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Curse of Borgan Castle, The (Curse_of_Borgan_Castle.txt)

Take the matches.
Go west and ring the bell. 
The door opens and a hand pulls you through.
Go east and take the crucifix.
Throw the matches (over the moat). It stops the matches getting wet when you swim across.
Swim the moat. Get the matches.
Go south and west.
Show the crucifix - it frightens away the vampire bat. Drop the crucifix.
Get the lamp. Go east and get the boat.
Go east and row the boat. 
Go west, drop the boat and light the lamp.
Go in and up. Get the key.
Go south, drop the matches and get the sword.
Go north, down, east and down.
Go south and unlock the door.
Go south and south again.
Insert the sword (into the lock?) and you have freed the princess.