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Brian the Bold (Adventures_of_Brian_The_Bold_Edward_Beck.txt)

Written by Edward Beck (1985)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

You can carry only 6 items including those worn, therefore inventory management is very important.

Walk Through
 (Start outside a splendid castle), W, D, E, ENTER (to mill), GET BAG (of grain), LEAVE, W, W (to
river bank), CROSS FORD, E, U, S, W (outside hut), OPEN DOOR (you can't move it), KICK DOOR (it
falls off its hinges), ENTER (old hut), GET AXE, LEAVE, E, N, E (hill), D, E (by a heap of broken
bottles), SEARCH BOTTLES (you find one intact), GET BOTTLE, U, S (outside castle), ENTER (to
courtyard), W (gatehouse), FILL BOTTLE (with oil from the barrel), LEAVE, S, W (to west end of
corridor), USE AXE (on door), W (to kitchen), SHARPEN AXE (on stone), E, E, S (to main hall), GET
TORCH, MOVE TAPESTRY (reveals an alcove), W (into alcove), GET BOOK, READ BOOK (understanding
languages), E, N, E (to east end of corridor), OPEN DOOR, S (into small room), OPEN CHEST (locked),
USE AXE (must have been sharpened - the chest splinters), GET silver COINS, N, W, N, N (outside
castle), N.

D, W, N, W (outside building), ENTER (to shoemakers), DROP AXE, BUY SHOES (using the silver coin),
WEAR SHOES (you discover they squeak), OIL SHOES, DROP BOTTLE, GET AXE, LEAVE, W, U, S, S (to
north/south path blocked by a wild boar), U (tree where you see the boar vanishing into the wood),
D, S (to foot of rocky crag), U, W (by large lake), UNTIE BOAT, BOARD BOAT (you begin to row but the
boat has a hole in it and is slowly sinking - note if you try to go west the boat will sink), DROP
BAG, DROP AXE, GET ROPE, S (to pebble beach).

S (into forge where a sign says daggers and spears are for sale), BUY SPEAR (note you can't
afford a dagger as well), W, W, W (to east/west valley), READ NOTICE (it is written in a strange
language), USE BOOK (it reads "Whispering Falls"), LISTEN (you hear a voice whispering
giving hints on how to fix the boat), E, THROW ROPE (it catches on the overhanging rock), U, S, D
(smouldering trees), LIGHT TORCH (from the smouldering trees), D, E (to hot ground where you need to
be wearing the shoes), E (you see a sleeping dragon - note you must have oiled the shoes or you will
wake the dragon), E (to cave entrance), ENTER (need lit torch), S, S, E (to nest), SEARCH NEST (you
see a ruby and a healing potion), GET RUBY, GET POTION, W (you meet the baby dragon), RUN, N, N, W,
LEAVE (cave), DROP TORCH, W, W, W, U, U, N (to where the rope hangs down), D, SHAKE ROPE (it comes

N (beside boat), PUSH BOAT (you push it into the water and get in), PUT RUBY (you wedge it in the
hole in the boat and it is now safe), GET AXE, W (to sandy beach where a bear is blocking the
western exit), PUSH B OAT (you board it and see the bear disappearing into the forest), W (back to
sandy beach), W into dense forest maze), S, E, E, E, W (to clearing where you see an object covered
in vines), EXAMINE OBJECT (an old sword), GET SWORD (not strong enough), E, N, W, D, CROSS BRIDGE,
S, CHOP TREE (using the axe - it falls across the river), DROP AXE, W, D, SEARCH BUSHES (you uncover
a partially concealed entrance to a cave), DROP ROPE, ENTER (to a small dry cave where you hear
someone mumbling), W (you meet the alchemist), ASK ALCHEMIST, GIVE BOOK (he gives you a goblet and a
sleeping tablet telling you to drink from the cup where the water flows up), GET TABLET, GET GOBLET,
E, LEAVE, D, S, E (the dwarf asks for help), GIVE POTION (he tells you about the sword in the
forest), W.

S (rockfall), U (to pile of rocks by a strange pool), FILL GOBLET (from the pool), DRINK GOBLET (the
pool erupts violently and a hand emerges holding a gauntlet), DROP GOBLET, GET GAUNTLET, U, N, N, U,
U, E (to tall trees), CROSS TREE, U, U, E, S, W (to clearing), WEAR GAUNTLET (a sense of power
surges through you body), GET SWORD (the vines and rust fall away and the sword transforms into a
magnificent weapon with a gleaming blade), E, S, W, S, W, E (to sandy beach), PUSH BOAT (into water
and you get in), GET BAG (of grain), W (back to sandy beach), W, S, E, E, E, N, W, D, D, CROSS TREE
(across river), W, D, GET ROPE.

D, S, U (a large round stone is by the valley wall), LEVER STONE (using the spear which breaks - it
rolls to one side), DROP SPEAR, W, W (to ledge), U, U (to dark tower entrance), THROW GRAIN (the
geese become friendly), ENTER (the exit vanishes), N, W, U (landing), OPEN DOOR, W (into bedroom),
SEARCH BED (you discover a brass key), GET BRASS KEY, E, D, E, N (to dining hall), UNLOCK DOOR
(using the brass key), DROP BRASS KEY, GET SHIELD, GET JUG, N (library), EXAMINE BOOKCASE (full of
books), REMOVE BOOK (you see a gold key), DROP ROPE, DROP SWORD, GET GOLD KEY, S.

S (to corridor), GET ARMOUR, WEAR ARMOUR, S, W (to small room), GET CLOAK, WEAR CLOAK, E, EXAMINE
DOOR (you discover a loose bar), PULL BAR (it comes out), SQUEEZE THROUGH, D (you can pass the
hounds safely if wearing the armour), N, (hooded figures are playing dice to the east), DRUG WINE, E
(must be wearing the cloak), GIVE WINE (the guards fall asleep), GET LARGE KEY, W, REMOVE CLOAK,
black knight vanishes in a roar of laughter if you are wearing the armour and carrying the sword and
shield), UNLOCK DOOR (using the large key - a raven flies past calling "Intruder"), DROP
LARGE KEY, W (into cell), GET CAGE, UNLOCK CAGE (using the gold key - the dove flies free and then
transforms into Princess Leanora), DROP GOLD KEY, E, E, D, S, S, U, REMOVE ARMOUR, DROP ARMOUR, DROP

GET BAR, N, N (into dining room where you meet Bragen - note you must be wearing the gauntlet), WAVE
SWORD (a bolt of lightening leaves the blade and Bragen disappears), GET ASHES (a ferocious Wyvern
rises from the ashes), WAVE SWORD (the Wyvern disintegrates), SCATTER ASHES (before the beast
materialises again), GET STAFF, REMOVE GAUNTLET, DROP GAUNTLET, N (library), LIFT RUG (reveals a
trapdoor), LIFT TRAPDOOR (you see steps down), D (to low room), GET TORCH, U, S, S, E, E (to
kitchen), GET MEAT, LIGHT TORCH, GIVE TORCH (to princess to hold), W, W.

N, N, D (to low room), EXAMINE DOOR (it has no bolt, handle or keyhole but there is a hole by the
side of the door), PUT BAR (in the hole), PULL BAR (the door opens), GET BAR, S (to small damp room
with a grating in the floor), LEVER GRATING (using the bar), DROP BAR, N,  U (to library), GET ROPE,
D, S, D (into dark passage - need lit torch), S (ledge), W (flickering light come towards you and
you meet four trolls), GIVE MEAT (they accept it and disappear into the darkness), W, S, S (into
crystal cavern), U (note you mustn't be wearing the armour - you are clinging to a web and meet
a giant spider), USE SWORD (the spider is dead), U (into cave), U (into windy cave where you should
note the hole before the torch is blown out), CRAWL HOLE (to a low passage by a wedge shaped cleft),
SECURE ROPE, LOWER ROPE, D (the princess says she can't manage), GET TORCH (from the princess),
DROP TORCH, D (to narrow stone steps).

D, E, E, D, N (to misty valley), U, U, E, CROSS TREE (across river), U, U,E (into forest), S, S, W,
S, W, E (to sandy beach), PUSH BOAT  (into water and you get in), E, E (to rocky crag), D, N (you
meet a dragon with smoke billowing from its nostrils), THROW STAFF (the dragon is turned to stone),
N, N, D, W (to river bank), CROSS FORD, E, U, E (outside castle), ENTER.......

Bragen is dead and the Princess is safe in the castle.
Arise Sir Brian the Bold

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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