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Demon Lord (Serpent_From_Hell.txt)

Richard Shirley & Paul Johnson (1985)
Walk Through with Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

As the last surviving knight of the round table, you must find Excalibur and kill Goroth, the
Serpent from Hell, before it destroys the world.

General Note:   
Lots of patience is required because of the extremely slow graphics and every time you take an
object the screen is refreshed.  If played on an emulator I recommend you speed it up!

1.   THANKYOU must be entered as one word.

Walk Through
(Start in a large banquet hall), TAKE blue KEY, UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, EXIT (to long hall), TAKE
AXE, TAKE ROPE, TIE ROPE TO AXE, THROW AXE (you form a swing), SWING ACROSS (the pit), E (to room of
magic), TAKE green KEY, TAKE MIST MAKERS, W (to north end of hall), TAKE PICTURE (it's firmly
stuck to the wall), EXAMINE PICTURE (it shows an old rotting staircase... very unreliable), DOWN
(the stairs collapse and there is no way back - you see piercing eyes staring at you), S (to foot of
magic door), TAKE SWORD, HELP (look in the mirror my "DNEIRF"), TAKE TALISMAN, SMASH BAR
(on the door - it is weakened), SMASH BAR, SMASH BAR, SMASH BAR (it breaks and you can use the
door), UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, EXIT (before you leave you must say the secret word), FRIEND (you go
through the door to the foot of a drawbridge).

N (to road from castle where head hunters bar your way), JUMP INTO CART (you see a rope), TAKE ROPE
(the cart moves off... you are outside Gondor The Blacksmiths), N (into Blacksmith's Workshop),
SAY HELLO (he says "You are friendly then"), SAY WHAT HAVE YOU FOR SALE (he says
"Only the shield"), TAKE SHIELD (he asks "What will you offer for the shield"),
GIVE GONDOR TALISMAN (he gives you the shield), SAY THANKYOU, S, W (to spooky graveyard), W (to gate
of the forbidden forest where the Guardian says "Topas you must be carrying a sword, shield,
rope and mist makers"), ENTER FOREST (you are given the code for part 2  ADEFG26S7DGF).

1.   If you meet the goblin, KILL GOBLIN.
2.   Note TRAP DOOR must be entered as two words.
3.   The answers to the four riddles are:   DRAGON, MERLIN, SUN, GOLD
4.   When you meet the ogre GIVE OGRE SCEPTRE.

Walk Through
You go through the gate and find yourself outside the guardian's hut, LOOK IN BARREL, TAKE
front of an iron gateway), TIE ROPE TO GATE, TAKE GOLD, THREAD ROPE THROUGH HOLE, UP (back into the
hut), LOOK (you see a pulley hanging from the roof), THREAD ROPE THROUGH PULLEY, TIE ROPE TO TRAP
DOOR, CLOSE TRAP DOOR (you hear a loud bang), OPEN TRAP DOOR, DOWN (the gate is now open).

S (to tunnel exit where an elf won't let you pass until you answer four riddles - he asks the
first), DRAGON (he asks the second), MERLIN (he asks the third), SUN (he asks the fourth), GOLD (the
elf takes your gold and gives you a golden sceptre... you say your goodbyes and move on... you are
beside a fire), EAT CHICKEN (an eagle attacks), USE MIST MAKERS (the eagle flies away), TAKE BONES,
W (to open woodland where you hear a croaking noise), LISTEN (a dwarf gives you a spellbook), W (to
deep stream), DRINK WATER, W (to western side of stream where a vampire bat bites you), USE
SPELLBOOK (your wounds are healed), S (to dragon's lair), POINT SHIELD FORWARD (this protects
you from the dragon's glare... you move on and find yourself in a dense maze of trees), E, E,
S, S, S, E, e, E, E, E, E (you are in the vast hall of a marble temple, face to face with Goroth The
Serpent from Hell), USE THY POWER.......

Suddenly Excalibur glows with an eerie light and lurches forward into the 
very heart of the evil, banishing it forever.
Well Done, you are a Master Adventurer.

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