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Ripper! (ripper_hints.txt)

Ripper !
Some hints by Alex Dijkstra for the c64

*Where to find the parchment and how to read it:
-Go to your room, the dwarf disappears and you find the metal box.
-Ask help from Houdini with opening it. He tells you you first must find out if something is inside
before he opens it.
-Ask Roentgen for help. He will use his x-ray to look inside the metal box.
-Return to Houdini and he now will open the box for you revealing the parchment.
-Ask Sherlock Holmes for help. He will decode the message for you.

*Where to find the cipher on the ground and how to read it:
-Get the mop from the west end of the kitchen
-Use the mop on the blood in the maid's sleeping cuarters
-Go to Sherlock holmes and lead him to the cipher. He will decipher the message.

*How to get rid of the rats:
-Use the soap

*What's the use of the flask
-You can take this to Madame Curie. She'll tell you she doesn't know what it is but
advices to drink it. Don't do it! It's acid. Use it in your final fight with Jack the

*What the use of Freud:
-Lead him to the maid. He'll hypnotize her and she will reveal a golden ring. 

*How to open the grate:
-Get the key from the chapel
-Get the ladder from your room
-Open the door from the broom closet with the key and get the crowbar
-Go to the maidens shower and put the ladder down
-Climb the ladder and use the crowbar on the grate to open it

The game has 59 locations. The map provided with the game only shows 33 of them.