caught), W, S, W,
W, N, SW, N (splash, you are in the round pond - good job it wasn't deep), NW, W, W, W, S, S,
SE, SE, SW, W (banks of the canal), S (the bridge is down after the last storm), REPAIR BRIDGE (with
the plank), S (across the repaired bridge to Charles Lane), W, SW (into housing estate), W, W (into
white cottage), GET CREDIT CARD, E, S, S, E, E, N, E, S (School Lane), E (school playground), E
(outside classroom), GET LEVER, W, W (back to School Lane), N, W, NW, N, E, N (across the repaired

E, NE, SE, E, E, S, E (High Street), NE, N (into barber's shop), GET HAIRCUT (they put it on
the bill - note you can also get your hair cut in the hairdressers), S, SW, W, N (West Street), W,
W, NW, NW, NW, N, N (Bedford Road), W, N, N (Tye Street outside manor house), W (into the manor
house - the lady of the house welcomes you and asks you to enter the living room), W (into living
room), GIVE LETTER (to the lady of the house - she gives you a note to present to the bank), E, E,
E, S (Harboro park), EXAMINE FLOWERS (you find a badge), EXAMINE BADGE (official), E, S, S, S
(Bedford Road), , E, E, SE, NE (Glebe Road), S, E, E, E, E, S, S, W, N (bank), GIVE NOTE (and credit
card for identification to the teller who hands you £500), S (back to High Street).

W, SW, W, N (West Street), W, W, NW, NW, NW, W (into an old fashioned baker’s shop), BUY BREAD, E,
SE, SE, SE (to where the beggar is), GIVE BREAD (the beggar gives you a disc – note you can also
give the food to the beggar if you wish), NW, NW, NW, N, N, E, E, E, NE, SE (Glebe Road), N, N, N
(corner of Glebe and Elm Roads), WEAR BADGE, W (into foyer of city offices where the official sees
your badge and welcomes you), W, N, E (office), GET UMBRELLA, W, S, E, E (back outside), DROP BADGE,
S, W (library), GET BOOK, READ BOOK (a ticket falls out), DROP BOOK, EXAMINE TICKET (it's a
train ticket), E, N, E (Elm Road where you see a red car - leave it as it’s a red herring), E, N
(department store), BUY TORCH, S, E, SE (High Street), S, E (clothes shop), BUY OVERCOAT, W, S, S,
W, W, W, W.

N (Glebe Road), SW, NW, W (Bedford Road), W, W, W, SW, SW, N (path to railway station), READ SIGN
(to railway station), N (station), READ GRAFFITI (Kilroy was here - there are no trains and the
ticket from the library is a red herring), DROP TICKET, S, W (the gates are closed - there is a
machine with a slot), INSERT DISC (in the slot - the gate grinds open), W (into industrial estate),
W (factories are all around), E, S (unusual factory), GET CROWBAR, N, N, N, E (back outside), S, S,
S (banks of canal), SE, E, S (across the repaired bridge), SE, SE, N (Queens Arms Hotel), BUY DRINK
(the barman whispers something in your ear - the magic word is “MALIERE”), S, NW, NW, N (across
the repaired bridge), W, NW, N, N (Bedford Road), NE, NE, N (see fields), WEAR OVERCOAT, W (into the
fields - need to be wearing overcoat and be carrying umbrella), N (ancient stone circle), SAY
MALIERE (a small gold key appears), N, E, DROP UMBRELLA, DROP OVERCOAT.

S, SW, SW, S, S (banks of canal), SE, E, E, NE (West Street), SE, E, E, S, S, S, W (Daley Street), N
(playing oval), LOOK OVAL (you find a red scarf), S, E, N, N, N (West Street), W (outside market),
WEAR SCARF, N (to animal section of the market - the red scarf distracts the bull and you make a
hasty retreat to the east), GET PENNY (old fashioned), DROP SCARF, S, S, E (High Street where the
thug is), GIVE PENNY (the thug rushes off to put it in his collection), E (into the lane leading to
the graveyard), OPEN GATES (with the small gold key), DROP KEY, SE (to graveyard - the grill is a
red herring and will not open), GET TINSNIPS, NW, W, NE (High Street), E, E, READ SIGN (to art
gallery), E, EXAMINE PAINTING (of the local mayor), MOVE PAINTING (reveals some hastily scrawled
writing), READ WRITING (says "Look in the canal"), W, S, W, W, SW.

S (into the local church), E (altar), GET CROSS, S (side chapel), EXAMINE FONT (see a small hole),
PUT LEVER (in the hole), PULL LEVER (the font moves aside revealing a steep shaft leading down - do
NOT enter the shaft yet), N, W, N, W, S, S, W, S (bar of the Bull Inn), D (cellar), MOVE BOULDER
(with the crowbar - it moves aside to reveal an opening to the east - do NOT go east unless the font
in the church has been moved first, as there is no way back), DROP CROWBAR (before going through the
opening you need to be carrying the cross and a torch), LIGHT TORCH, E (into the dark damp tunnels -
the passage closes behind you there is no way back), N, GET BLACK KEY, E, S (there is a vampire
here), SHOW CROSS (the vampire disappears), N, S, E, N (crypt), PULL LEVER (a ladder descends from
the roof), CLIMB LADDER (to the side chapel – must have moved the boulder), N, W, N (back to High

W, N (West Street), W, W, NW, SW (banks of the canal), W, W, NW, S (landing stage by the canal),
LOOK CANAL (you find a chest), EXAMINE CHEST (it has a steel band around it), CUT BAND (with the
tinsnips), OPEN CHEST (with the black key - you find the gun), N, N (Bedford Road), N, NE, NE, E, E,
E, E, SE, NE (Glebe Road), N, E (into the police station).

The gun was taken to headquarters where the fingerprints were matched up, 
You have solved the case.
SCORE 100%