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Just Another POW (Just_Another_POW_Damian_Steele.txt)

Written by Damian Steele
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

Walk Through
BUCKET, EXAMINE DOOR, EXAMINE WINDOW, EXAMINE BARS, WAIT (a guard enters with your tin of soup),
TALK TO GUARD (he wants some chocolate and says if you meet him in the yard he will swap for some
cigarettes), EXAMINE DOOR (the guard hasn't locked it properly), OUT (you leave your cell and
go to the south end of the main corridor), GO LATRINE, S (showers), GO SHOWER (you slip on a wet
patch and fall), LOOK, GET SOAP, EXAMINE SOAP, GO SHOWER (there is a metal grating in the floor),
EXAMINE GRATING (see a package below), LIFT GRATING (you are unable), N, W (back to corridor), N
(steps), D (bottom of steps), NE (entrance), E (the guards watch you but let you through to the
exercise yard), EXAMINE GRASS, GET CHAIN (neck chain), EXAMINE CHAIN, N (the sentries warn you away
- note if you go north the guards will shoot you).

S (narrow lane), LOUN HEDGE (find a whistle), GET WHISTLE, EXAMINE WHISTLE, LOUN HEDGE (this time
you see a key), GET KEY, EXAMINE KEY, N, W, S, U, GO CELL 3, TALK TO PRISONER (he tells you about
Red Cross parcels), SWAP CHAIN (for a bar of chocolate), OUT, N, D, NE, E (exercise yard), WAIT,
WAIT, WAIT (a guard tells you that Hans can't meet you and will meet you later in the
NCO's office instead... you are returned to your new cell 2), OUT (the key fits and you leave),
N, D, E (NCO's office - note you must be carrying the chocolate), EXAMINE DESK, OPEN DRAWER,
LOIN DRAWER (see some cigarettes but don't take them as Hans will enter and the game will end
if you do), WAIT (Hans enters and you swap the chocolate for the cigarettes), OUT.

NE, E, S, W (lane), S, S, S, W (kitchen), SW (storeroom), EXAMINE SHELVES, GET LAMP (unlit), EXAMINE
LAMP, GET MATCHES, EXAMINE MATCHES, NE (back to kitchen - the cook is watching you), SWAP CIGARETTES
(he swaps them for some rubbish and gives you the key to the shed to dump it), EXAMINE BIN, LOBE BIN
(see a sewer inspection hatch with a ladder leading down), D, N, N, E, N, W (dead end), EXAMINE
LEDGE (find the package you saw earlier in the showers... inside you find a passport and some
identity papers), EXAMINE PASSPORT, EXAMINE PAPERS, E, S, S, U (the ladder), N, N.

N (outside building), ENTER DOORS (to corridor), S (to another door where you hear music), EXAMINE
DOOR (through a gap you see guards sitting around a gramophone player), S (to end of corridor where
you hear someone shouting in German), LISTEN, OPEN DOOR (the cook is beating a POW... you leave), N,
OUT, N, E, N, W, S, U, GO CELL 2, WAIT (you settle to sleep... there is an air raid... in the
morning you are told that you are to be transferred... you gather your belongings and are marched to
the train station... you are alone in a locked train compartment), OPEN WINDOW, WAIT (the train
slows then stops at a station), OUT WINDOW (you evade your captors).

You have just finished the first part of Just Another POW.

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