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Jason and the Golden Fleece (Jason_and_The_Golden_Fleece.txt)

Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

(Start in Main Street), N (inn where you meet the barman), SAY HELLO, ASK HELP (he tells you that
Zeus & Son sell maps), E (see a man at a table), SAY HELLO (tells you he has a new stock of
arrows), S, E, N (outside Zeus & Son with a closed door), KNOCK DOOR (a man opens it), GET ROPE,
READ MAP (shows a golden isle east of crashing rocks), S, S, S (weaponry shop), SAY HELLO, ASK HELP
(says to take what you want), GET BOW, GET ARMOUR, GET SHIELD (leave the sword), N, E, E, E (harbour
by ship), DROP BOW, DROP SHIELD, S, EXAMINE CRATE, OPEN CRATE (reveals a lamp - pick it up later), W
(harbour master's hut), SAY HELLO (tells you that your ship is ready to sail, hands you a box
and asks you to deliver the food to the blind man on your way to the Golden Isle), E, S, GET NET, W,
W (alley), GET COIN (gold), W, W (dead end), GET RAT (injured), E, E, E, N, N (main street), W, W, S
(vets), GIVE RAT (heals the rat), N,

W, W, W (road comes to a dead end where you meet a beggar), SAY HELLO, ASK HELP (says he can't
help but maybe your god may help you if you kiss her), GIVE COIN (gives you a pendant in return to
bring you luck), EXAMINE PENDANT, E, E, E, E, E, E, N (in front of temple), IN (temple), N (tiny
dark room with a speaking hole), SAY HELLO (you are asked if you have sinned), NO (may the blessing
of the gods be upon you), S, E, N, N (in front of statue), PRAY (your whole body feels cleansed),
KISS STATUE (it's Aphrodite, the God of Love, who will help if you return her pendant), GIVE
PENDANT (tells you there is a gift for you in the maze but beware of Medusa), S, S, W, OUT.

S, E, S (harbour), GET LAMP, N, WEAR ARMOUR, E (on board ship), E (at sea), S, E, S (small harbour),
U, W, S (open area), GET WOOD, N, E, S (stone chair where a harpy is attacking a man), THROW NET
(entangles the harpy), BUILD CAGE (using the wood and rope), USE CAGE (now have a caged harpy), DROP
HARPY, S (ruined temple), DROP BOX (the man is grateful and gives you a statuette), EXAMINE
STATUETTE (of Poisidon the God of Water), E, N (by wall), EXAMINE WALL (a drawing shows two rocks
and a cross below them), N, W, D (ship).

N (at sea), N, N, N, W, N (harbour), W, U (top of cliff), N (cyclops), IN (giant vault), GET SPEAR
(leave the brooch and gem), OUT (the cyclops is looking at you), DROP RAT (draws your attention to a
lever), PULL LEVER (cyclops returns to the vault), S, E, N, E (lost in maze), E, E, N (well lit cave
where you meet a wraith), THROW SPEAR (wraith vanishes), GET SCROLL, READ SCROLL (from Aphrodite),
S, E, N, W, S, W, S, D (ship), S (at sea), S, S.

SHIELD (now shiny), E (ship), E, N (at sea), N, E, E, E (crashing rocks are to the east), E
(Poisidon holds back the rocks allowing you to pass), E, E, E (junction), S (meet skeleton
guardian), PUSH SKELETON (topples down the cliff), E, N, E (nine-headed hydra), FIRE ARROW (hydra
dies), E, N, E, S, E (marshy ground where you hear hissing), USE SHIELD (Medusa appears but your
shield reflects her gaze and turns her into a statue), E, N (cave containing stone statues), EXAMINE
STATUE (around the neck is a key), GET KEY, S, E (locked door), UNLOCK DOOR (using key), ENTER DOOR
(path), E (suddenly from all sides a wall shoot up and you are trapped), SAY APHRODITE (scroll
vanishes and you are now in an open area), E (below a golden tree), GET FLEECE.

CONGRATULATIONS.  You have the Golden Fleece.
Aphrodite returns you to your own people.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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