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Sea Phantom, The (Sea_Phantom_John_Olsen.txt)

Written by John Olson
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start on the porch of Windward House), S, W (parlour), GET NEWSPAPER, READ NEWSPAPER (tells about
the Sea Phantom - a ghostly ship), DROP NEWSPAPER, E, U (stairs), W (linen closet), EXAMINE SHELVES,
GET DIARY, READ DIARY (tells how you must put the bones in the captain's cabin), DROP DIARY, E,
N (guest bedroom), LOOK TELESCOPE (a ghostly image of a sea captain appears and says "To lift
the curse and release my soul, a shining beam must light my way out...), S, D, S, E (cement patio),
EXAMINE VASE, GET KEY (iron), W, S (kitchen), EXAMINE CUPBOARD, GET BOX (open it later).

N, N, N, N (cliff edge where you see the Sea Phantom below in the cove), W, W, READ SIGNPOST, W
(Spivey Point), UNLOCK DOOR, DROP KEY, OPEN DOOR, W (base of lighthouse), GET OARS, E, E, N (rocky
beach), N (you are sitting in a dinghy and need the oars too row but there is no need to carry
them), DROP OARS, ROW NORTH (you are beside the Sea Phantom and a rope ladder leads up), U (deck of
the Sea Phantom), W (captain's cabin), GET LANTERN (ship's), EXAMINE LANTERN, OPEN BOX
(two matches fall out), DROP BOX, GET MATCHES, LIGHT LANTERN, E, E (forecastle), D (the hatch to
crew's quarters - leave the dagger as you don't need it), E (ship's galley), OPEN
CASE (storage), GET BISCUITS, W, W (ship's hold - careful the rats don't attack you), DROP
BISCUITS (the rats devour them), GET JUG, E, U, W, GET PIN (wooden belaying pin), D (into dinghy),
ROW SOUTH, S (rocky beach).

S, W, W (lighthouse), EXAMINE CABINET (you find a wick), GET WICK, U (top of lighthouse), EXAMINE
LAMP (empty and has no wick), INSERT WICK IN LAMP, EXAMINE JUG (full of kerosene), REMOVE CORK (it
enshrouded fork), EXAMINE JUG (contains a dense fog), CORK JUG, DROP JUG, E, E, S (porch), DROP PIN,
S, S, S, E, E, E (well), EXAMINE WELL, TIE ROPE TO WELL, CLIMB DOWN (as you near the bottom the rope
breaks and you fall the last 15 feet... you are on a ledge at the bottom of the well), N (large
underground cavern - leave the sledgehammer until later), N (sea cave), GET SKELETON (too heavy if
you're carrying anything else), DROP LANTERN, GET SKELETON, W (east end of rocky beach), W, N
(into dinghy), ROW NORTH, U, W (captain's cabin), DROP SKELETON.

E, U (ship's mast), GET SPYGLASS, LOOK SPYGLASS (a ghostly image of a sea captain appears and
says "To lift this curse and release my soul I must feel the cool damp ocean fog that has
become my friend"), DROP SPYGLASS, D, D, ROW SOUTH, S (beach), S (fork), GET JUG, N, N, ROW
NORTH, U, W (captain's cabin), OPEN JUG (the cabin is filled with a dense mist), DROP JUG, E,
D, ROW SOUTH, S (beach), S, E, E, S, GET PIN, S, U (stairs), E, E (old sewing room), EXAMINE TABLE
(leave the magnet as you don't need it), LOOK MIRROR (the ghostly image appears and says he
must have the sea bots and compass), BREAK MIRROR (using the pin), GET KEY (brass), W, U, E (attic),
UNLOCK TRUNK, OPEN TRUNK, DROP KEY (brass), GET BOOTS, W, D, W, D (entry hall), N, N, W, W, N, E
(east end of beach - there's the dead body of a man here), EXAMINE MAN (you find a compass in
his pocket), GET COMPASS, W, N, ROW NORTH, U, W (captain's cabin), DROP BOOTS, DROP COMPASS, E,

S, E, E, S (porch), S, U, E, N (bathroom), LOOK MIRROR (the ghostly image wants to hear the words
from the family bible), W, S, W, D, E (study), EXAMINE DESK (you find a bible in a drawer), GET
BIBLE, READ BIBLE (a page is missing), DROP BIBLE, W, U, E, N, E (back to bathroom), BREAK MIRROR
(using the pin... you find a page torn from a bible), DROP PIN, GET PAGE, W, S, W, D (entry hall),
N, N, W, W, N, N, ROW NORTH, U, W (captain's cabin), READ PAGE (a ghost rises from the bones...
the ghost of Captain Thorne hands you a small bottle saying his soul can now rest... his golden
doubloons will be your reward), E, D, ROW SOUTH, S (as you step ashore you see the Sea Phantom raise

E (east end of beach), E (a strong wind blows from out of the hole), DRINK WINE (you feel strange),
E (sea cave), GET LANTERN, S (underground cavern), GET SLEDGEHAMMER, N, W, W, S, E, E, S (porch), S,
U, E, N (master bedroom), EXAMINE PICTURE, GET PICTURE (you are pushed away), DRINK WINE (you feel
strange), GET PICTURE (there is a wall safe behind it), OPEN SAFE (it is a combination lock), SMASH
SAFE (using the sledgehammer... it swings open to reveal the gold doubloons), GET DOUBLOONS.

CONGRATULATIONS upon finding the treasure.
You have completed this adventure and won.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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