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Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure (unnkulian_underworld.txt)

Walkthrough for Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure (v3.0.1G)
by Mark S. Cipolone (mscipolone [at] yahoo [dot] com)
based on an anonymous walkthrough edited by Volker Blasius
version 1.1

Welcome to the step-by-step walkthrough for Unnkulian Underworld: The
Unknown Unventure!  This walkthrough is not the shortest possible: it
takes some side trips to show interesting optional paths, clues for
puzzles, and good but wrong guesses at solutions.  Still, it doesn't
reveal all of the game's text.  In particular, it doesn't direct you
to examine every item with a unique description.

The list of commands is interspersed with remarks either in
parentheses or set off with blank lines.  (+X; Y) means that the
action just taken raises your score by X points for a total score of Y
(out of 400).

To begin, let's get some equipment.

x Kuulest (+2; 2)
read scroll (Note the word "for the lake".)
drop scroll
x Kuulest (+4; 6)
g (+2; 8)
get lamp, postcard, iron key
x postcard (You'll need the uncancelled stamp later.)

Now to explore!  First we'll visit the lake, ...

n, w
wazzum (the word for the lake)
get rod, x rod
wave rod (It does nothing here.)

... then the lighthouse, ...

n, ne, n (Ignore the cheez key.)
x machine, x depression, x plate
pull lever (The coin press can't be repaired.)
get plate (Maybe you can get a coin some other way.)
look under machine (+4; 12)
read scroll (Note the formula for gold.)
x lighthouse lamp
x base (+5; 17)
get brick (+5; 22)
drop brick
get gloves, x gloves

... then the inn, ...

d, s, sw, e (Ignore the radberry bush.)
x sign
n (This is as far as you can go above ground.)
e (Ignore the bill and snuffbox.)
x bar (Shall we "look behind the bar", despite the game's warning?)
look behind bar (+2; 24)
x notice
drop notice (Keep the Acmid.)
get pretzel (You'll get hungry later.)
get bucket (a "sack" that can hold any 4 items except for the axe)

... and finally the underground, with a brief detour along the way.

sw, w, sw
x trees (The trees here are climbable.)
climb tree
get egg (+5; 29)
get feather
put egg, feather, pretzel, plate in bucket

You can use objects in the bucket without taking them out first.

d, s, ne
x grate, unlock grate with iron key, open grate, drop iron key
read message

The plot thickens!  But there's a lot to do (371 points' worth) before
you can recover the Orb of Studosity and defeat the Dread Unnkulian

turn on lamp (You can't do this in the dark.)
s, get meat, n, n, w
give meat to beast (+9; 38)
x beast (Keep the collar.)
e, ne, e
x debris (Note the word "moved" in the description.)
move debris (+5; 43) (Keep the sword.)
x sword (It's a light source, although not much else.)
turn off lamp 

You don't need to visit the next room yet, but you may as well get a
glimpse of your final goal.

w, s
x pillar (the Pillar of the Valley King, where the Orb will go)
x ball
get ball, bounce ball (Ha, ha.)

The Hall of the Valley King awaits!

n, sw, s, s, w
read book (Note how to meet the beaver and how to satisfy it.)
e, sw
x fish (The whole room is a "red herring".)
ne, s
open chest (The droll doesn't let you.)
x droll (The droll has "poor eyesight".  Can you disguise yourself?)
wear collar
open chest (+10; 53)
drop collar
look in chest
get sceptre, skin
n, se
x Guardian

The Guardian is attracted to body heat, but maybe you can fool it.  Do
you have anything else that can give off heat?

x lamp
turn on lamp
x lamp (It's "pleasingly warm".)
drop lamp
z (+15; 68) (Boom!  I bet you didn't see that coming.)

Journey deeper into Unnkulia.

x mosaic
w, w
x statue
x axe (Finally, a real weapon.  But you won't need it for a while...)
drop sceptre (...or the sceptre, for that matter.)

From here you can proceed deeper into Unnkulia to the west, or explore
the shore of Lake Draounheer to the south.  If you go north, you won't
be able to return easily.  You'll need to obtain some items in the
western area to solve the puzzles to the south.

x sign
wave rod (It wants to create a rainbow bridge, but it's out of power.)

You can spend only 7 consecutive turns (including the turn you enter)
in the region of Narrow Ledge, Molten River, and Hot Fissure before
dying.  This is why we'll go up and back down at one point during this
next bit.

d (Ignore the bar; it's a trap.)
put egg on hot spot (+10; 78) (Egg fries.)
get egg (It's too hot; you need protection.)
u, u
wear gloves
d, d
get egg (+5; 83)
put postcard in steam (Stamp comes off.)
get stamp
u, u
drop gloves, postcard

Now you can solve the lake region in one trip.  First comes the
cottage, ...

e, s, w, w
open mailbox
get form, x form
put stamp on form (Well, how do you usually attach a stamp?)
lick stamp
put stamp on form
put form in mailbox
z, z, z, z (Bird takes form.)
z, z, z, z, z (+8; 91) (Bird delivers order.)
look in mailbox
get elephant (Ignore the other items.)
get bread
x casket (You can't unlock it, and you need the key inside.)
e, e, e, sw, s, nw
climb boulder (The boulder "rocks back and forth".)
push boulder
push boulder ne (+25; 116) (destroys cottage, to the northeast)
se, n, ne, w, w, w
get silver key

... and then comes the monastery.

e, e, e, sw, s, w
w (The monk doesn't let you.  What could he want?)
ask monk about egg
ask monk about eggs
give egg to monk (+8; 124) (It had to be fried.)
x legend
z, z (Altar shoots a stone, just as the legend says.)
e, w
put plate on altar
z, z (+12; 136) (Shooting stone punches a disc out of the plate.)
get disc (The lake region is now completely solved.)
e, e, n, ne, n

There's no other way to go but north.

n (Whee!  You won't be going back this way.  Ignore the glass key.)

There's no secret to this maze.  It's just like the one in Adventure
(as the name implies).

sw, u, d (halfway there)
x machine
put rod in compartment
put Acmid in slot (Machine rejects it.)
x Acmid (a counterfeit)
get Acmid
put disc in slot (+5; 141)
press button (+2; 143) (Now the rod will work.)
get rod
w, sw (+30; 173) (You emerge at Hot Fissure.)
sw, u, u, e

All of the puzzles on this side of the chasm are solved.  Now you just
need to pick up some equipment and cross over.

get sceptre, axe
wave rod (+3; 176)
drop rod
w (You can't cross the bridge while holding the axe.)
throw axe at tunnel (+1; 177) (You'll get it back later.)
w, ne
look in mirror (a bit of foreshadowing, nothing more)
sw, w, n
x feet, climb feet (a dead end)
tickle feet with feather (+10; 187) (Nothing really suggests this.)
drop feather

The passage to the next region of the game is now open.  You'll need
to perform a bit of alchemy before you can complete it, though.

d, s
x blue vial (Recall the formula for gold.)
get blue powder
n, u, s, s
x door (A silver door requires a silver key, of course.)
unlock door with silver key, open door, drop silver key
x purple vial (Recall the formula for gold.)
get purple powder
put purple powder in beaker
put blue powder in beaker (Do NOT make gold.)
look under bed (+1; 188)
read scroll (Note the formula for dust that "turns glass opaque".)

The last word on the scroll is "lighthouse", as you can guess if
you've been following this walkthrough from the beginning.

x red vial
get red powder, yellow powder
put red powder in beaker, put yellow powder in beaker (+15; 203)
get black powder
x green vial (Recall how to meet the beaver.)
get green powder (Don't eat it; you still need snack food.)
n, n, n, d

You now have all the equipment from above needed to solve the puzzles
off the Square Chamber.

x magazine, x sign
s (The salesman can be bribed.)
give Acmid to salesman (+10; 213)
get card
x card (Note its size.)
x posters
n, ne, n
x door (The lock is on the right of the door, within the crack.)
x crack (Note its size---about the same as the card.)
put card in crack (+15; 228)
open door
drop card
x nesting (If only the mouse would go away!)
show elephant to mouse (+16; 246) (Mice scare elephants, so...)
drop elephant
x nesting (+2; 248) (Keep the cube.)
w, s
eat pretzel (You're probably hungry by now.)

Notice that "the smallest movement or sound" could dislodge the
rubble.  Let's try a few things that might do that.

x rubble (The game is correct; don't try moving it.)
yell (You're on the right track; how else could you make sound?)
x bucket (Note the sticky rim.)
x skin (It's the same size as the bucket.)
put skin on bucket (+14; 262)
play drum (+7; 269) (Success!)
drop drum
get axe
nw, w, n
n (You can't go this way yet.)

Your next task is to disable the green light so you can go farther

x slit
x door (It's made of cheez.)
eat door
g (+13; 282) (Blech!  Now you're hungry again.)
eat bread
x walls (the demons that the Dread Unnkulian Warrior wants to release)
w, n
x west hole (The green light originates here.)
put black powder in west hole (+35; 317) (Crystal turns opaque.)

Now that the beam is off, you're almost ready to get the Orb.

s, s
x block (cedar)
hit block with axe (+4; 321)
drop axe
get chips
eat chips (A blatant clue.  Now you have a snack for the beaver.)
eat green powder (+3; 324)
give chips to beaver (+10; 334)
i (You received a knob; keep it.)
z, z, z, z (You're back at West of Chasm.)

You now have everything you need to finish the game!

w, n, d, n, n
x podium (The dark bulb means that the controls are out of power.)
look behind podium (+7; 341)
plug cord in socket
move stem, turn stem (What could give you a better grip?)
x knob
put knob on stem (+5; 346)
turn knob
x cube, x hole (They're the same size.)
put cube in hole (+3; 349)
press button (+5; 354)
x Orb, x scales, x inscription
x sceptre ("It's quite heavy.")
put sceptre on left platform, x scales
get Orb (+20; 374)

It's time to return to the Pillar of the Valley King!  You can walk
back the way you came, but there is a shortcut.  (It works anywhere in
the game.)


But you knew this already, because as a seasoned adventure game player
you tried it on your second or third move.

On the way to the Pillar, you can have some fun at the inn.

s, sw, e (The Dread Unnkulian Warrior is harmless if you keep moving.)
ne, e (Oh, the humanity!)
w, sw, s, ne, d, n, ne, s
put Orb on pillar (+26; 400)

See you in Unnkulian Unventure II!

The Labyrinth of Turning Tiny Tunnels, all Similar:

If you start in ROOM and go DIRECTION, you end up in the room at row
ROOM and column DIRECTION.

     |      |  n ne  e se  s sw  w nw  u  d
     |  cc  |  1
     |  hf  |     4
     |  tr  |  6     7     5     4
     |   1  |  2  1  2  1 cc  4  3  2 cc  3
ROOM |   2  |  2  3  1  4  2  3 cc  2  1  1
     |   3  |  4  7 cc  3  3  1  2  2  4  2
     |   4  |  5  7  1  7  1 hf  3  3  6  2
     |   5  |  6  6  2  5  1  4  3  7  4  4
     |   6  |  5  2  4  1  7  3  3  5  6 tr
     |   7  |  3  5  7  4  6  3  7  5  7  3

cc = Cool Cave
hf = Hot Fissure
tr = Tiny Room
numbers = "A Labyrinth of Turning Tiny Tunnels, all Similar"


You'll die from hunger on turn 320 if you haven't eaten anything
before then.  Once you've eaten the pretzel or the bread, you'll live
until turn 600.  Once you've eaten both the pretzel and the bread,
you'll live until turn 880.  These time limits will change after you
throw up.


  0 - totally unnkul
 10 - one sad fellow
 50 - future ACME employee
100 - novice adventurer
150 - intrepid explorer
210 - potential kuul duhde
260 - kuul duhde
310 - Radeekal duhde
340 - kuul and Radeekal duhde
370 - kuulness personified
400 - the ultimate in kuulosity

---October 3, 2004