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Last City, The (Last_City_Roger_M_Wilcox.txt)

by Roger M. Wilcox
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (PC BASIC Version)

The future has come and gone.  Human technology had reached goals that surmounted even the most
impractical dream of the past.  We had strived and succeeded, and at last had begun to tap into the
awesome power of ...... magic!  It was that caused our civilisation to crumble.  Your magical senses
have drawn you to the vicinity of humanity's last city because of a warning.  If not rescued
very soon, the last of human technology will be erased from the planet.

1. Ensure the CAPS LOCK key is on.
2. You cannot enter the magically contaminated area until you have the magic stone.

Walk Through
(Start in the remains of an east/west freeway, E, N (pawn shop), GET DEVICE, GET FULCRUM, GET PLANK,
GET SHOVEL (sand shovel), GET PICK (and pitons), S, W, N (desert), DIG (with sand shovel - find a
dirt shovel), GET SHOVEL, DIG (find a key), GET KEY, S,  EXAMINE RUBBLE (the chunks are too big to
lift), MAKE LEVER (with plank and fulcrum), PUSH LEVER (you raise the concrete block), LOOK BLOCK
(see only dirt underneath), DIG (with dirt shovel - find a parchment), DROP SHOVEL, DROP SHOVEL, GET
buttons numbered one through five), PUSH FIVE, PUSH FOUR (as told in the scroll - you are
transported into the dome on the city's west side), E, GO CITY HALL, GET LAMP, E, N, E (unused
part of city), EXAMINE MAGIC ITEMS, GET WAND, EXAMINE WAND (needs recharging).

S, S (south side where the metal cover is), UNLOCK COVER (using the key), DROP KEY, D (metal ladder
- need lamp), D (sewer), GET DONUT, U, U, DROP LAMP, E (east side), PUSH FIVE, PUSH THREE
(transported to a secluded rock formation), LOOK ROCK (find a magic stone), GET STONE, PUSH FIVE,
PUSH FOUR (back to east side of city), N, W (west side) PUSH FIVE, PUSH THREE (back outside), W, W,
S (magically contaminated wasteland - note must be carrying the magic stone), RECHARGE WAND, S (by
drawbridge to castle), EXAMINE DRAWBRIDGE (has a picture of a half-donut on it), THROW DONUT (the
two symbols combine into a full circle and the drawbridge lowers), E (castle foyer), READ SIGN (says
to go no further), E (main room of castle), S (bedroom), W (bathroom), EXAMINE TOILET (there's
a passage behind it), D (underground storage chamber), GET EXPLOSIVE, U, E, N, W, W, N.

N, E, E (edge of domed city), PUSH FIVE, PUSH FOUR, E, N (central tower), CLIMB TOWER (see circular
ceiling hatch), OPEN HATCH (it's sealed), DROP EXPLOSIVE, WAVE WAND (a lightening bolt hits the
dynamite blowing open the hatch), U (top of dome), GET LASER CUTTER, D, D, W, W (west side), PUSH
FIVE, PUSH THREE, W, W, S, S, E (castle), E (main room where the steel door is), USE LASER CUTTER
(burns a hole through the door), E (missile control room), EXAMINE CONSOLE (see buttons), PUSH BLACK
(the countdown advances to zero and a missile is launched), PUSH RED.

In a flash of yellow the missile destroys itself in midair.
The last city is saved!
A cheering crowd from this city gallantly marches through the five-centimeter 
steel walls of the control room and carry you off into the sunset.
Now humanity can live and prosper once again ------ thanks to you!

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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