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Miser, The (Miser.txt)

Written by Jack Lockerby (River Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start in a cheerless room), INVENTORY (carrying a bunch of keys and wearing boots), EXAMINE KEYS,
EXAMINE BOOTS, EXAMINE BED, SLEEP (the spirit of Christmas appears), IN (alcove), GET BROOM, OUT,
UNLOCK DOOR, W (corridor), S, D (hallway), UNLOCK DOOR, OUT (yard), S (main street), E, N, READ
NOTICE (guess the riddle to win a pipe), IN (tobacconist), TALK TOBACCONIST (to enter the contest
you need a ticket), REMOVE BOOTS (something falls out), GET TICKET, EXAMINE TICKET, WEAR BOOTS, GIVE
TICKET (you are asked the riddle), SAY PROMISE (you win the pipe), OUT, S, W, NW, IN (to Bob
Cratchit's house), GIVE PIPE (to Bob), OUT, SE.

E, E, S (office door), UNLOCK DOOR, IN, S (clerk's office), GET SCUTTLE (coal), EXAMINE
SCUTTLE, N, OUT, N, E, S, IN (tavern), EXAMINE TAVERN (the floor is dirty), SWEEP FLOOR (using the
broom - you find an old piece of rag), DROP BROOM, OUT, N, E, E, BACKWARDS (well worn track),
EXAMINE BARN (there's something behind it), LOOK BEHIND (barn - you find a ladder), GET LADDER,
EXAMINE LADDER (a window cleaner's ladder), IN (barn), EXAMINE BARREL, GET WATER (in the coal
scuttle), OUT, FORWARD, W, W, W, W, W, SW (outside church), IN, TALK VICAR (he can't get anyone
to clean the church windows), EXAMINE CHURCH, EXAMINE WINDOWS, CLEAN WINDOWS (the vicar hands you a

E, E, E, S IN (tavern), TALK LANDLORD (he is waiting for the drayman to deliver an order), OUT, WAIT
(the brewer's cart arrives and the man starts unloading the ale), HELP MAN, IN (to tavern - the
landlord hands you a jug of rum), OUT, N, W, W, S (orphanage gate), READ NAMEPLATE, EXAMINE CHAIN,
PULL CHAIN (the proprietor invites you in and takes the jug or rum), IN, IN (large room), EXAMINE
ORPHANS (they are hungry), E, N (larder), EXAMINE SHELVES, (see food), GET FOOD, S (kitchen),

W, W (path), FORWARD (outside the future Cratchit's house), LISTEN, W (disused railway siding),
EXAMINE SLEEPER (you see the head of a large spike), GET SPIKE (using the hammer), E, BACKWARDS, E,
E, E, IN (office), LIGHT CANDLE (at the fire), OUT, N, E, E, E, BACKWARDS, IN (barn), EXAMINE
BARREL, KNOCK SPIKE (in the barrel), GET SPIKE (the water drains away), DROP SPIKE, EXAMINE BARREL
(now empty), ROLL BARREL (you reveal a trapdoor), OPEN TRAPDOOR, D (need the lit candle), GET TORCH
(uncommon), EXAMINE TORCH (magical), U, DROP CANDLE, GET NAILS (you pull the nails from the barrel),
OUT, FORWARD, W, W, W, W, W, N, W, IN (Bob's house), EXAMINE TINY (Tim - a cripple), SHAKE
TORCH (he is cured), DROP TORCH, OUT, SE.

E, E, E, E, E, E (outside cottage), EXAMINE ROSES (you pull out an old spade), W, W, W, W, W, W, SW,
S (cemetery), DIG (find a bone), DROP SPADE, GET BONE, EXAMINE BONE, N, NE, E, E, E, N (outside
builder's yard), OPEN GATE (you are menaced by a large dog), THROW BONE, OPEN GATE, IN (yard),
GET SAW, GET WOOD (plank), OUT, S, W, N, IN (butcher's), TALK BUTCHER (he needs an extra
shelf), MAKE SHELF (using the wood, hammer, nails and saw - he gives you a turkey), DROP SAW, DROP
HAMMER, OUT, S, W, W, NW (Bob's house), GIVE TURKEY (to Emma), OUT, SE, E, E, E, E, E, E
(outside cottage), TALK LADY (she is waiting for the coalman but has no money), WAIT (the coal cart
appears but continues past the old lady... some coal falls off as it goes over a bump in the road),
W, W, W, W, GET COAL (in the scuttle), E, E, E, E, GIVE COAL.

W, BACKWARDS, N, N (into red brick mansion), N, N (into classroom), EXAMINE BOY (it's you),
EXAMINE BLACKBOARD (under the words "Merry Christmas" is the date 1826), EXAMINE BOOK,
REMEMBER 1826 (your sister enters with a message for the boy and they leave together), GET BOOK, S,
OUT, S (market square), W (outside house), LISTEN (a man arrives and enters the house), LISTEN (he
is talking to Belle), E, E, IN (to living room of where you used to live), EXAMINE ROOM (you pick up
a piece of paper), EXAMINE PAPER (a piece of sheet music - note the words "Sir Roger"),
EXAMINE MAN (it's you and your sweetheart), REMEMBER BELLE (they leave, dropping a coin), GET
GUINEA, OUT, W, NW (outside warehouse), READ NOTICE (you need a piece of sheet music to gain
admission), IN, EXAMINE FIDDLER (he is playing a lively tune), REMEMBER SIR ROGER (...the music
stops and everyone leaves), GET FIDDLE, OUT, SE, S, FORWARD, W, W, W, W, W, NW, IN (Bob's
house), GIVE BOOK (to Martha), GIVE FIDDLE (to Belinda), OUT, SE.

E, E, E, E, S, S (to The Exchange - a portly gent with a collecting box is here), TALK GENT (he is
collecting for the poor and needy), GIVE GUINEA (he has a vacancy for an apprentice reporter and
asks if you know of anyone suitable), SAY PETER (he hands you a card), GET DOG (it runs off), N, W,
W, W, W, CALL DOG, GET DOG, NW, IN (Bob's house where the dog leaps into Tiny Tim's arms),
GIVE CARD (to Peter), OUT, SE, E, E, E, E, E, SE, LISTEN (you hear the noise of a party), IN (your
nephew Fred is here with his wife and umpteen children... he greets you warmly and says "Well
done Uncle, you have justified my faith in you").

You have performed 12 good deeds.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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