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Survival (Survival.txt)

\Written by Anthony Beck (1985)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

As a new MI5 Agent you learn of your first mission to recover top secret documents stolen from the
government.  You must return them at all costs.

Walk Through
(Start within the bounds of a high barbed wire perimeter fence), INVENTORY (carrying a cheese pasty,
a lamp, a crowbar and a watch), EAT PASTY (there's no other use for it!), EXAMINE LAMP (has no
plug), EXAMINE WATCH (has stopped), DROP WATCH, E, S (wide open space where you are attacked by a
guard - after a boring fight you knock him unconscious), S (east/west road), E (empty carpark), DOWN
(corridors), W, W (office), GET PLUG (off the radio and you put it on the lamp), BREAK OPEN (drawers
- you find a key), EXAMINE KEY, E, E, E (dull corridor), PLUG IN LAMP, E (office where the lamp
illuminates the room), OPEN CABINET (find plans for an underwater city, but these aren't the
ones you are looking for), W, DROP LAMP, W, S, S (elevator), DOWN, N (facing elevator).

S, S (laboratory), E, S, S, W, S, S (computer room - note latest combination 3974), N, N, E, S, N,
N, N, N (elevator), DOWN, N (facing elevator), W (storeroom), USE CROWBAR (you open the cupboard and
see an on/off switch), SWITCH OFF, E, S, S (small room - must have turned the switch off first),
TURN DIAL (door opens and you take the documents), N, N, N (elevator), UP, UP, UP, N, N, UP (back to
carpark), W, W (gates), N, N (board a helicopter... but it crashes on some moorland... you are
inside the burning wreck of the helicopter), UNDO BELT (you undo the safety belt and scramble

S (east/west road), E, E, E, E, N (outside jailhouse), N, W (interrogation room), GET MONEY, E, S,
S, W, S (station entrance), E (ticket office), BUY TICKET, EXAMINE TICKET (one way), W, S
(platform), BOARD TRAIN (you alight at a small station), S (asked if you want a taxi), YES (you get
in the taxi and are knocked unconscious... you awake in a dark smelly sewer), S, E, N, E (rusted
metal ladder), UP (forest), W, S, W (meet guard), HIT GUARD (he is unconscious), SEARCH BODY (find a
pass card), GET CARD, W (by metal door), INSERT CARD (door opens), W (junction), N, N (control
room), GET MINI (computer), EXAMINE MINI (MI5 Amateur Agent Helper), DOWN (passage), N (strong door
with a microphone), SAY WATER (there is no response), SAY WATER (keep trying until door opens and
you go through), INSERT PASS (door opens and you enter to vault), GET DOCUMENTS (the other half), S,
S, S, UP (control room), S, S, E, E, E, N (forest), DOWN (into sewer), E, N (moorland), E, S
(east/west road), E, E, E, E, E (carpark where a helicopter picks you up),

You have successfully returned both parts of the documents to MI5 in
London.  You are praised for your brave and magnificent deed.  As you are 
leaving the office you are asked if you've seen anything of an underwater city...
Score 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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